www.telloutback.com – Tips to Complete Tell Outback Survey Easily

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Tell Outback Survey is available at www.telloutback.com. This survey is especially for Outback Steakhouse customers. Through this customer indulgence survey, Outback proves that the company values the guests’ opinion. So, this company encourages the guests that have just come to their restaurant to take this survey. This way, the customers can speak up about Outback menu items, staffs’ performance, and the service. Outback survey is the powerful technique to collect customers’ feedback. It is because the survey is done online. So, the Outback customers can fill out TellOutback whenever and wherever.

To increase the number of survey participants, Outback offers an exciting reward. For instance, Outback gives a validation code for anyone who has completed the survey. Besides, there is one valuable chance for the tell Outback survey taker to enter the sweepstake. As the prize, Outback offers 80 prizes containing $50 gift card every month. Then, each month, Outback will draw one winner for the grand prize. The grand prize reward is much more interesting. If you are lucky, you can win $1000 as the grand prize.

Tell Outback Survey

What are Tell Outback Survey Terms and Condition?

At www.telloutback.com, you only can find the Outback sweepstake rules. You will not be able to find out the terms and condition of Tell Outback survey. Hence, here we provide the survey terms and condition of Outback survey.

  • Survey requirements.

The most important thing you need to know about TellOutback is the survey requirement. When you can meet all Outback requirements, you can access the survey at www.telloutback.com easily. So, what are the things you need to enter Tell Outback survey? First, you need the valid receipt from Outback Steakhouse. Then, you have to make sure that there is Outback survey code on it. There are three types of receipt from Outback. Each receipt may contain four digits, 14 digits, and 18 digits survey serial number. Besides, you should prepare a PC and the internet to access this survey. Only use the reliable and stable internet to minimize the loading trouble during the survey. Another crucial item you should prepare is a pen. It is because you will need it to make a note of the Outback validation code.

  • Tell Outback Survey and Sweepstakes participants.

Outback survey is open for anyone. As long as you own a piece of Outback receipt, you can be free to enter this survey. But, there are special rules about Outback sweepstake participant. If you want to enter Outback sweepstakes, you should be the legal residents of Columbia District, Puerto Rico, and 50 states of the US. Minimally, your age should be 18 years old. Besides, all Outback Steakhouse and Bloomin’ Brand employees are not eligible for this sweepstake. Any people who relate to them include their family is not eligible as well.

  • Entry methods for the sweepstakes.
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You can participate in Outback sweepstakes through two entry methods. First, you can try the online sweepstake after finishing the survey. The online sweepstake requires Outback receipt to enter. But, if you do not hold any receipt, you can try sweepstake entry via mail.

  • Outback Rewards.

There are two kinds of reward from Outback. First, you can enjoy the survey reward in the form of validation code. Then, when you present Outback validation code to the staff, you can receive the Bloomin’ Onion for free. Besides, when you win the Outback survey, you deserve to get $50 gift card from Bloomin’. Furthermore, you have the chance to grab the grand prize valued $1000. If you win, Outback or Bloomin’ will contact you by email and phone.

What are the Tips for Tell Outback Survey?

Have you just visited Outback Steakhouse? How is your impression about this restaurant? After visiting Outback Steakhouse, you should not miss Tell Outback Survey. This survey becomes your chance to talk about your experience. So, you can share your praise as well as the complaints. The procedure of Outback survey is not complicated at all. When you access www.telloutback.com, you will be easy to do all of its instructions. Hence, we do not provide the survey guideline. But, here you can get the tricks and tips to complete Outback survey.

  • Visit the correct Outback survey website.

Unlike other restaurants, Outback has three survey portals. You cannot visit any survey portal you like. It is so since; the survey website depends on the number of the digit on your survey code. So, you have to check how many digits you have in your receipt. Here is the rule of Outback survey website. First, visit www.outbackfeedback.com if you have four digit survey code. Then, access www.outbacklistens.com if you have 14 digit Outback survey code. The last, you should go to www.telloutback.com when your Outback receipt contains 18 digits. Every tells Outback survey portal has the privacy policy along with the sweepstake rules.

  • Check the Outback sweepstakes rule.

Every Outback survey taker can have one chance to enter the sweepstake. So, before starting Tell Outback Customer Survey, it will be better if you read the rules. This way, you can notice the regulations about the sweepstake. For instance, you can know the eligible participant, methods, as well as the reward.

  • Double check the survey code you have inputted.

Outback Steakhouse survey code is the key to start TellOutback survey. So, you should enter it correctly to be able to start the Tell Outback survey. Besides, make sure that the number of survey code match the empty field provided. Remember, outbackfeedback.com is for four digit code. Then, outbacklistens.com is for 14 digit survey invitation code. The last, telloutback.com requires 18 digits of survey code.

  • Enter the valid information for the sweepstakes.

After you complete Tell Outback Customer Indulgence survey, you can decide to enter the sweepstake or not. We suggest you not to miss this precious chance. It is so since Outback offers the big prize for this program. When you desire to enter this sweepstake, you have to provide the valid identity. It includes your name, contact number, along with your email address. When the information you submit is invalid, you can lose your chance to win. It is because Outback cannot contact you when your name comes out as the winner.

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What are the Questions at Tell Outback Survey?

In general, TellOutback survey questions are similar to other restaurant surveys. The questionnaire focuses on the customers’ satisfaction. So, you will get a lot of questions asking about your dining experience as well as your feeling. Indeed, Tell Outback survey questions consists of several types. The first type asks you to select one of the answers from those provided. The second type of question asks the survey takers to rate some areas of Outback Steakhouse. Then, there is a special section where you can explain your thought about Outback. The last, you will find the questions type asking about your agreement with some statements. So, what are the specific questions at TellOutback? Here they are.

  • Visit type.

The first question at www.telloutback.com is asking your visit type. To answer it, you can select Dine In or Curbside Takeaway. Then, you have to state where you sat. There are three answer options. You can select At the bar, in the dining area, or at the booth in the bar. Besides, you also need to mention your order. Did you order only food, only drink, or both the food and the drink.

  • Overall satisfaction with Outback Steakhouse.

Then, your next duty is to rate your overall satisfaction with Outback restaurant. That is why you need to recall your most recent experience at this restaurant. So, you can give the proper rate.

  • The details of your visit.

In this section, you have to respond by answering Yes or No. The questions are as the following. Did the Outback staff greet you when you came? Did you need to wait to have a seat? How long did you wait until you got the seat? Did Outback staffs offer you anything to drink or eat while you are waiting? Then, did you interact with the Outback manager? Did Outback staff recommend some menu? Did Outback staff suggest the alcoholic beverage?

  • Rate some aspects about Outback Steakhouse.

Then, it comes the chance you rate the specific aspects of the restaurant menu and service.  The topics are as the following. First, you have to give your feedback about the accuracy of your order and the food (taste, variety, temperature, and presentation). Then, you need to review the staffs of Outback including their interaction as well as their knowledge about the menu. Besides, rate the dining experience and the atmosphere of Outback Steakhouse. You can rate the cleanliness of the store, decor, music, and lighting. The last, rate the overall value of your dining experience for the bill you pay.

  • The problem you faced.
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Then, you can say if you faced any problem when you were visiting Outback Steakhouse. When you state that you had a problem, Outback survey will give the further questions. The next, you will also get some questions related to your rating. It asks the reasons why you get satisfied or dissatisfied with Tell Outback. For instance, in the previous section, you said that you get satisfied with the atmosphere of Outback Steakhouse. So, this survey will ask more about your opinion. Which aspect made you feel satisfied. Then, you can select one of the available answers such as the decor, music, or the lighting.

  • Recommend and return to Outback.

The next, you can state your willingness to recommend Outback Steakhouse to your family. Besides, you should say your likeliness to return to Outback Steakhouse in 3 months.

  • Agreement.

In this stage, you should give the response by showing your agreement or disagreement. The samples of the statement are as the following. First, Outback staffs treat you as the valued customers. Then, Outback has the plenty options that meet your budget range. The last, Outback Steakhouse has the plenty healthy options for the menu.

  • Comment section.

This section lets you write what you think about Outback Steakhouse. It is better if you explain why you get dissatisfied with this restaurant. No doubt, this section is the best way to share Outback complaints. Try to describe why you do not like Outback service or menu in detail. Here, you have the chance to write up to 2500 characters.

  • The food you ordered.

The next, you can select the food you ordered in your last visit. There are burger or sandwich, combination, salad, soup, steak, seafood, etc. When you choose Combination menu, Tell Outback Survey will ask what the exact menu you ordered. For instance, you combined chicken and shrimp, or pork and lamb.

  • About your last visit.

Tell to Outback how many people that came with you to this restaurant. Then, specify how many times did you come to Outback in the past three months. You can select one, two, three, four or more. The last, tell the reason for visiting Outback. For instance, you went there because of the promotional offer. Besides, you might go there to redeem the gift card.

  • Personal info.

Inform Outback about your gender and age. But, you can prefer not to give this information to Outback. Then, enter the postal code.

  • Sign up for the promotional info.

You can sign up for this program by entering your email. Then, you can get the discount from Outback. Besides, Outback will always inform you about the newest offers and promotions. But, you can skip this offer if you do not want to get the message from Outback.

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