www.talktosonic.com – Tips to Participate in TalktoSonic Survey

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www.talktosonic.com – Tips to Participate in TalktoSonic Survey
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Have you visited Sonic Drive-in recently? What did you feel about the service and menu? If you want to share the recent experience about your visit to Sonic Drive-in, you should take part in TalktoSonic Survey. Sonic Drive-in will be happy to listen to your opinion about their restaurant. We know that Sonic Drive-in has the different concept of serving. In this restaurant, you can order and enjoy your food while you are in your car. The carhops that use the roller skating will bring the menu you order to your car. This unique concept makes Sonic become very popular and have many fans.

Talking about Sonic Survey, this survey is not different from other restaurant surveys. This survey collects the feedback about several areas of their business. The topics of the questionnaires are about your visit, Sonic menu, service, and condition of the restaurant. All Sonic Drive-in customers can take part in Talk to Sonic Survey. Only with Sonic Drive-in receipt, you can enter TalktoSonic Survey. During the survey, you will face two sections of the survey. First, the survey questions ask you to rate and select the answer. In the second section, Sonic Survey lets you share the sonic complaints, comments, or opinion in the provided field.

TalktoSonic Survey

To appreciate your valuable time for taking their survey, Sonic Drive-in rewards you a validation code. This Sonic code is redeemable with the free drink. You only need to present TalktoSonic Survey validation code to the carhop. Do not forget to show your receipt as the proof of your recent purchase. After validating your coupon code, the carhop will give you Sonic Route 44 drink as a gift. Since you get a gift for completing the survey, this survey is not useless. The Sonic survey is a great way to tell about your thought to Sonic company. Besides, the feedback from Sonic customers is very useful to improve the effort to satisfy the customers.

What are TalktoSonic Terms and Condition?

TalktoSonic Survey is like other customers survey. The format of the survey is similar to the traditional survey. The Sonic Drive-in survey site presents a series of questions in the form of multiple choices and Likert Scale. Then the survey takers have to respond by clicking one of the answers based on the real condition they experienced at Sonic. Some questions ask the survey participants to rate several topics. For example, the customers have to give their response about the overall satisfaction, the taste of the menu, price, service speed, etc. Also, Sonic Customer Survey also has a special section where you can write your comment. So, Sonic does not only gather the feedback in the form of scale. But, it also collects the feedback in the form of comments, complaints, compliments, etc. This way, the company can understand the overall reaction of the customers.

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Although TalktoSonic Survey has a simple process, you should review the survey rule. Besides, it is also necessary to find out Sonic Survey Terms and Condition. So, you will know all aspects related to this survey. Below, we explain the Term and Condition of Sonic Survey. This way, you will be easy to find out about the survey requirement, survey steps, prize, and so on.

  • TalktoSonic Survey requirement.

The major requirement to enter Sonic Customer survey is a receipt. But, you have to check if your Sonic receipt is still valid. The receipt is valid if you take the survey within 14 days after the date printed on your receipt. Besides, you should check whether there is the ID number at the bottom part of Sonic receipt. You will need this ID to open the survey site at Talktosonic.com. One Sonic Drive-in ID number is only for entering the survey once. Furthermore, prepare the secured and stable connection of internet along with a PC to access Sonic Drive-in survey. A pen is also the necessary item in completing this survey. You will use it to write down Sonic Drive-in validation code on your receipt.

  • Survey Steps.

To reach Sonic survey site, you have to access www.talktosonic.com or www.mysonicfeedback.com. Then, after entering the ID number printed on your Sonic receipt, you can start the survey. You will get some questions about the details of your visit to Sonic Drive-in restaurant.  In the next section, you should rate several topics. Besides, you also get a chance to write your opinion about Sonic Drive-in restaurant. This way you can express how pleased or how disappointed you are with this restaurant. The last, Sonic will give a coupon consisting a validation code. Make sure that you note this code on your Sonic receipt.

  • Survey reward.

All of the Sonic survey takers deserve to get the validation code. The next, they can claim a free Sonic Route44 drink as a reward. In your next visit, you should tell the carhops that you have a Sonic coupon. Then, the Sonic attendant will validate your coupon to check whether it is valid. Make sure that you redeem and claim this reward within 60 days after the date printed on the receipt. Luckily, you do not need to purchase anything to get this reward. The free drink includes Iced tea, Limeades, Slushes, and Soft drink. So, you can choose one of these beverages. However, one customer only can redeem one validation code per visit. Then, the coupon is not valued for cash.

What are the Tips to Take TalktoSonic Survey?

The TalktoSonic survey is not only useful for Sonic Drive-in restaurant but also the customers. Sonic Drive-in can get the overall review from their customers. So, the management can think about the best decision to make a business improvement. Besides, for Sonic Drive-in customers, they can express their mind about this restaurant. Moreover, they can enjoy the benefit of the survey that is the free drink from Sonic.

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We believe that everyone can complete TalktoSonic survey without any difficulty. It is because Sonic Drive-in survey portal is user-friendly. Just by following the instruction on the web page, all of the survey takers will be able to go through this survey. But, here we provide you some helpful tips for taking Sonic survey. Check this out.

  • Visit the correct Sonic Drive-in survey portal.

Sonic Drive-in has two survey websites. You can take the survey at talktosonic.com or mysonicfeedback.com. when you land on the correct site; you will see the logo of Sonic Drive-in on the top left side of the page. Besides the home page will consists of the welcoming greeting and the instruction to enter this survey. Then, Sonic Survey site comes in two languages. The default one is English. But, if you speak Spanish, you also can change the language setting into Spanish.

  • Read the survey Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy.

Before starting TalktoSonic survey, it will be better if you know the terms and condition of the survey. Then, you also need to review Sonic Survey Privacy Policy. Both the links of Terms and Condition as well as the Privacy Policy are located at the bottom corner of the page.

  • Enter the ID number correctly.

Mostly, the people fail to enter TalktoSonic Survey because they do not enter their ID number correctly. So make sure that you type the receipt ID number carefully. Proofread the code you enter before pressing the Red Start button.

  • Call Sonic Customer Service.

When you face any trouble or problem in taking TalktoSonic survey, you should call Sonic Drive-in Customer Service. You can dial 1 866 657 6642 to tell about your recent experience at Sonic Drive-in restaurant. The friendly customer service will be glad to listen to your story, complaint, or comment. Besides, they will give you the best solution related to your comment.

What are Sonic Survey Questions?

Since TalktoSonic Survey has the goal to gather Sonic Drive-in customer feedback, the questions are mostly about the guest’s experience. The Sonic customer survey is not hard to complete. You only need not more than five minutes to go through all the process. During the survey, you have to respond to about 20 questions. Do not worry about the difficulty of the Sonic questionnaire. It is because you only need to give the response based on your purchasing experience at Sonic. Your duties are just selecting the answer and rate the given statement.

In TalktoSonic survey, every participant also has one chance to explain their thought. So, they can use this opportunity to let Sonic know what their reaction after dining in their restaurant. For your convenience in completing Sonic Survey, here we provide some of the questions you may face.

  • Overall satisfaction.

When you are successful in entering Sonic Drive-in ID number, you will be able to start the survey. Then, the first question you get is to rate your overall satisfaction after coming to Sonic Drive-in. TalktoSonic provides five scales you can select. So, you can state whether you were satisfied or dissatisfied with the overall service.

  • Time.
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The next, select the hours you went to Sonic recently. There are several time options. For example, you went there at 6 am – 11 am, 11 am – 2 pm, 2 pm – 5 pm, 5 pm – 8 pm, or after 8 pm.

  • The place you ordered the menu.

Then, you have to state where you ordered your meal. Three options are available for this question. For instance, you ordered from the stall or patio, counter, or drive thru.

  • Your order.

Specify what thing you ordered at Sonic Drive-in restaurant. Perhaps, you only order the beverage, only food, or both food and drink.

  • Rate your satisfaction with several topics.

Then, you should select the rating from the provided scale. The topics you should respond are about the accuracy of your order, cleanliness of the restaurant, and the speed of the service. Besides, you also need to rate the taste and the variety of Sonic menu, the friendliness of staffs, and the overall valued you get for the menu price.

  • Problem.

Tell Sonic Drive-in whether you experienced any problem when you visited the restaurant. If you select Yes, Sonic will give the further questions asking your problem. But, if you select No, you can continue to the next section.

  • Return and Recommend.

TalktoSonic Survey will ask your willingness to return to Sonic Drive-in restaurant. Besides, you also need to state whether you want to recommend Sonic Drive-in to someone else.

  • Provide the comments.

In this section, the survey takers can write everything about Sonic. Especially, they have to tell what Sonic should do to satisfy its customers. You can write your opinion in 1200 characters.

  • Sonic Drive-in employees’ behavior.

Then, tell Sonic whether their employee suggests you took the survey when you visited the restaurant. Besides, you also can state whether the carhop suggests the menu item for you.

  • The reason for visiting Sonic.

Tell your main reason why you come to Sonic Drive-in restaurant. For instance, you go there because of the promotion or special offer, convenient location, friendly service, or the variety of the menu.

  • The frequency of visiting Sonic.

Select how often you often you go to Sonic in a month. For instance, you can choose once, 2 – 4 times, 5 – 9 times, 10 – 19 times, 20 or more. Then, tell Sonic whether this is your first visit to Sonic.

  • Gender and age.

After that, you should select your gender. Then, select your age. But, Sonic allows you to prefer not answer this question.

  • Promotional message.

You can opt whether you want to receive the promotional message from Sonic Drive-in. If you do, you have to provide your phone number or email address.

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  1. I recently visited a Sonic in Hattiesburg Mississippi. They got part of my order wrong and I had to wait!! The EMPLOYEES WERE ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! I didn’t complain and they corrected my order! Then I was given a coupon for a free Cheeseburger and a coupon for a free Route 44 drink!!! The nice young man gave me the website and a rather long number to use! I’m having trouble with the site! I’ve been enjoying SONIC FOR 40 years!! I had my granddaughter with me also! She told me that she had witnessed other people YELLING AND BEING RUDE TO THE STAFF! I was PATIENT AND VERY POLITE!! I didn’t expect the two free coupons! My granddaughter REALIZED THAT BE KIND AND PATIENT GETS KINDNESS AND PATIENCE BACK! I’m TRYING TO THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR CONSISTENCY AND WONDERFUL EMPLOYEES!!!

  2. I recently visited your Sonic at 5895 Hwy 49 Hattiesburg Mississippi, 39401. They got my order wrong and my granddaughter and I had to wait a little longer to get it!! The MANAGER CAME OUT WITHOUT ME ASKING!! He WAS AN AMAZING PERSON AND EXTREMELY POLITE! He gave us a coupon for a free cheeseburger and a Route 44 drink!! I’ve been ENJOYING SONIC FOR OVER 40 years!!! THANK YOU SONIC!!! Food is always GOOD AND CONSISTENT!!! I WAS TOTALLY SURPRISED TO BE GIVEN THE COUPONS! And my granddaughter learned patience and kindness IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!

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