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All fast food lovers will know about Wendy’s. For those who live in the US, it is impossible if you have not dined in Wendy’s store at least once. This burger chain has the head office in Ohio, USA. Started its business in 1969, Now Wendy’s runs over 6500 restaurants around the world. The key to struggle in the competitive fast food business is the effort to achieve customers’ satisfaction. So, Wendy’s offers not only the tasty food but the excellent service as well. For the customers, they will be easy to find another fast food store when they are disappointed with Wendy’s. Therefore, Wendy’s always put the customers satisfactory as its priority. One of Wendy’s strategies to maintain the customers’ trust is creating TalktoWendys survey.

When a business puts the customers as the primary goal, the success will be easy to achieve. Wendy’s has proven it. This company pays attention to the guests. For instance, Wendy’s serves the fresh signature food. Besides, all Wendy’s staffs also try to serve all of the customers well. Through TalktoWendys survey, Wendy’s can ensure that all customers that come to their outlet can feel happy. When the customers participate in Wendy’s survey, they will share their feedback. In fact, Wendy’s customer survey is not only beneficial for the management. But, it is also advantageous for the customers.


For the management, the candid feedback from the customers can help them to provide the better service. Besides, for the customers, Talk to Wendys survey enables them to have the better experience on their next visit. Through Wendy’s survey, the customers can complain and compliment to this restaurant. Besides, they can give the opinion about the food as well as its service. They have to be sure that Wendy’s will listen to what they say in the survey.

Not all customers are aware the importance of taking about the survey. So, they often trash their receipts and never take its online survey. In order to motivate the guests to involve in its Customer Satisfaction Survey, this restaurant offers the free coupon. Every time you complete the survey, it will send you a coupon. The coupon is a good deal since you can save your money on the next purchase in Wendy’s. So, both parties will get the benefits. It is because the management can gauge more information from the customers. Besides, the customers can reap Wendy’s coupons as Wendy’s survey reward.

What Do You Need to Enter Talk to Wendy’s?

The Wendy’s customers have to prepare several items before they take part in Talk to Wendys. The main requirement of the survey is the receipt. It proves that you have just made a transaction at Wendy’s. Luckily, this restaurant does not apply the rule about the minimal age to take this survey. So, no matter your age is, you can involve in Wendy’s Customer feedback survey. Besides, Wendy’s does not involve the legal requirements such as the residency standard. So, even you are not the legal resident of the United States; you still can enter this survey. In fact, what items should you have to be able to take part in Wendy’s survey? Explained below is the list of the survey requirements.

  1. The recent receipt.
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Wend receipt is the main item you have to hold in hand. Then, it is necessary to make sure that your receipt is still valid. Therefore, you had better enter TalktoWendys survey portal soon after you visit Wendy’s. Why do you need a receipt to enter its Customer Satisfaction Survey? It is because the receipt has some printed information. Then, the survey requires that receipt details as the key in order to open the survey page. As the example, the survey requires the store numbers. Furthermore, you have to indicate the date and the time of your visit. These receipt details will verify that you really have just dined in Wendy’s. Moreover, entering the store number helps the management to identify the store location which your response refers to.

  1. Email address.

The next item you have to prepare is a personal email address. During the survey completion, the site will require the survey takers to provide an email address. If you doubt about this, you can read Wendy’s survey privacy policy. So, you can be sure that your contact information will be secured. Wendy’s needs your email since they will send the coupon via email. Besides, Wendy’s will not disclose your email and other personal information for the marketing purpose. In short, the purpose of collecting your personal info is only for the research purpose. Furthermore, the email is for the incentive fulfillment.

  1. Well connected computing device.

The last requirement to access the survey portal is a personal computer. Besides, this page is also accessible by using a tablet or mobile phone. But, taking the survey by using a laptop or computer will give you more convenience. Then, your device must be well connected with the reliable internet access. It is necessary to check your internet access before accessing Talk to Wendy’s survey. So, you will not get any internet problem during the survey. When you are successful in accessing Wendy’s Customer survey, you have to provide the truthful answer to all of the questionnaires. You need to recall what you have experienced at Wendy’s store. So, your responses will be based on the true experience you had.

The Guideline to Complete Wendy’s Survey

When you are willing to share your feedback to this restaurant, you have to involve in Wendy’s survey. This survey is available at the survey portal. Besides, this program is also known as Wendy’s Wants to Know. Wendy’s survey portal uses the simple design. Then, all survey instructions are understandable. So, the first time survey taker will not get confused by following the prompts. The survey is so short that it requires only a few minutes to complete. In order to guide you in taking Wendy’s customer survey, below we present the procedure of Talk to Wendys survey.

  • Load the survey portal.

You only can start the survey by accessing Wendy’s survey site. There are some addresses you can access. First, you can go to Besides, Wendy’s survey is also available at The second one is the new survey site for Wendys. When you visit Talk to Wendy’s Portal, you will be directed to Wendys wants to know portal. Moreover, you can tell the feedback through The main language of this survey website is English. However, there are other language choices. You can select Spanish or French. If you are concern about your privacy, you should read Privacy Policy at the bottom of the page. So, you can ensure that this restaurant will keep your personal details secure. If you do not agree with the policy, you can simply not take this survey.

  • Enter the receipt details.
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In order to start the survey, you should provide some details on your receipt. The first detail you have to enter is the store number. Each Wendy’s outlet has a number which indicates its location. So, you should find eight digit store number on the receipt. After that, you can select the Calendar icon. So, you can choose the date when you came to Wendys recently. The next, you can select the hour and minute of your visit. Make sure that all details you enter on this page should be similar to the details on your receipt. If the data you have entered does not match to the receipt, you will not be able to enter the survey page. When all details are correct, you should select the Start button.

  • Complete all of the questionnaires.

When you can open Wendy’s survey, you should start answering the questionnaire soon. You should not think the answer too serious. You just need to provide the honest response to all of the questions. Most of the survey sections ask you to rate the food, staff’s performance, and the condition of Wendy’s store. Besides, you can write your opinion or feedback on the provided section. When you give the comment, you should explain it honestly and specifically. So, Wendy’s can evaluate their service.

  • Provide your personal email.

After completing all of Wendy’s questionnaires, there will appear an instruction to enter your email id. You should not hesitate to give your email. It is because Wendys will not use it for the marketing purpose. Providing an email is a must since Wendys will send the survey incentive to your email. So, after the survey, you should check your email inbox to see whether you have got a Wendy’s coupon. Then, this coupon is redeemable with the special price when you purchase Wendy’s menu. So, Wendy’s Coupon can save your money. This coupon is the appreciation token for the customers since they have spent the time to give the feedback.

When you need some info about Wendy’s, just simply call Wendy’s Customer Service. You can contact them by mail and phone. If you want to write the letter to Wendys, you can post it to the Company. The address is One Dave Thomas Blvd. Dublin. Ohio. USA 43017. But, it will be more convenient if you speak to Wendy’s Customer Care staffs directly. Just dial 888 624 8140 to speak to Wendy’s staff. They will answer your question and help you with pleasure.

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What is the Topic of Questions at Wendy’s Wants to Know Survey?

In general, Talk to Wendys Customer Survey asks about the customers’ experience when they dine at the restaurant. The questions will come in the simple form. So, the survey takers can answer it easily. The task of the survey participant is just giving the response to the statement given by the restaurant. For instance, they have to rate the  service and food. Besides, you will find the survey section where you can write the feedback.

Talk to Wendys Survey will ask your personal information. But, the question is only about the age, occupation, and gender. Since Wendy’s survey is candid, you do not need to provide your name. Below we provide the sample of questionnaires you will find at Wendy’s survey. Then, you need to review these topic questions. So, you can respond all the questions easily.

  • Personal information. When you begin Wendy’s survey, you have to respond some questions about the survey takers information. For example, you have to state your age, gender as well as your occupation. Then, at the end of the survey, you also need to provide the email.
  • The questions about your visit.

There will be several questions asking your visit. For instance, you should respond the frequency or range of your visit. Besides, you should state the amount of money you spent on the last visit in Wendys. Then, you need to indicate the average budget you usually spend at Wendy’s. Furthermore, you should choose the favorite menu that you usually order when you come to the store.

  • Wendy’s food.

The next, you should respond the question about its food. For example, it is about the variety of food. The next, you can give your opinion about the taste of the food. If you like the taste, you can state that you are highly satisfied. After that, this restaurant needs your feedback about the price. Wendy’s wants to know whether the price is affordable and worth for the menu.

  • About the restaurant and staffs.

In the next section, you can give the rating about the cleanliness of the store. Furthermore, you can state whether Wendy’s store is the comfortable place to eat. In this section, you have the chance to criticize the service given by Wendy’s employees. You can state whether they are friendly as well as helpful. Besides, you also can rate the speed of their work. For instance, if you wait for your order for a long time, you can indicate that the service disappoints you.

  • Feedback.

Talk to Wendy’s Survey has a special section where the survey takers can write their comment. So, you can describe Wendy’s complaint in details. The customers can write down their feedback after visiting Wendy’s outlet. They can explain positive and negative feedback. So, you can also write the compliment to this restaurant. No matter your feedback, you should present it honestly.

Those are several topics that Wendys may ask at Wendy’s Customer Survey. However, this American Fast Food may change the questions in every period. But, the most frequently questions that the customers should respond are about the food, price, service, and Wendy’s store.

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  1. Just left Wabash Indiana wendys.I am not a happy customer.I do not want any free food or coupons​.I would like a response to verify my complaint.At 9.45pm we ordered,and were informed that they close in 15 minutes.Then my sister in law ordered behind us,and gets her food in a bag.She had said it was for here.The folks behind us were given there food in a bag and told they would have to take it to go.It appears that BOB JAMES the manager that i blew up on,yes blew up,is letting CHLOE and the cashier, didn’t​ get her name,run the store.His response​ was he didnt know anything about it.Food was not up to normal Wendys standards,nor was the dirty dining room,and ladies room my wife and daughter used.I would hope none of this is exceptable for your business model.I would hope action is taken to correct these problems,at this location.I worked fast food(Hardees,North Manchester In) in high school,this would never fly there.At the age of 45 ,I guess i would hope things have not slipped so far as to have my party of 5 and the other customers,dining spoiled by children and management not doing there jobs.

  2. Pretty hard to leave a survey when the store doesn’t give you a receipt. Probably because they screwed up my order. I guess “no pickles and no mustard” means they should put extra on your burger. EVERY TIME I go to that store.

  3. I’m a Viet Nam veteran, I showed my ID and they told me that they don’t have military discounts

    Wendy’s restaurant #00004791 in Newburg NY

  4. Hard to leave a complaint when the cash register need ink replaced so I can read receipt bought 2 four pc nuggets they were barely room temperature had to nook them in micro wave stomach started cramping off and on from the time I ate them for about 5 hours until I had to rush to the bath room don’t need replacement or money back store on galbraith rd Cincinnati Oh numbers at top of receipt i think 00000027 other #3017 07/30/2017 11:02am cost $1.98 I’ve been disapointed 1 or 2 times before but never got sick. Going to take a break from Wendys

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