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Posted on – Win $500 and Trip to Las Vegas from TelltheBell Sweepstakes
Rate this post is a portal where you can take Taco Bell survey. This survey website also invites the TelltheBell survey takers to enter the sweepstakes. So, when you enter this survey website, you not only can share your experience at Taco Bell. But, you also have the opportunity to win the sweepstakes contest. Usually, the fast-food outlet offers a coupon as the survey prize. But, Taco Bell offers the bigger reward. This restaurant offers $500 cash for the sweepstakes winner. This reward sounds very interesting, doesn’t it?

If you are interested in entering the sweepstakes in tellthebell survey, you should own a Taco Bell receipt. It is because the survey website requires Taco bell survey code. But, if you do not make a purchase at Taco Bell, you can enter the sweepstakes by using another method. For your information, Taco Bell also allows sweepstakes mail-in entry. This entry method does not need the receipt from your recent purchase. The chance to win the grand prize is similar. So, even you do not spend any money at Taco Bell; you also have the chance to grab $500 cash.

Besides, we have another good news for Taco Bell customers. Taco Bell does only offer the sweepstakes at the survey website. This restaurant also has another contest called Taco Bell’s Love and Tacos contest. The reward of this contest is the trip to Las Vegas with your couple. Keep staying on this page to find the further info about this contest. In this page, you can review the rules of sweepstakes at Besides, you also can check the steps to enter TelltheBell sweepstakes and Taco Bell Love Contest.

What are the Rules of Sweepstakes at Taco Bell Survey?

Before you take the survey and sweepstakes at, it is better if you check the sweepstakes rules. This way, you can take Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey with ease. Besides, you also can prepare some items needed to enter this contest. Check out the rules and requirements of Taco Bell survey.

  • Sweepstakes requirements.

The primary requirement of the sweepstakes is a Taco Bell receipt. So, every time you purchase the meal at Taco Bell, you should keep the receipt. This receipt contains TelltheBell survey code. Then, this 16 digits code is used to enter the survey.  When you have this receipt, you have to make sure that it is still valid. Every receipt has the expiration date. So, you must enter the survey and sweepstakes before it expires. Furthermore, preparing a computer and internet connection is also a must. It is because Taco Bell sweepstakes is an online contest.

  • Sweepstakes entrants.

You must be the part of the US legal residents to enter this sweepstake. If you live outside the US, you are not eligible for this program. In case you win this sweepstakes, and you cannot present your identity card, you may be disqualified. So, you do not have the chance to grab $500 if you are not US legal residents. Furthermore, you should be 18 years old or more. Taco Bell will search the alternate winner if the sweepstakes winner is less than 18 years old. For your information, Tellthebell sweepstakes do not allow Taco Bell employees to be the entrants. Their family members also cannot participate in this contest.

  • Entry period at
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The sweepstakes period at Tell the Bell is six month. After this period, you cannot enter the Taco Bell sweepstakes anymore. In order to check the survey period, you can click on the sweepstakes rules at Taco Bell survey website. This way, you can check the start and the end date of the sweepstakes. Besides, you can find out the drawing date as well.

  • Sweepstakes prize.

Every week, there will be one winner of the sweepstakes. This winner deserves to receive the cash from TacoBell valued $500. But, the winner has to notice that they are responsible for paying the tax and other expenses. Taco Bell will contact the sweepstakes winner by phone or mail. Then, you have to respond this notification within 14 days. If there is no response from the winner, Taco Bell will give this prize to the alternate winner.

How to Enter the Sweepstakes at TelltheBell?

You should notice that there are two methods to enter Taco Bell Survey Sweepstakes. The first method is the online sweepstakes entry. This entry method needs a purchase. So, you must prepare a valid and recent receipt from Taco Bell. In this part, we would like to present the way to enter the online sweepstakes from Taco Bell.

  • Access Tell the Bell Survey website.

In order to enter the online sweepstakes, you need to complete Tellthebell survey first. This online survey is accessible at Luckily, this portal is reachable by using a smartphone. So, if you do not have any computer, you still can take part in this survey and sweepstakes program.

  • Supply TelltheBell survey invitation code.

The next, at the homepage of Taco Bell survey, you will find four boxes to enter the survey code. Just enter Taco Bell survey code which consists of 16 digits of these boxes. So, in every box, you can write down four numbers. If the survey codes from Taco Bell receipt are valid, you can open the survey page.

  • Answer the questions.

When the survey code you enter is correct and valid, you can begin TelltheBell survey. This customer experience survey asks you to rate your satisfaction when you dine in Taco Bell. You can say whether your dining experience was impressive or disappointing. Make sure you respond every questions at Tell the Bell survey objectively. This way, you can help Taco Bell to enhance their restaurant’s quality.

  • Enter the online sweepstakes.

As the survey reward, Taco Bell offers you one chance to enter its sweepstakes program. To enroll this online contest, you have to supply your personal details. So, you need to fill out the Tell the Bell sweepstakes form with your name, address, and contact details. Do not forget to include your email address and telephone number. So, Taco Bell can reach you in case you win this sweepstake.

How to Enter TelltheBell Sweepstakes via Mail?

In case you do not have Taco Bell receipt, it does not mean that you cannot enter the sweepstakes. Taco Bell gives a chance for the customers to enter the mail-in sweepstakes. The mail-in entry does not require the receipt or any purchase. So, you have the bigger chance to win the reward from Taco Bell. Here is the step by step to enter mail-in sweepstakes.

  • Prepare the requirements.
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To send the mail-in sweepstakes entry, you have to prepare some items. First, you need a piece of the postcard. Also, you have to prepare the writing tool. The mail-in entry must be handwritten. So, you can not print out your personal details on this card.  It is because Taco Bell only receives the hand-writing entry.

  • Write down your personal details.

The next, you should write your personal information neatly. Hand-write your full name and complete address on this card. Do not forget to include the date of birth, phone number, and email address.

  • Send to Taco Bell Survey $500 Sweepstakes.

After writing down your personal info, you should enter this card into the business-sized envelopes. After that, you can send it to PO Box 251328 West Bloomfield, MI 48325.

  • Wait for the notification.

Taco Bell limits only one entry per person in every survey period. So, even you send many entries by mail; Taco Bell only receives one entry. After you send your sweepstakes entry, you have to wait for the winner notification. Taco Bell will call you to inform that you win this sweepstake. When you get the phone call or the notification via email address, you should respond it soon. It is because Taco Bell will disqualify the winner if they do not respond it within 14 days.

What are the Rules of Taco Bell Love and Tacos Contest?

Taco Bell sweepstakes at are not the only contest held by this restaurant. Taco Bell also has another sweepstake called Love and Tacos Contest. Since the program is different, the prize of this sweepstake is also different. The sweepstakes at reward you $500 cash. But, Taco Bell Love and Tacos provide the trip to Las Vegas. If you are attracted to this program, you should review the rules of the contest below.

  • Contest eligibility.

This promotion is open to all residents of 50 states in the US. The legal residents of Columbia are also eligible to enter this contest. But, the participants must be at least 21 years old at the time of sweepstakes entry. Besides, the employees of Taco Bell as well as the immediate family members cannot enter this contest.

  • The rules of the contest.

The participants of Taco Bell Love and tacos Contest must meet these requirements. First, they have to master English. Besides, they have to comply the terms of service of this contest. The video they upload should not be longer than thirty seconds. Then, the video must be the original work of the participant. They also should not include the identity information. The next, they must not create the content which is inappropriate, racism, hateful, obscene, etc. The last, their content should not have any spyware or virus which can harm the computer.

  • Entry method.

This contest allows the entrants to use their social media account. So, the participants can use their Twitter or Instagram account. To enter this contest, they have to post a photo or video. The content must show the reason why they must be the first couple to be married in Taco Bell Chapel. Then, when they upload the content, they must include #loveandtacos, #contest, or #loveandtacoscontest. Without including these hashtag, their content will be disqualified. Then, the participants have to follow Taco Bell Twitter and Instagram account.

  • The prize of the contest.
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Taco Bell will select ten couples to win this contest. Then, the winners deserve to receive these following prizes.

  1. Flight tickets to Las Vegas.
  2. Dinner in Cantina Restaurant.
  3. Taco Bell t-shirt, champagne flutes, bow-tie, and garter.
  4. Professional wedding videography/photography.
  5. A Room in the Planet Hollywood resort.
  6. High Roller tickets.
  7. The Private Pool Cabana in the Planet Hollywood resort.
  8. Bath and Spa at Caesar’s palace.
How to Enter Taco Bell Love and Tacos Contest?

From the previous heading, you can understand the rules and the prize of the contest. Now, you can find out the steps to join this contest. The prize of Taco Bell Love and Tacos contest is very attractive. You and your spouse or fiance can have a lovely trip to Las Vegas. Taco Bell has prepared all of the accommodations. So, you do not only receive the flight tickets. But, you also can get a room at the resort, dinner invitation, spa, and other impressive prizes. Here is the guideline to enter this love contest.

  • Create a Twitter and Instagram account.

In order to join this program, you must have a Twitter account or Instagram account. So, if you do not have these accounts, you have to set up the new account first. But, if you already have an account, you can use your current account.

  • Follow Taco Bell account.

Then, you have to follow the official account of Taco Bell on the Twitter and Instagram. Then, make sure that you do not set your social media as the private account.

  • Create a creative photo or video.

Then, you have to take a picture with your fiance. You also can create a creative video. Your content has to show the reason for getting married at Taco Bell Chapel in Las Vegas. The duration of your video should be no longer than 30 minutes.

  • Upload your content.

Then, you have to upload the photo or video you have made. Do not forget to include these following hashtags. They are #loveandtacos #contest or #loveandtacoscontest. Your content entry will appear at Taco Bell website during the contest voting period.

  • Wait for the winner selection.

Taco Bell will not select the contest winner randomly. There will be some judges giving the score to the finalists. The entry which has the highest score will be the winner. If you want to be the winner of love and tacos contest, you must consider these aspects. For instance, you have to consider the creativity, love of the brand, and public appeal. Taco Bell will announce the winner at the end of the contest entry period.

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