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Pizza Hut is a global pizza franchise. With Italian and American cuisine, Pizza Hut has the signature taste of each menu. Unlike its name, this restaurant offers not only pizza. But, it also serves pasta, side dish, salads, and yummy dessert. Having many loyal pizza fans, Pizza Hut operates over 15.000 locations worldwide. We can find this pizza house in many countries. With excellent business strategies, Pizza Hut can span in America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Pizza Hut not only commits to serve the delicious cuisine but also gives satisfying service to all its guests. As the example, this company creates TellPizzaHut survey to ensure the customers’ satisfaction.

Tell Pizza Hut is an online customer survey for Pizza Hut customers. It is a common thing that every restaurant conducts a survey to collect the feedback from their customer. Pizza Hut is one of those who wants to assess how their business run. Through Tell Pizza Hut Survey, the company wants to know how well their product and service are. Besides, Pizza Hut also wants to find out how their business is from the customers’ point of view. Furthermore, Tell Pizza Hut is the tool to find out more about what the customers’ want. So, by reviewing the result of Tell Pizza Hut, the company can give the better dining experience for their guests.


Pizza Hut invites all of its customers to involve in Tell pizza hut Survey. Only with the receipts, they can participate in Tell Pizza Hut. Then, the survey takers can give their feedback to allow Pizza Hut knows what they want as the customers. When you do this survey, you just need to imagine how your experience was when you dine in this restaurant. Then, just tell them honestly about Pizza Hut menu, service, and dining place. The feedback you shared in this survey will affect your next dining experience. For instance, when you give the bad rate in this survey, Pizza Hut will improve the quality of their service. So, on the next visit, you will have the better eating experience at Pizza Hut.

But, only a few customers are aware the importance if this survey. Many of the customers do not want to involve in Pizza Hut Survey Portal. So, This restaurant offers 10% discount on the next purchase for the participants of Tell Pizza Hut Survey. It is an interesting reward for the survey takers. Besides, the customers that take part in Tell Pizza Hut also have one chance to join a contest. Pizza Hut contest or sweepstake also has an attractive prize. The winner can get $1000 as the daily prize. Besides, they also can win $1500 as the grand prize. Knowing this big reward, you should not miss the survey. This survey may only take a few minutes of your time. But, you worth it since you can get the discount and the chance to win the sweepstakes.

What are Tell Pizza Hut Survey Requirements?

Pizza Hut survey only needs the simple requirements. So, all customers can join this survey. After dining in this restaurant, every customer will receive a receipt. Some receipts will contain the survey invitation. By entering the survey invitation and other details in the receipt, you will be able to start Tell Pizza Hut com Portal. Then, is this receipt the only requirement to take part in the survey? Check the explanation below to know more about the survey requirements.

  • The recent receipt.

Your receipt is the primary need to enter Tell PizzaHut Portal. If you lost your receipt, you could not involve in this survey. So, keep your receipt after visiting this restaurant. It is because Pizza Hut survey page requires you to enter some details of your receipt. As the example, in the beginning, you need to input the survey invitation code. However, if you do not have this code, you can use the store number. Then, other details required in this survey are visiting time as well as the ticket number.

  • A computer or other devices that can connect to the internet.

Tell PizzaHut com survey is only accessible when your device connects to the internet. The faster internet access you use, the more quickly you can finish the survey. It is so since the stable internet can prevent the loading problem occurs.

  • Email address.

After participating in the survey, the site will ask you whether you wish to get into the sweepstakes. If you will, it is necessary to provide your email address. This way, the restaurant can inform you when you become the sweepstakes winner. Besides, you also can receive the promotional email from Pizza Hut. So, you will get the updated info about Pizza Hut promo.

What are Pizza Hut Sweepstakes Rules?

By completing PH Customer Satisfaction survey, you can receive a coupon containing 10% discount. But, if you want the greater prize, you have to participate in the sweepstakes. So, you will get an opportunity to win $1000 or $1500. Who can refuse this great reward? With the simple rules, everyone can enter this sweepstake. In fact, you can review the sweepstakes rules by clicking Term and Condition link at the bottom of survey page. But, here we try to present the conclusion of the sweepstakes rules. Check this out.

  • Sweepstakes participants.

Only the US legal residents are eligible for this Pizza Hut sweepstakes. Besides, the participants must be over the age of the majority. It means you must be at the age of 18 or more. Besides, if you are the family member or live with the staffs of Pizza Hut or sweepstakes sponsor, you must not enter this sweepstake. For your information, Empathica Inc is the sponsor of PH sweepstake.

  • Prize.

There is one prize containing $1000 each day. Besides, there is also the chance to win the weekly prize. You can get $1500 as the weekly sweepstakes reward. This prize will be in the form of money order or check. The winner cannot transfer this reward to someone else. Besides, the winner should be responsible for the tax of this prize.

  • Entry methods.
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You can try three methods of entering Pizza Hut sweepstakes. First, you can enter it through PH Survey Portal. After completing the survey, you will enter the sweepstakes contest. The second, you can participate by phone. Just call 1 877 440 9091. The sweepstakes customer service will ask about your identity. The last, you can try mail entry. In this case, you have to hand-write your mail. Then, you should include your personal details along with contact info. The next, mail this entry to Empathica Daily Sweepstakes, 511 Avenue America, NY 10011. This entry does not require any purchase or payment. Besides, the completion of Pizza Hut survey also does not affect your chance to be the winner.

How is Tell Pizza Hut Survey Guideline?

The PH customer survey is very easy to complete.  This survey portal has the clear prompts so you can follow it easily. Before taking this survey, please prepare the receipt. So, you can find out the details which are necessary to enter to the survey page. Besides, make sure you have enough spare time to participate in the Survey. If your internet access is stable and fast, the survey can be completed in less than 10 minutes. Below, we provide step by step of the survey.

  • Visit the Survey portal.

Access by using your preferred browser. In Pizza Hut Survey home page, the first instruction is asking you to select the language. You are free to proceed the survey by using English or Spanish.

  • Write down the survey code or store number.

Then, if your receipt has the survey invitation, please enter the code in the box provided. But, if there is no survey invitation from the restaurant, just enter the store number. This store number consists of four or six digits. Usually, it is in the top left section of the receipt. Besides, sometimes it is in the middle of your receipt, under the total amount of transaction. It is also can be found at the bottom part of the receipt. The location may be different based on the type of receipt that PH gave to you.

  • Specify the date along with visit time.

The next, Pizza Hut shows the survey offers. The survey displays the reward of the survey can be $10 or $20 discount for your next purchase. Besides, there are also ten chances to grab $1000 check daily. Furthermore, you also can win the awesome check valued $1500 as the sweepstakes grand prize. Under the reward information, you have to select the correct date and exact hour as well as minutes when you came to Pizza Hut. Then, just press the Red Next button to proceed the following survey page.

  • Input the ticket number.

If the ticket number is available on your receipt, you can input it in the field provided. But, if you do not find it on your receipt, you can respond the next instruction. In this section, you should state how you ordered at Pizza Hut. You can select Dine In, Delivery order, or take Away.

  • Answer the survey questions.
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Then, you will step to the main survey section. Just give the honest answer for all survey questions. Match your answer with the real dining experience you had at Pizza Hut recently.

  • Take Pizza Hut coupon.

After completing the questions, you will receive a coupon for the discount. Take this coupon by writing down the code on your receipt. In the next purchase, when you present this coupon to the cashier, you will get $10 off. So, you can save your money while enjoying the delicious pizza.

  • Enter the sweepstakes.

Now, it is the time for sweepstakes entry. In this section, the site asks you to fill out the biodata form. You can complete it by writing your name as well as contact details. Remember, you should enter a valid email address and phone number. So, when your name comes out as the sweepstakes winner, the committee can contact you easily. After completing this step, you will receive a message or email from Pizza Hut confirming that you have entered the sweepstakes. Then, you have to wait a chance to be one of ten lucky winners of this sweepstakes.

How to Contact Pizza Hut Customer Service?

Nowadays, it is so easy to get in touch with the  Customer Service. Pizza Hut facilitates its customers to contact their customer service easily. In fact, there are three ways to reach the Customer Support. For instance, you can contact them by email, phone, and social media. Here you can find the easiest way to share your comment, question, or feedback to Pizza Hut.

  • By phone.

The Pizza Hut Customer Service number is 1-866-364-0825. But, if your issue related to the specific restaurant, we suggest you call the local Pizza Hut store near you. When you do not know the phone number of the PH restaurant nearby, you can do these steps. First, visit Then, select Contact Us. On the right part of the new page, you will find a menu to contact your local store. The next, you should enter your location to find out the PH restaurant nearby. There will be available the phone number too. So, you can call this number to speak up with the Pizza Hut restaurant staff.

  • By email.

You can send the email to the restaurant through its website. As like the step above, you need to go to After that, just click Contact Us beneath Customer Service menu. Then, fill out the Pizza Hut form. This form is asking everything related to your visit at Pizza Hut. For instance, the form is about the topic of Pizza Hut feedback that will you give, how you order, when you order, and the amount you spent. After filling out this form, you can tell your experience at Pizza Hut in 1000 characters.

  • Through social media.

The last, you can share your comment through Pizza Hut Twitter. If you follow Pizza Hut Twitter account, you will get various tips and promo.

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