Tell Payless – Grab Payless Rewards from Payless Survey

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Tell Payless – Grab Payless Rewards from Payless Survey
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Tell Payless is the customer survey held by Payless ShoeSource. Based in Kansas, Payless becomes one of the largest footwear retailers in the United States. In the beginning, Payless was the private company. But, in 1961, Payless became the public company. This way, Payless expands its business worldwide. Payless can grow fast since it has a large number of loyal customers. This company often offers the coupons and discount programs. As a result, many customers like to shop in this shoe store. Tellpayless is one of the programs which offers the discount as the reward. So, if you want to purchase the cheaper footwear at Payless, you can take part in this survey.

In fact, Payless survey is not the only program offering the coupon. Payless also has the loyalty program for its customers. This program is well-known as Payless Rewards. If you register this reward program, you can receive the exclusive deals from this store. Keep reading this page to find out more info about Tell Payless Shoes Survey. Also, this article presents the benefits of joining Payless Rewards. You can follow the guideline to sign up for this reward program as well.

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What is Payless Rewards Program?

Payless ShoeSource store offers a loyalty program for its customers. This program is known as Payless Rewards. Payless reward program is available at most of the Payless chains in the US. But, if you will not be able to join this program at Massachusetts, California, and Shopko. Joining Payless rewards is very beneficial for the customers. They can receive Payless exclusive offers as well as the discounts. This program is very simple. You do not need to collect the points in order to get Payless discounts. You just need to enroll this reward program. Then, whenever you purchase any items at Payless, you have to identify yourself. Automatically, you can receive the benefits from Payless.

If you want to be the member of Payless Rewards, you have to enroll this program soon. There are two methods you can do. First, you can register Payless Rewards in store. Besides, you also can sign up this loyalty program by online. You can visit the nearest Payless store to enroll in this reward program. Just tell the payless store associate that you want to register this program. Then, the store team member will ask for your name, email address, mailing address, and phone number. But, if you want the simpler way to sign up this program, you can register yourself online at Just fill out the simple enrollment form to join this program.

When you have joined this program, you will receive some benefits. Here are the samples of advantages if you become the member of Payless Reward program.

  • Free ground shipping.

Shopping online at is the most convenient way to get the footwear.You do not need to visit Payless store. It is because all products of Payless are available online. Just select the shoes you would like to purchase. Then, after making the payment, you just need to wait for these shoes delivered to your house. Unfortunately, you have to pay the shipping charge if you shop online. If you do not want to pay this extra cost, you can join Payless Rewards program. You will get the free ground shipping benefit. When you purchase at least $25 at Payless website, you do not need to pay the shipping charge.

  • Birthday offer.
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Who will not be glad receiving the prize at the birthday? As the member of the reward program, you will also get the birthday offer from Payless. To receive this offer, you have to verify the birthday information at your Payless reward account. This way, you will get the special offer at your birthday. Usually, Payless gives the special discount for the customers who are on their birthday.

  • Payless Shoes Coupon.

Joining Payless Rewards also gives you the Payless coupons throughout the year. Within one hour after enrolling this program, you will receive a Payless Coupon via email. Then, Payless will send you the coupons periodically. But, if you do not receive the coupon within two months, you should contact Payless customer service. Then, make sure that you write the correct email address on the enrollment form. Luckily, you can redeem this Payless Coupons in all Payless ShoeStore locations.

  • Surprise from Payless.

As the member of Payless Rewards, you will also receive the surprise from this shoe store. For example, you may get the special offer for the certain items.

How to Enroll Payless Rewards Loyalty Program Online?

As stated before, you can register Payless Rewards in-store and online. If you are too busy to enroll this program at Payless ShoeSource, you can sign up online. The enrollment process at is very simple. You will be able to accomplish it in a few minutes. The steps below will guide you in completing Payless Reward online registration.

  • Visit Payless website.

If you want to be the member of Payless Rewards, you have to visit Payless official site. You should access In, you can view and purchase the footwear online. Besides, you can find the information related to Payless. For instance, you can sign up Payless email notification and Payless loyalty program. Also, you can search Payless shoe coupon and other Payless online coupons.

  • Select Payless Rewards menu.

Scroll down Payless homepage. Then, you will find the invitation to join Payless Reward Program. Click on Join Today if you want to receive the special offers as well as the special sales from Payless.

  • Complete the personal information form.

In the new page, there will be a form to sign up. The first part of the form requires the personal details. So, you should fill out this online form with your name, mailing address, email account, and phone number.

  • Enter the personalization details.

In the next section of the form, you have to enter your date of birth. Then, select your gender. Also, select your shoe size.

  • Complete the info about the shopping preference.

In this section, you have to choose the person you shop for. As the example, you may purchase the shoes for yourself, spouse, or children. Then, you also need to select the age of the children. The last, you can select the type of products which you are interested in. For instance, you can choose sandals, slippers, handbags, heels, boots, and so on.

  • Click on Join Now.
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Once you click on Join Now, you will be the member of Payless Rewards program. Then, you need to set up Payless account. In the next enrollment step, you may be required to set up a username and password. After that, you can log into Payless account with these login details.

After completing this enrollment process, you will receive the Payless coupon via email. So, you have to check your email inbox soon. If you do not receive any coupon from Payless, you can contact the Payless Customer Care soon. You can dial 1 877 474 6379 to report his issue. The customer service of payless is available from Monday – Saturday at 7.30 am –up to 8 pm.Besides, to receive the other benefits of this program, you should provide your phone number in the check out process. The cashier will verify whether you are the member of Payless rewards program. Then, you will get some discounts.

Luckily, you also can also get the benefit when you purchase something at You have to log into your Payless reward account. When you press Checkout, you can get the free shipping discount. But, you have to purchase at least $25. Besides, you also can use Payless online coupon which you receive via email. Just input the coupon number on the box provided on to redeem this coupon.

How to Get Payless Discount Code from Payless?

Everyone will be happy when they receive Payless coupons. There are several tricks to grab the coupon from this footwear retailer. The first thing you can do is taking part in Payless survey. This online survey is accessible at survey website. Before you involve in Tellpayless survey, you should do some preparation. First, you should own a recent Payless receipt. Every receipt you got from Payless will contain the Access code to enter the survey website. That is why entering Payless survey website without the receipt is impossible. Second, you need to prepare the device to access this survey platform. Also, connect your device to the stable internet connection. When all of these requirements are well prepared, you can do the prompts below.

  • Visit Payless survey website.

The official site of Payless Customer Survey is This website has two language options. So, you can take the survey by using English or Spanish. Just click on the link at the bottom of the survey page to switch the language into Spanish.

  • Input Payless Access code.

To begin the survey, you have to enter the access code provided in Payless receipt. During Payless survey period, you can find the survey invitation on Payless receipt. Every survey invitation will contain the access code. There are thirteen digits of the number you have to input to Payless survey homepage. But, you have to notice that this code will void after 14 days. So, make sure you enter Payless Customer Satisfaction Survey within 14 days after visiting Payless store.

  • Indicate the visit time.
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When your Payless Access code is valid, you can continue to the next page. On this page, you have to indicate what time you visited Payless store. You cannot enter the time by yourself. You just need to choose the hours you came to Payless. As the example, you went to Payless between 8 am – 11 am, 11 am – 2 pm, 2 pm – 5 pm, and after 5 pm.

  • Answer Payless shoes survey questions.

You cannot get the discount coupon from Payless before completing the survey. So, you have to answer all of the survey questions appeared on your screen. Just recall your shopping trip to Payless to answer the questions. Express your shopping feedback through Payless survey. Make sure you do not miss answering every single question at this survey website.

  • Get Payless Coupon code.

When you have answered all questions at Payless survey, a unique code will appear. You have to save this code by writing it on Payless receipt. When you bring this coupon code on your next visit to Payless, you will be able to get the discount. So, you can get the footwear you desire at the lower price. Taking this Payless receipt is the simplest way to get the discount.

How to Reach Payless Customer Service?

In case you have something to ask about Payless survey and Payless rewards, you can contact Payless Customer Care. If you have the spare time, you can try to search the information about this program at Payless Website. But, if the information at this website is not sufficient, you can get in touch with Payless Customer Support team. The Payless Customer service staff will be ready to answer all of the questions about Payless. Listed below are several ways to get in touch with Payless Help Desk.

  • By phone.

If you need the fast response related to some issues about Payless, you can call Payless Customer Relations. The representative staffs will be ready to overcome your issue related to Payless. Just call Payless Customer Care at 1 877 474 6379. Through this line, you can ask about Payless survey, Payless gift card, Payless Rewards, Payless careers, etc. The customer service is available every day at 7.30 am – 12 am.

  • By email.

If you do not want to speak directly to the customer service staff, you can send an email. You can send any complaints and questions by email. The email address of Payless Customer Service is

  • Social media account.

The last, you can follow the official account of Payless on several social media. As the example, you can follow Payless account on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. If you have the Facebook account, you also can like the Payless Fan page. Following Payless on its social media account gives you some benefits. For instance, you can check the current offers and deals from Payless.

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