TalktoSonic Survey – the Facts about Sonic Surveys and Sonic Card Balance

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Sonic Surveys are the guest satisfaction questionnaires from Sonic Drive-in. You know this restaurant very well, don’t you? Sonic is the American fast-food outlet with the drive-in concept. Established in 1953, Sonic becomes one of the fast-growing companies. We can find Sonic chains in 43 states in the US. With over 4000 stores spread in the US, Sonic serves a large number of customers every day. The popularity of this restaurant is due to its unique serving concept. Only a few of fast-food restaurant which has the concept of the drive-in. Although the menus offered is not much different from other fast-food outlets, Sonic can survive in the restaurant competition. It is because of the commitment to serve the great value for each customer.

The TalktoSonic survey is one of the strategies to keep the customers’ trust and satisfaction. Sonic Surveys are the efforts to improve the quality of Sonic’s service and menu. Sonic Surveys help this drive-in restaurant to evaluate the restaurant performance. That is why Sonic invites every customer to provide the feedback through this survey. If you never take part in this survey, let us guide you to find out some facts and information about this survey.

Sonic Surveys

What are the Facts about Sonic Surveys?

Every time you come to Sonic Drive-in, you will receive a receipt. This Sonic receipt also serves as the Sonic surveys invitation. You should never miss this survey since you can tell your experience at Sonic. Besides, you also can get the free drink as the reward. Is it your first time accessing this survey? So, you may need to review some information about TalktoSonic survey.

  • The survey form.

Sonic Surveys is the online questionnaire. You can enter this survey by accessing The Sonic survey is very simple to do. Sonic designs this survey to ask your feedback. For instance, it asks the overall satisfaction you get at your last visit. Besides, it asks about the problem you face at Sonic. Then, the questions are also about the details of your dining experience.

  • Sonic surveys requirements.

To start Sonic Customer Survey, you need the store receipt. This receipt should not expire. So, make sure you involve in Sonic drive-in survey within 14 days. Besides, the computer and the internet are also necessary to prepare.

  • The rules of Sonic Surveys.

The Talk to Sonic survey participant should be eighteen years old or more. Then, they must not the employee of Sonic Drive-in. The next, the Sonic receipt validity is only two weeks. Also, Sonic only allows one person to redeem one validation coupon.

  • Sonic Surveys reward.

The incentive of Sonic surveys is Sonic Route 44 Drink. Redeem the code you get at the end of Sonic survey to enjoy this beverage for free. The redemption period of this survey reward is 60 days. In fact, this drink is not the only free items you can get from Sonic. Review other attractive deals from Sonic in the explanation below.

What are the Exclusive Deals from Sonic Drive-In and Sonic Surveys?

Sonic Drive-in restaurant offers some exclusive deals for its regular customers. These offers are very interesting. It is because you can get the free menu and merchandise from Sonic. Besides, some deals allow you to pay some Sonic menu items in lower price. The promotion and offers from Sonic can attract many customers to come to this restaurant. They are aware that the promotions let them save the budget. It is because they can enjoy the tasty food and drink from Sonic in more affordable price. They can even receive the products for free. In this promotion period, Sonic Drive-in has several deals. What can you get from these offers? Here are they.

  • Free Route 44 Sonic Drink.
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When you hear something free, you will be excited to get it. The good news is that Sonic offers the Sonic Route 44 for free. To get this beverage for free, you have to complete Talk to Sonic Survey. You can review another article that explains talk to Sonic Survey completion on this website. Besides, you will be able to find any information related to Sonic Surveys. For instance, you can review the survey rules, procedures, and tips. Getting this free drink is very easy. But remember, you need to have the receipt from your last purchase in order to take this survey. Once you get the survey validation code, you can redeem Sonic Drive-in Route 44 drink free of charge.

  • Free Slush or Drink.

Another free offer from Sonic Drive-in is the Slush or Drink in medium size. To redeem this offer, you have to download Sonic Mobile App. But, this offer is only for the new user of Sonic Mobile App. If you have the existing My Sonic account, you may not get this free Slush. So, you have to complete My Sonic account creation process first to get the free Sonic Drive-in Slush. Keep reading this article to review the process of signing up My Sonic account.

  • Free toys.

In this period, you can get the free Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys. Sonic Drive-in offers 12 Ninja Turtles action figures for free. Besides, you also can get one of four wearable mask of Ninja Turtles. Also, Sonic restaurant offers the scented stickers. Your children will be happy receiving this reward. To get these toys reward, you have to purchase Wacky Pack Kids Meal at Sonic restaurant.

  • 50 cent Corn Dog.

Sonic offers the cheap meal for its customers. You can enjoy this affordable Corn Dog only by paying 50 cents. This offer is available everyday. But, perhaps not all Sonic locations provide this menu. So, you should visit to search the location where this offer is available.

  • ½ price of ice cream slush and shake.

This deal is only for Sonic Night offer. Everyday after 8 pm, you can purchase the shakes and ice cream slushes for ½ price. The flavors of slush and shake you can buy are as the following. For instance, you can order cherry, strawberry, orange, blue raspberry, and blue coconut Slushes. Besides, you also can purchase fresh banana, vanilla, chocolate, caramel and pineapple shakes. Other flavors which are available are peanut butter, cheesecake, Oreo, hot fudge, and Coconut Cream Pie shakes.

How to Sign Up My Sonic Program?

When you have accomplished Sonic Surveys, you will get an offer to join My Sonic program. You have to download My Sonic Mobile App to start using the features. Sonic Drive in Mobile App is downloadable in play store. So, you can install it easily on your smart phone. Having this program in your phone enables you to access everything about Sonic Drive-in restaurant. For instance, you will get the updated info about Sonic promotions and offers. Besides, you can explore the menus at Sonic restaurant as well. Also, this mobile application enables you to manage Sonic Gift Cards. As the example, you can reload and view the gift card balance.

The process of My Sonic registration is easy. You can sign up online at Sonic Drive-in website. Make sure that you have installed My Sonic application on your mobile phone before signing up. Then, simply do these following steps.

  • Access Sonic Drive-in official site.

To register yourself in My Sonic program, you need visit This website has the main menu labeled as My Sonic. To access this menu, you can click on My Sonic Red button at the top right corner of the site.

  • Select Sign Up.

Once you click on My Sonic, the site will show the login field. Since you have not set up My Sonic account, you should sign-up first. Then you have to register as the new user of My Sonic.

  • Create an account.
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The next, fill out My Sonic registration form. First, provide your first name and the last name. Then, add your email account to the form. Do not forget to enter your zip code. Only zip code is required in this registration form. So, you do not need to enter the complete address. After that, you should set up My Sonic password. Confirm your password by rewrite in on the next box. You will need this password when you log into My Sonic account.

  • Give tick mark to the box.

State that you agree with My Sonic term and condition by checking the box on the form. When you agree to join this program, you will get the email containing the promotion info from Sonic. The last, click on the button entitled Create Your Account.

Now you have set up My Sonic account. So, you can start logging into My Sonic account. Then, you can start managing your Sonic gift card. Checking your Sonic card balance is also possible to do. Moreover, you can explore the promotion details in Sonic Drive-in.

What are the Facts about Sonic Gift Cards?

Do you often visit Sonic Drive-in restaurant? How do you usually pay your transaction? In the process of this Survey completion, the survey may ask you about the payment method. Some customers prefer to pay by cash. But, why don’t you try to use Sonic Gift card? You can use this gift card not only for your own transaction. But, you also can give Sonic card as a gift to someone else. Using Sonic gift card is more convenient than paying cash. It is because the cashier will directly deduct the amount of transaction at Sonic from your card balance. The process of payment will be faster. It is because you do not need to wait for the change. The Sonic staff only needs to swipe this gift card to process your payment.

There are some facts you need to know about Sonic gift cards. We have listed some points about this gift cards. Check this out.

  • The way to purchase.

Sonic offers two convenient ways to buy the gift cards. First, you can visit Sonic store in any location to buy this gift card. Besides, you also can purchase Sonic gift card online. Just visit to order the gift cards. You can buy as many cards you need. Sonic does not limit the number of gift cards you buy. But, you should notice that there is no discount for the bulk gift card purchases.

  • Registration method.

Make sure you register your Sonic card after purchasing it. Registering your card enables you to protect it. In case you lose this card, you can call 1 877 828 7868. Sonic will block your card so that anyone else cannot use it.

  • Reload and View the balance.

As the Sonic gift cardholder, you can check the Sonic card balance. When your balance is running out, you have to reload it soon. You can reload it in Sonic drive-in local store. Besides, you also can reload the balance online. Sometimes, Sonic offers the special incentives everytime you reload this card. Sonic cards have some benefits. First, it will never expire. So you can use it forever. Then, this card does not decrease the value.

  • Shipping Information.

Sonic can send this gift card to any address in the US. When you order the cards online, you will receive it within two days. Besides, you can send this card to other people. Just enter the address when you order this card.

 What is Sonic Phone Number?

If you are the regular customers of Sonic Drive-in, you should know Sonic phone numbers. Knowing the phone number of this restaurant enables you to contact the customer service. In the certain situation, you may need some help from Sonic Customer Service. For instance, you get some troubles when you complete the Survey. In this case, you should contact Sonic Customer Support. The professional staff of Sonic Drive-in will suggest you the solution to solve your issue about Sonic surveys.

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Besides, you will also need Sonic Drive-in phone number when you want to ask about this restaurant. As the example, you may ask about the current promotion. Besides, you also can ask about Sonic Gift card. As the example, you want to know how to purchase the gift card. Also, you can ask how to check and reload the card balance. In fact, Sonic Customer Relations have some divisions to serve the customers. No doubt, Sonic drive-in has several phone numbers you can call. Make sure you dial the correct phone line according to your issue. Listed below are the telephone numbers of Sonic Drive-in Customer Care.

  • Sonic Feedback.

Sonic provides the telephone line which you can use to share your experience. Just call 1 866 657 6642 to talk to Sonic representative. This line is used to share the dining feedback. Besides, you can voice Sonic complaints as well. When you prefer to call this number, you do not need to take part in the Survey anymore. Besides, this number is also useful for the Sonic customer that loses the receipt. It is because they cannot take part in the survey without the receipt. As the solution, they can express their feedback and comment by phone.

  • Sonic gift cards.

Sonic Drive-in also has the customer service to handle gift cards questions. Every customer who wants to find out more info about Sonic gift card can call 1 877 828 7868. The professional help desk from Sonic Drive-in will be ready to answer all questions about gift cards. If you desire to buy Sonic gift card, you can contact this number. Besides, you also can speak up with the customer service in this line to ask about gift card shipping, card balance, etc.

  • Sonic Drive-in Corporate.

Sonic also has the telephone number of its corporate office. Simply call 405 225 5000 to ask about Sonic business. Make sure you contact this phone number when you want to talk with Sonic Corporate Office. As the example, you may want to ask about investor or Sonic Stocks. Besides, if you would like to have Sonic Drive-in Franchise, you also can contact this line.

In fact, you not only can contact Sonic by phone. Sonic Drive-in Customer Relation is also accessible by mail-in and website contact form. If you want to contact Sonic formally, we suggest you write a letter to Sonic Consumer Relations. Send your Sonic business letter to Sonic Customer Service at Johny Bench Dr 300 Oklahoma 73104. Besides, you also can use Sonic Contact Form at Accessing this contact form allows you view Sonic FAQ and the feedback form. This FAQ page consists of various topics. For instance, you can find the details of Sonic Mobile Apps. Besides, you can fill out Sonic Customer Feedback form. It is unnecessary to access the survey when you use this feedback form. Unlike this survey, this form does not require the receipt.

Another topic in this contact form is about Sonic Drive-in gift card. You can access the Frequently Asked Questions about Sonic gift cards. For instance, the questions are about how to purchase the gift card and how to check the balance. You also can get the solution when you lose your gift card. The information written in Sonic FAQ is very clear. So, you will understand easily every detail presented on it. Moreover, the customer also can ask some questions about the franchise opportunity, communication giving, and investor relation.

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