TalktoSonic – Take Part in Sonic Survey for Free Route44 Drink

TalktoSonic – Take Part in Sonic Survey for Free Route44 Drink
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Sonic is the popular restaurant in the United States since it has a unique concept. It has the drive-in concept so you can park your car while enjoying your food. When you come to this  restaurant, you can order your food through the intercom. It is on the driver’s side. Then the staff will prepare your order quickly. When the meal is ready, the carhops will bring it to you by using the roller skates. As like other fast food outlets, you can order the burger, onion rings, fries, and sandwich at the restaurant. Besides, the customers can order the various desserts and drinks. In order to maintain the service quality, this restaurant creates TalktoSonic survey. Through this survey, the official staff wants to know the public opinion about their restaurant.

Headquartered in Oklahoma, Sonic Drive-in now operates over 3500 restaurants in the US. Many customers come to Sonic due to its drive-in concept. Besides, they also like Sonic menus. The unique thing from the menu is that the customer can combine their drink with various flavors. So, you can try the various new taste of drinks at Sonic. Since it has a large number of customers, no wonder it becomes one of the favorite fast-casual restaurants. This company also can rank as the number ten for the top 50 quick service restaurant.


Sonic Drive-in is popular because of the speed of the service and the taste of the meal. So, knowing that these aspects are very crucial in their business, Sonic pays more attention to the customer feedback. Therefore, Sonic encourages its customers to take part in Talktosonic. Then, through the Survey, the company can assess the overall customers’ satisfaction. Sonic offers a special code as the reward of this survey. The next, the customers can redeem this code with free Route 44 Drink.

What are the Requirements and Rules to Take Part in Sonic Survey?

Every day, millions of people come to Sonic restaurants. But, only a few of them take part in Talk to Sonic. Some of the customers may not know that the survey offers a free drink as the reward. Besides, they also think that Talk to Sonic survey is useless. They think that this restaurant will not listen to the feedback they give. However, they are all wrong. Sonic always assesses all feedback collected from Sonic Survey.

In fact, the way to get the free offer from Sonic is easy. Just with a little effort to complete the survey, you can enjoy the free drink then. What you should do is accessing Sonic Guest Satisfaction Survey portal. But, before you visit the survey portal, you should prepare the receipt. Besides, there are some other requirements you have to fulfill as the participant of Sonic survey. Not all people are eligible to complete the survey. The survey takers must meet this set of requirements.

  • Age limit.
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The participants of Talk to Sonic Customer survey must be at least 18 years old. If you are less than 18 years age, you should ask your parents to take this survey on your behalf.

  • Participant rules.

The employees and workers are not allowed to take this survey. Besides, you also cannot participate in Talk to Sonic Survey if you have the family members who work at Sonic Drive-in.

  • Sonic receipts.

To enter the Survey Portal, the customers must have the receipt. Besides, your receipt must contain ID number. Then, you should use this receipt to participate in the survey within 14 days. Two weeks after purchasing, your receipt will not be valid anymore. So, you cannot use the ID number on the receipt to enter the survey portal. Furthermore, one receipt can only be used to enter the survey once.

  • Survey reward.

After completing the survey, the site will display the validation code. Then, you can use this code to get the free Route 44 drink from Sonic. This drink can include the iced tea, soft drink, Limeades, or Slushes. But, you have to redeem this validation code within 60 days from the date of purchasing. After 60 days, your reward code will expire. Then, Sonic only allows one person to redeem one code in each visit. Besides, you cannot combine the validation code with other offers. Furthermore, you cannot exchange this code for cash.

What are Talk to Sonic Survey Steps?

After enjoying Sonic Drive-in menus, you should keep the receipt well. It is because your receipt can help you to get the free drink from Sonic. Only by completing Sonic survey, you will be able to get the reward from Sonic. Talk to sonic Survey is the strategy done by Sonic to identify how the customers feel after visiting Sonic. This survey helps the management to gauge the good as well as the bad opinion from the customers. In fact, the survey instructions are straightforward. So, the customers will be able to follow the prompts easily.

Before entering the Customer Satisfaction survey, you have to check these items. First, you need to check your receipt. Make sure that the receipt is still valid. How to check it? the ID number will expire in two weeks after your purchasing. So, if you take the survey before 14 days of the purchasing date, your receipt is still valid. The next, you need to check whether your computer is well connected to the internet. After making sure that the receipt and the internet are fine, you can start doing this guideline.

  • Access Sonic Survey portal.

To begin the survey, you have to visit Sonic Drive-in survey portal has the white and red color as the background of the site. There is a Sonic America’s Drive-in logo at the top left corner of the page. Before starting the survey, it is better that you read the Term and condition of the survey. The link is at the right bottom part of the survey page. Besides, you also can read the privacy policy as well. Then, if you use Spanish as your mother language, you can change the website language into Spanish.

  • Enter the receipt ID number.
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Then, you have to look at your Sonic Drive-in receipt to find out the ID number. The ID number is at the bottom portion of the receipt. Make sure that you type every single number correctly. When you type the wrong ID number, you will not be able to begin the survey. The next, pressing the Start button will bring you to the questionnaire.

  • Answer various questions about Sonic.

Talk to sonic Portal will display several questions asking the experience you had when you came to Sonic Drive-in. Then, there will be some prompts to rate the products and services. After completing the questionnaire on one page, you should click on Next. So, the site will give you the next questionnaire. Do not miss every single question appeared on the survey page.

  • Write the comment or suggestion.

Then, Sonic will provide a page which asks you to write down your suggestion or comment. You can tell Sonic what they have to do to make you satisfied. So, in the next visit to Sonic Drive-in restaurant, you can enjoy the meal and service better. In this section, you have to explain your suggestion in details. Besides, it will be better that you can give your opinion in some aspects. For instance, you can suggest the new menu. But, Sonic only allows you to write in 1200 characters. So, you should manage your writing well. Then, Sonic can catch what your thought is.

  • Write down the validation code.

Soon after you submit the survey, the reward code will appear on the screen. Then, you have to note it down on the receipt. When you come to the restaurant later, you should present it to the staff. So, you can claim Route 44 drink for free. But, you should redeem this Sonic Drive-in Validation code within 60 days. After this period, you no longer can claim the reward. It is because the code has expired.

How to Contact Sonic Drive-in Customer Service?

As the customers, you may have some questions in your mind. For instance, you want to know about Talk to Sonic survey completion. Besides, you may want to ask about the gift card. In another case, you may find some troubles in accessing the survey. So, we suggest you contact Sonic Drive-in Customer Service soon. Then, you can ask whatever the topic about Sonic Drive-in restaurant. Sonic Customer Service is accessible by phone, website, and mail. Here we will explain the way to contact the Customer Support one by one.

  • By phone.

Sonic Drive-in has some phone numbers. Each number or customer service has its task. So, make sure that you call the right line based on the issue you have. Here are the useful Sonic Drive-in contact details.

  1. Call 866 657 6642. You can call this number if you want to speak up about your experience in visiting Sonic. For example, you want to make a complaint about the service you get. This line is the right number when you want to deliver your feedback. Then, the employee will clarify the experience you had. Besides, you also can call this phone number if you have something to ask about Talk to Sonic. For instance, you can ask about the survey rules or reward.
  2. Call 877 828 7868. This number is the line where you can ask about the Drive-in gift card. So, if you want to purchase the gift cards, you should contact this number.
  3. Call 405 225 5000. It is the number of Sonic Corporate Offices. So, you can dial this number if your questions are about business. For instance, you can ask about the franchise. Besides, you also can ask about its stocks.
  • Mail.
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The second media to contact the customer service is by mail. So, you can send your mail to this following address. Johny Bench Dr. 300, Oklahoma, OK 73104. The content of the letter is free. You can write a feedback letter. Besides, you also can send the business letter to Sonic.

  • Website.

To contact Sonic through its website, you have to visit But, before contacting Sonic customer service, you should review Sonic FAQ page first. So, you can see whether there is the similar question to yours. In this FAQ page, Sonic has provided the clear answer. But, if your question is not there, you can do this guideline.

  1. Access It is the official website of Sonic Drive-in. Here, you can review Sonic menus, Sonic nutrition information, locations, Sonic Jobs, etc.
  2. Select Contact Us. The next, you should scroll down Sonic website until you find Contact Us link. It is under FAQ link.
  3. Choose the type of question. Then, you have to select the topic of the question you will ask to Sonic. There are six topics you can select. First, it is about Sonic Mobile App. The second is about the customer feedback. The third is about My Sonic gift card. The next topic is about investor relation. There are also the topics about community giving and franchise opportunity.
  4. Explain your question. Then, it is your chance to ask the topic you have chosen. You should write the question in details. So, Sonic will understand what you mean. The next, you will get the satisfying answer.

For the customers’ convenience, they can sign up My Sonic or download My Sonic Mobile app. This program will enable them to get the updated info about this restauarnt. So, whenever it has a promo, they will know about it. Besides, they can often get the MySonic reward by joining this program.

8 thoughts on “TalktoSonic – Take Part in Sonic Survey for Free Route44 Drink”

  1. I went to a Sonic on 122nd and Penn today and had the $5 chicken dinner box chicken strips for half the size they used to be now they’re more breading than chicken these word been sitting in the lamp for a long time cuz they were hard and dried out I remember when Sonic used to serve Fresh Off The Grill that was a good days

  2. I have been coming to Sonic for a long time and love it, the people are so friendly and always smiling, which one big smile goes a long way, thank you.

  3. Hi, I go to Sonic all the time. I get a vanilla Diet Coke quite often. I do your fan track to get a free Coke. I’m sad and disappointed that you changed your rules and that you now can only do one fan track per week! The incentive to go more often is just not there anymore. I really love your food and drinks though!

  4. I went to sonic. First time in a while. Last time EVER!!! It was bad enough when I saw the filthy employee leaving, and not from cooking. It looked like he worked in the yard before coming to work. I overlooked it, not everyone can have unstained clothes. But when I got to the house with my order, I was upset.
    My tater tots were dripping in gease. Do they ever change the oil??? And my burger was burned!! When I got the receipt for my order number, they had torn it off. They knew I would be calling. I will NEVER go back to Jefferson Sonic EVER!

    • I am sorry to hear your bad experience. the best thing you can do is to complete Talktosonic survey. So, you can express your complaint.

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