Tell Popeyes – Some Facts about TellPopeyes Survey

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Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is a chain of fast food restaurant that was founded in 1972. Alvin C. Copeland began this business named “Chicken in the Run” in New Orleans, Louisiana forty-six years ago with its famous spicy New-Orleans-style fried chicken. This culinary has the very rich taste of Cajun and Creole, typical ingredients of conventional Southern-food recipes.  Four years later, this small restaurant started its first franchise restaurant in Louisiana under the name “Popeyes” and got famous throughout the world the years afterward. Currently, more than 2700 Popeyes restaurants have spread this unique and tasty menu around the world. Not just the fried chicken, Popeyes also serves biscuits as another significant flavorful menu to enjoy. It claims itself as one of the biggest chicken quick-service chain restaurants in the world.

Nevertheless, do you guys really feel happy with the menus served at Popeyes? Or you are eager to show some criticism to them? No need to worry because now you can share freely what is on your mind because Popeyes fast-food restaurant has provided a way to let the customers take part in Popeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey on This survey is held as a means to reveal how happy customers are with their menus and also their services. You can voice out your opinions and let them know what you feel about Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen restaurant through this website page.

Tell Popeyes
Tell Popeyes

Anyway, giving your satisfaction rate at TellPopeyes will be beneficial for Popeyes’ betterment. It can be positive or negative opinions on them. When you give positive comments, it will make the company employees keep the quality well because you gladly accept the efforts they have made. The employees certainly will keep up the good work as well. Even your negative feedback can be seen as important for them because customers’ problems will surely affect their business growth in the coming years. Next, it is absolutely going to help them to improve their qualities in every aspect of their chain business. Since they understand that the feedback given by customers is significant; the good news is they will gladly offer you an opportunity to enter sweepstakes for winning $1,000 cash as the reward for voicing out your mind. Sounds interesting, huh? So, don’t hesitate to give it a go now.

What do you need to do Popeyes Survey?

As participants, you should take note of the things needed to do Popeyes survey. If you can complete the requirements, it will be simple for you to participate in the survey. Generally, the requirements have no differences from other Guest Satisfaction Survey. So here is what you need to have:

  1. A legal Popeyes receipt

You need to have a legal Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen receipt. Be certain that the receipt you have got is still usable by checking the expired date. To prevent you from being too late to use the receipt, you must apply it as soon as you can. In this receipt, you are going to find a serial number as the Popeyes survey validation code. This code aims to enter Popeyes survey form. But if you cannot find it, just stay calm. Popeyes will keep allowing you to join this survey by filling in the details that have been written on the receipt. It can be the total payment, the date, time, and which Popeyes store number you have visited.

  1. A laptop or a personal computer with Internet access

After that, you can visit Popeyes survey page using a laptop or a personal computer. Make sure your devices have been connected to the internet. You can use a mobile phone or a tablet as well. We don’t recommend it, though. That is because laptops or PCs are able to display more satisfying page. They will let you complete the survey portal more easily. The internet connectivity is important as well to allow you to load the web page without any problems.

  1. A legal resident of the 50 United States, Puerto Rico, District of Columbia

Each customer who has been the participant of Popeyes Satisfaction Survey gets the same opportunity to be a part of Popeyes sweepstakes which will be drawn only once in a month to win $1000 cash as the reward. This contest is only for those legal residents of the 50 United States, Puerto Rico, District of Columbia. However, anyone who has family relation with Popeyes staff or SMG (Service Management Group) is not allowed to take part in this sweepstakes.

  1. Legal age

The participants who want to take part in Popeyes sweepstakes must be at least 18 years old. So, if you guys are not 18 years old yet, you got to wait.

Interested to be a part of Popeyes survey?

The purpose of joining this survey can be various. Some customers complete this survey because they really want to help this fast food restaurant to improve their business. Some of them just really want to be heard and share their thoughts. While others can do this in order to receive the rewards or a chance to be a part of winning the sweepstakes prize. No matter what your purpose is, if you want to be involved in this survey, the following steps can be your guidelines.

  1. Visit Popeyes survey website

First of all, you must visit If the internet access has been successfully open that page for you, you will see that the page looks simple. It has Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen logo. On that page, you can find two buttons to do the survey. The first button is Take Survey. You can choose it if you have got survey invitation from Popeyes. After clicking Take Survey button, you will be directed to another page where you can complete the survey form with your receipt information. But if you do not get any Popeyes survey invitation, you may click on the Continue option. This button will lead the user to the Contact section of Popeyes official website in order to give any comments for Popeyes without having the receipt. Please consider to read the privacy policy first and the sweepstakes instruction as well.

  1. Select your preferred language

It will be very easy to do the survey in a basic language that has been familiar to you. Here on the page, you can select English and Spanish. If you can understand English, you do not have to change the language setting, because the page is already displayed in English. Otherwise, if you have acquired Spanish and you are sure it will be more helpful for you, just click the link language of Espanol, and the page will show up in Spanish.

  1. Fill in the details on your receipt.

Before starting the survey, the respondents should enter some basic information. You can find the details printed on your valid receipt. TellPopeyes will show you a receipt sample, so you do not have to get panic if you do not know which detail you should enter in the form. The receipt sample also contains some numbers based on the column arrangement of the form. If your receipt form is different from the sample on the page, you may click on the link to get some more receipt samples. Here is how to fill it. Firstly, you can enter is Popeyes store number. Secondly, choose the date and time you have found on the receipt. The date and time show when you have visited Popeyes restaurant. Thirdly, fill in the total amount you have spent at the restaurant.

  1. Click Start button

When all detail information required has been entered, you can click Start button to begin the survey. By clicking this, the website page will load a new page consisting of a series of survey questions that you are going to answer.

  1. Answer all survey questions sincerely

After the questionnaires page has shown up, respondents should answer the question thoroughly based on what they have experienced during their visit to Popeyes restaurant. The questionnaires will allow you to rate your satisfaction level. By answering these survey questions, you yourself will be able to measure how happy or unhappy you are with the menus and services at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen you have already visited. Anyway, you cannot skip any questions in this survey, even for a single question. So, please make sure to complete all the answers and respond it sincerely.

  1. Write down the popeyes validation code

Popeyes will offer you a coupon after all questions have been answered. You can use it get a reward, for instance, to get a piece of fried chicken. When you see popeyes validation code shows up after finishing the survey, remember to write down the code on your receipt. Next time you visit the same Popeyes restaurant, where you have visited previously, you can show your receipt along with popeyes validation code to the cashiers at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen for a reward, and they will provide a fried chicken to you for free. Without the validation code, you cannot take the survey prize from the restaurant.

  1. Decide if you want to go to the sweepstakes or not

Popeyes will require your response if you are eager to enter sweepstakes. You should give your personal details if you agree to enter the sweepstakes. This sweepstake runs every month. We recommend you to join this sweepstake because if you are lucky and your name comes out as the winner, Popeyes will inform you based on your personal information that you have submitted and they will give you $1,000 cash as the prize.

  1. Click “Next” to submit.

When you have finished with the sweepstakes choice and you are sure to leave the survey page, so it’s time for you to submit the survey by clicking the Next button.

Oops! I have no Popeyes receipt, What Should I do?

If you do not have Popeyes valid receipt, or probably you had it once but it is nowhere to be found right now because you forgot where you put it or you already lost it, you are not able to participate in Popeyes Survey. However, you are able to give any feedback you have for Popeyes. Popeyes welcomes every customer who wants to share their thought on Popeyes official website page. You are able to help Popeyes make some improvements in many aspects. You will not have the opportunity to win the sweepstakes prize, though. So, having no receipt means no rewards for any comments you share to Popeyes. Still eager to leave your feedback via the website? Let’s just go ahead!

  1. Visit is the official website of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen.  It informs you about the details of this chain restaurant including menus, its history, exclusive offer updates, promos, and coupons. You can also find the company information, franchise opportunities, job vacancies, and the contact.

  1. Select Contact Us.

Once you load the website on, it will display a home page. You ought to scroll down on the home page in order to click the Contact Us link. If you click it, it will lead you to another page which consists of a feedback form and some additional links, such as nutrition, marketing, and advertising inquiries, and media inquiries. You can click on those links to leave feedback or questions based on the topic you need. Each link also provides a feedback form for customers.

  1. Fill the feedback form.

Here, there are four steps you need to follow before you leave your feedback.

Step 1. You cannot leave feedback anonymously. The following personal details are needed to fill this form.

  1. first name
  2. last name
  3. e-mail address
  4. e-mail address confirmation
  5. phone number.
  6. Your home full address (your city, zip code, and state)
  7. Choose whether you will allow Popeyes to contact you or not. If you want to be contacted, select Yes. Otherwise, you can click No.
  8. Click on Continue to step 2 link

Step 2. Search the Popeyes store location.

Choose the Popeyes restaurant you want to give your feedback. Mention the location correctly. It will make it easy for Popeyes to evaluate their stores make the betterment. Next time you visit that store again, you will feel more satisfaction to be there.

Step 3. Let them know your experience.

In this step, you are able to tell your experience during your visit to that store. Not only that, you are free to request, suggest, or even make complaints. Don’t hesitate to inform what you wish to improve from that store.

Step 4. Tell your experience clearly.

It is necessary for you to share your complete experience in a chronological order, so it will be more understandable. It does not matter if you want to share your negative experience because it will be a constructive criticism for Popeyes. Besides, it will be advantageous if they know which aspect that should be fixed to improve their service. Then, you need to be patiently waiting for accepting the response as Popeyes will surely try to find the solution to your problem and contact you.

Do You Find Any difficulties? Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Customer Service will help.

Anything can happen unexpectedly. It is very possible for customers to face problems in completing the survey on or leave their feedbacks for popeyes on You do not have to worry, though. It is because you absolutely can get help from Popeyes Customer Service. You can reach them in several ways.

  1. Mailing Address

Writing down your feedback, complaints, suggestions, or your requests without going online is probably so much easier for some customers. You can do this by sending your letters to:

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc.

400 Perimeter Center Terrace Suite 1000

Atlanta, Georgia 30346

The United States

  1. Phone

In case you have faced urgent problems, just dial (877) 767-3937 to reach them quickly.

  1. Website

The instructions to contact them via websites are similar to how to give feedback without receipt via the website. You can visit

  1. Email

If you need to get fast response without contacting via phone, you can try to send your email message to

  1. Social Networks

You would like to get updated by this fast food restaurant in no time? Just follow their social media accounts. Currently, social media is the best way to get the fast information you need from around the world. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen sees this as a means to reach their customers whenever and wherever they are. So if you need to contact them as fast as possible, their social media accounts are the correct answers. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen real accounts have a blue tick behind the profile name.

Facebook: @PopeyesLouisianaKitchen

Twitter: @PopeyesChicken

Instagram: popeyeslouisianakitchen

YouTube: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

LinkedIn: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc.

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