TellSubway – Enjoy Free Cookie From Tell Subway Survey

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TellSubway – Enjoy Free Cookie From Tell Subway Survey
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When we talk about the sandwich, we will directly think about Subway. It is because Subway is the largest sandwich store. This restaurant is well known for its submarine sandwich. That is why it uses Subway as the name of their outlet. However, we also can enjoy other menus served by Subway. For instance, we can try its wraps, salads, and various baked goods. With its signature recipe and the variety of the sandwich, Subway becomes one of the fastest growing fast food chains. Headquartered in Connecticut, Subway operates more than 44.000 stores around the world. We will be easy to find Subway in 110 countries. One reason that makes Subway business can develop so fast is that it concerns to the quality. TellSubway is one of the efforts to maintain the quality of Subway service and product.

TellSubway is a survey that Subway uses to get the customers’ feedback. Subway designs this survey in order to measure the level of satisfaction felt by the customers. Besides, this survey also has the goal to identify the aspects that make customers disappointed. Tell Subway covers some elements of the customers’ dining experience. For instance, it asks the overall rating of the dish and service quality. Subway realizes that unsatisfied customers can decrease their reputation. As a result, their revenue will be lower. So, Subway always wants to make their customers happy.


If you often come to Subway, you should not miss TellSubway survey. Taking the survey is your chance to tell your opinion about this sandwich store. You can share your experience when you enjoyed the Subs. To involve in this customer survey, you should access Then, you just need to allocate one minute to finish Subway survey. Following Subway survey is not a useless activity. It is because you can help Subway to be the better restaurant. Besides, you also can get a survey reward from Subway. Upon the survey completion, you will get a Subway coupon. The next, you can redeem this code with the free cookie from Subway.

What are TellSubway Survey Rules and Requirements?

Every time you make a purchase at Subway, you will get a Subway receipt. Start from now; you should not trash your Subway receipt. When you receive it, you should look at your receipt. Is there any offer from Subway? Through the receipt, Subway invites you to participate in their survey. TellSubway offers the free cookie as the incentive of the survey. Although it is not a big reward, it is the proof that Subway care to their customers. The receipt is not the only item you need to take part in this survey. It is because you also need these requirements to involve in survey.

  • Subway receipt.

Subway receipts are the primary need to proceed TellSubway survey. It is because the survey takers have to enter some transaction details printed on Subway receipt. As the example, it is necessary to input Subway store number. In addition, the date and time when you came to Subway are also important to proceed the survey. Furthermore, you may need to write down Subway receipt number as well as other transaction details.

  • Computer along with internet access.

The computer is not the only device which you can use to enter TellSubway. It is so since Tell Subway Survey portal is also accessible from tablet or smartphone. When your device is well connected to the internet, you can open this survey. But, it is undeniable that completing Subway survey by using computer or laptop is much more convenient than using the smartphone. Besides, you can even complete the survey more quickly. As like what Subway says on their home page, you will finish this survey in one minute.

  • Email address.

Subway needs your email address to send you the coupon. After completing Subway survey, you have to wait for a few minutes. Then, you can check your email to see whether Subway has sent the coupon code. In your next visit, you can use this coupon to get the free Subway cookie.

You need to prepare three items above when you want to participate in TellSubway. When everything is well prepared, you will be able to complete Subway Customer Survey easily. Besides, you need to identify the rules of Subway survey. So, you can know whether you are eligible as the survey takers.  Here we describe some rules of Tell Subway Survey.

  • Survey participant.

The customers can access Tell Subway Survey portal based on the country they live. For instance, if they live in the US, they should access When they live in the England, they can visit The country they live will determine the domain or survey side address. Besides, the participants of Tell Subway Survey must reach the majority of age in their country. Usually, they should be at the age of eighteen or more. In addition, the Subway employees and their family members are not eligible for Tell Subway Survey.

  • Survey completion.

TellSubway is accessible within 30 days after you visited Subway store. After this period, your Subway receipt is invalid. So, you cannot use it to enter Tell Subway Survey portal. Besides, Subway limits the survey submission. Every customer only can enter one survey in 24 hours. So, if you have two or more Subway receipts, you can use the rest on the following day.

  • Survey reward.

Subway will not display the coupon on the survey website. But, Subway will send this code to your email. So, make sure that the email address that you input is valid. This way, you can receive the Subway coupon code after the survey. The next, you should redeem it as soon as possible to avoid the expiration of your coupon.

How are TellSubway Survey Instructions?

Subway survey is easy to complete. It is so since Subway survey portal has the clear prompts for the survey takers. The design of Subway survey site is also simple. So, the customers will not get confused about the steps of the survey. Besides, the survey site displays the Subway receipt sample. So, when you do not know where to find the receipt details, you can look at the example. TellSubway is a short survey so you can complete it in a minute. We try to inform the step by step of Subway Customer Satisfaction Survey. Check this guideline.

  • Access Tell Subway Survey portal.

First of all, you have to access survey website. This site is very simple and dominated with white and green color. At the bottom of TellSubway survey site, there are some useful links. For instance, you can access, FAQ, Contact Us link, Term, and Condition, as well as Privacy Policy. Besides, you also can find link at the top right corner of Subway survey page.

  • Enter Subway restaurant number,

To proceed to the next page, you have to enter the restaurant number which you have just visited. Just look at the top section of Subway receipt to find out what the Subway store number is. You can see the receipt sample at the right part of the site. Besides, if you cannot find the Subway store number, you can click the link under Submit button. This link will help you to locate the Subway store and find out the restaurant number. After entering the correct Subway restaurant number, you should click the green Submit button.

  • Select the time of your visit.

The next, see your receipt to find out the date and what time you visited Subway. The date, month, hour, and minute must be correct. It is the way to verify your visit.

  • Select the payment method.

Then, you have to state how you pay your transaction. You can choose the credit card, cash/other, or Subway card. If you select cash, tellSubway will ask for the transaction number. This serial number is in the left section of Subway receipt. Besides, if you select the credit card as the payment method, you have to provide your host credit ID. You can find this Subway credit ID at the bottom part of the receipt. Then, you can press Continue button to proceed the survey questions.

  • Fill in Subway questionnaire.

When the questionnaire appears on your screen, you can start answering it. Respond all of the survey questions without leaving even one question. Besides, your answer must be based on your recent dining experience at Subway. So, all response must be honest and true.

  • Write your email address.

After finishing the survey, TellSubway asks you to enter the email id. The purpose of providing your email is to receive Subway coupon code. It is because Subway gives the coupon via email. A few minutes after completing Subway survey, you should check your email. Then, you need to write down the unique code on your receipt. When you go to Subway store, you can present this Subway coupon to enjoy the free cookie. You will not be able to redeem this code if you do not write it in Subway receipt. So, although you have done the survey, you should not lose your Subway receipt.

How to Contact Subway Customer Service?

If you want to know any information about Subway, you can explore their website. Just access to get informed. This site contains much information about the Subway restaurant as well as its product and service. For instance, at, you can find out Subway menu and nutrition. Besides, you can explore Subway locations and career as well. In Subway website, you can search the information about Mysubwaycard and Subway weekly coupons. This portal is very useful for Subway customers.

When you cannot find what you are looking for in Subway website, you can explore Subway FAQ. You can access this page by clicking Contact Us on the menu bar. But, to get the more details about the certain issue, you can directly speak to Subway Customer Service staff. Subway provides the full links at Contact US page. Every link directs you to the different issue. Some links direct you to a blank form where you can fill it out with your matter. Besides, Subway also provides some phone numbers to share your Subway feedback and order the catering. Here are the details of Subway Contact Us page.

  • Program links.

At the contact page, Subway has some programs which you can explore. For instance, you can find the franchising information. Besides, there are other details about Subway Card, Remote Ordering, and Promotion. Moreover, this page also contains career information. You can search the restaurant and headquarters jobs.

  • Subway phone number.

Subway has two phone numbers. The first number is for online ordering. So, if you want to contact Subway catering, you can call 877-360-CATER(2283). Besides, the second number is for sharing Subway feedback. Also, you also call this number when you have something to ask about Subway general inquiry. Just dial 1-800-888-4848 ext 1 to speak up with Subway Customer Support staff.

  • Feedback form.

Subway also gives you a chance to share your feedback. Besides, you can submit the questions about the general inquiry. What you should do is fill out the form. Here are the steps of filling out the form.

  1. Enter the number of Subway restaurant. If you do not know the number, you can find the Subway restaurant location by clicking the Search button.
  2. Input the date of the restaurant visit. Then, select the approximate time of your visit.
  3. Fill out the form about you. This form requires your name, email, phone number, and address.
  4. Write your message. The next, you can write down your message, feedback, or question in the box provided. You can explain your feedback in 3000 characters.
  5. Submit your message. Before clicking Submit button, you should verify that you are not a robot.

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