Target Survey – Tips to Complete Inform Target Customer Survey

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Talking about the discount retailers, we must agree that Target is one of them. We can say that Target is the second rank of the most favorite retailer after Walmart. This company has not only the physical store but also the online store. This way, they can reach the wider market. Besides, Target also provides the wide range of products. For instance, Target provides the electronics, furniture, home decor, apparel, health & beauty products, and much more. This way, many customers are happy shopping at Target since they find everything they need. Target does not stop always to give the best service for the customers. So, this company conducts Target Survey.

Inform Target Survey has the purpose of gathering the valuable feedback. The customers can leave their feedback about the shopping experience at Target. As the example, they can complain the price or the service that was given. Besides, they also can show their appraisal by giving the high rating. The store welcomes all kinds of feedback. Both positive and critical feedback is beneficial for the company. The company will use it to exceed the customers’ expectation. So, if you expect the better customer service, you should not miss taking this survey.

Target Survey

Luckily, you can take part in the Survey whenever and wherever. It is so since it is available online at survey portal. This way, you can participate in the survey from your office or home. As long as you have the internet access, you will be easy to complete it. Besides, preparing the receipt from the store is also necessary. You only can unlock the survey page by entering the User ID and password printed on the receipt. To thank your participation in this survey, the company allows you to enter their online sweepstakes. As the reward, the survey takers can win $25 gift card. Besides, they also have the opportunity to win $1500 gift card from the national monthly sweepstake.

What are Target Sweepstakes Terms and Condition?

Before you access InformTarget, you need to do some preparation. First, you should get all the requirements ready. This way, you can complete the steps of InformTarget easily. Besides, you also need to find out the terms and condition of Target sweepstake. Here, we have concluded the requirements as well as the rules of the survey and sweepstakes.

  • Survey requirements.

To enter the survey, please prepare these three items. First, make sure you have a valid receipt. Remember, the receipt from Target is only valid for three days. Then, check your receipt to make sure it contains user ID along with the password to proceed the survey. The second item you need to prepare is a PC and internet. It is because you only can reach this survey by online. The last, prepare your contact info. The company needs your contact details as the sweepstake requirements.

  • Sweepstake participant.
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Target only allows at least 18 years of age participants for their sweepstake. Besides, they must reside in the US or Columbia District. Besides, the employees and anyone who lives with the staffs are not eligible for this contest.

  • Entry methods.

Target welcomes two types of sweepstakes entries. After finishing the survey, you can automatically enter the online sweepstakes. This type of entry requires a receipt. But, the amount of your purchase will not affect your chance to win. Alternatively, you can try mail-in entry. This entry does not need any purchase as well. The more often you send mail sweepstakes, the bigger chance to win you have.

  • Sweepstakes prize.

Other customer surveys may offer the coupon or redeemable code as the survey reward. But, you may not get the prize from the Survey. The company only offers the prize for their sweepstakes contest. As the reward, this company provides six gift cards valued $25 in each state. So, there will be six winners in a month. Besides, Target also provides $1500 gift card as the winner of national sweepstake. For the national monthly sweepstake, Target only draws one winner in a month.

  • InformTarget Winners.

The Target sweepstake entrants will instantly know whether they win $25 gift card. At the end of the sweepstake, the comapny will inform if they win or not. So, they do not need to wait for the call from Target. Besides, the survey team will inform the winner of national monthly sweepstake by phone, email, or mail.  The company will randomly select the winner from both mail-in and online entries. All of the winners are responsible for all taxes. Furthermore, they cannot redeem the gift card reward for cash. They only can use it to purchase the products in Target retail stores.

What are the Tips for Target Sweepstakes Completion?

Taking part in the Survey will not waste your time. It is because Inform Target is a short survey. When your internet access is stable and fast, you will be able to finish the survey steps in less than five minutes. But, you should remember that a few minutes of your time can change the store to be better. The feedback and rating which you give during the survey can encourage improvement. As a result, you and other customers will experience the better service.

The survey is as easy as other customers survey. If you have ever taken part in other surveys, you will be easier to take Target Customer survey. During the survey, you have to respond some questionnaires about the product, service and other areas of its business. Every survey section will have the clear instruction. So, you can do the survey without any confusion and difficulty. But, here we try to guide you in completing the Customer survey. Our tips below will assist you to do all survey steps.

  • Enable JavaScript and Cookies.
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Before accessing the offiial site, you should go to the setting tab of your browser. Then, enable both Cookies and JavaScript. Most issues which occur in the survey completion are dealing with the use of JavaScript as well as Cookies setting. So, in order to be able to use all features of the survey site, you have to enable these settings.

  • Type the survey portal URL directly into your browser address bar.

Never look for the link at Google or other search engines. Finding the site is hard. So, you should type on your address bar. This way, you can land on the correct survey page. Do not be panic if the survey page redirects you to It is because Survey Medallia is the sponsor of this survey.

  • Enter the survey within three days after shopping.

The validity of user ID and password is only for 72 hours after the date of your receipt. So, make sure that you participate in the Target Customer survey within this period. It is because your receipt can expire. As a result, you lose your chance to involve in Target Customer Survey and sweepstakes.

  • Change the language of Target portal if necessary.

At the right top corner of the survey page, you can change the language option. If you like to use Spanish, you can change the setting.

  • Review the sweepstakes rule.

Before starting Target Customer Survey, you should view the rules of the survey. This way, you will understand the eligibility of Target sweepstakes, the entry methods, and prize. Besides, you will know the survey periods as well. This way, you can find out when the company does not provide the sweepstakes. Do not forget to view the privacy policy as well.

  • Never leave your PC before finishing the survey.

This survey will be automatically closed when it is inactive for about 20 minutes. So, if you leave your computer for more than 20 minutes, you will not be able to continue the survey. Once you start this survey, you should do all the steps until you finish it. Besides, keep in mind that the User ID and password in the receipt are only for one time entry. Therefore, you cannot restart Target Customer Survey by using the same User ID and password.

  • Enter the valid contact details.

In case you become one of the survey winners, you should give the valid contact details. This way, Target can contact you easily. When you give the incorrect phone number or email account, you can lose your chance to win Target gift cards.

  • Contact Target Customer Service for help.

When you have some troubles in completing the survey, please contact Target Customer Support. First, you can call the representative staff at 1 800 440 0680. This phone number is only for the urgent issue you face. The staff will suggest you the solution for your problem. Besides, you also can send an email to

What are the Questions at Inform Target Short Survey?

Through the survey, this discount retailer wants to find out what the customers felt when they were shopping. That is why the questions at the survey is asking about the details of the shoppers’ experience. Here, the survey questionnaire consists of several sections. For instance, you will face the section to rate some areas of Target store. Also, there is a section where you can give your comment. From the list below, you can view the questions at the survey.

  • Overall satisfaction.
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The first question at InformTarget Short survey is asking you to rate the overall shopping experience. The company provides one up to ten scales which you can choose. You should be objective in giving the rating. Then, you should choose some categories which become the consideration of your rating. For instance, you can select the price, gift, technology, or the availability of the products. You can select more than one categories. The next, you should explain why your shopping activity at the store is satisfying or dissatisfying.

  • Likelihood to return and recommend.

In the scale 1 – 10, you should rate your likelihood to have shopping again at the same store. Then, you also give the rating to your willingness to recommend the store to your family or friend. If you get satisfied with Target, you have no reason not to return to this store and recommend it to others.

  • Rating to the specific areas.

Rate your satisfaction level to these following statements. The areas you should respond are the overall appearance of the store, the competitive price, the overall cleanliness and high-quality products. Then, also rate whether Target has the friendly customer policy. The next, you should also rate whether the staffs are available to help you. Also, give your rating to the staffs’ interest to help.

  • The store area you visit.

From the list of the store department, you should choose which areas you visited. For instance, you came to baby & kids clothing, electronic & entertainment, or beauty & personal care. Besides, you might go to the grocery, healthcare, or home and seasonal goods. Then, you should rate each area you visit. After all, you should give the reason for your rating. The customer survey will give the further questions related to the areas you visited.

  • Rate the check out activity.

Rate several topics about the check out activities. First, rate the friendliness of Target cashiers and how they bag the goods. Then, give the rating to the time you need to check out.

  • Your description.

In this section, Target wants to know about your background. First, select your gender and write the year of your birth. Then, select your race. Here, you can choose White, Black/African American, Asian, Latino, or Native American. Then, you need to indicate your annual household income. The last, select your marital status. But, if you think that this information is private, you can prefer not to answer these questions.

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