TalktoFoodLion – Win $500 Gift Card from Talk to Food Lion Survey

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TalktoFoodLion – Win $500 Gift Card from Talk to Food Lion Survey
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Food Lion grocery store is one of the famous supermarkets in the US. Headquartered in North Carolina, Food Lion spreads in twelve states of the US. Nowadays, it operates more than 1100 stores. With a large number of the supermarkets, Food Lion employs around 63.000 staffs. The secret of Food Lion success is the low price offered as well as the convenient location. No doubt, many customers like shopping in this grocery store. Besides, the customers will feel the satisfying shopping experience there. It is because this company commits to provide the fresh and affordable products. Furthermore, they also struggle to give the satisfying service to the shoppers. As the example, the shoppers can access TalktoFoodLion to rate the shopping satisfaction.

Talk to Food Lion is a survey portal where the shoppers can give their feedback. Lion Food will value and appreciate all survey entries. Besides, the survey also reflects that the supermarket concerns and cares to the customers’ shopping experience. Through this survey, the shoppers can state whether their shopping activity at Food Lion is a pleasant thing. Then, they also can rate the service, supermarket layout, and its employees. All of the questionnaires asked in Food Lion survey has a goal to create the better future shopping experience for the customers.


Most of the companies such as retail store conduct a customer survey. They just want to make sure their business can satisfy most customers who come to their stores. As like other retail customer surveys, Talk to Food Lion com Page is the way to increase the customers’ loyalty. When the company cares about their customers, the customers will trust them. No doubt, the company can feel the advantages of the survey. For example, they can make the innovation based on the feedback given by their customers. In short, Food Lion survey is the way to determine what the shoppers want and like.

Since you often go shopping at this store, you should not miss TalktoFoodLion survey. All customers of Food Lion can take part in this supermarket survey as long as they have the receipt. After the cashier processes your transaction, she will hand you a receipt. Then, you should look at your receipt to find out the survey invitation in it. Food Lion survey invitation usually comes with a serial number called PIN. When you access the survey portal, you will require this PIN to enter the survey. Within five up to ten minutes, you will be able to accomplish the survey. All survey takers deserve to get one chance to enter the sweepstakes. Then, they can win $500 gift card.

What Do You Need to Access Talk to Food Lion Survey?

Similar to other retail store surveys, this survey requires some items. The primary thing you must have is  receipt. At the bottom section of the receipt, you will find Talk to Food Lion survey invitation. This Company Promotes an attractive offer through this invitation. The customers can tell everything about their visit then Food Lion will give them a chance to win $500 gift card. When they win, they can use this gift card to shop any groceries at the store. In fact, do you only need a receipt to participate in this Customer Survey? Listed below are the things you need as the survey takers.

  • The receipt.
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Your receipts are the most vital survey requirement. You may still be able to enter the sweepstakes without the receipt. But, you cannot take part the survey if you do not have the receipt. Besides, your receipt must contain PIN. The PIN is 16 digit serial numbers which serve as the survey code. When you cannot find PIN in your receipt, maybe the survey period is over. So, you have to wait for the next period. Besides, you have to keep in mind that your receipt is only valid within five days. So, you have to use this PIN within five days after your visit.

  • Computer and the Internet

Food Lion is an online survey. So, it is only accessible with the internet connection. Instead of using the computer, you also can access this Online survey by using the tablet or other mobile devices. Just make sure that your devices can connect to reliable internet access. So, you will not face internet trouble during the survey completion.

  • Phone Number.

After completing the survey, you deserve to enter their sweepstakes program. Then, the sweepstakes will ask you to fill out personal data form. This form needs your phone number for the contact information. So, when you become the Sweepstakes winner, the company will be easy to inform you by phone.

What are Food Lion Sweepstakes Rules?

When you access the survey portal, there is a prompt to view the sweepstakes rules. When you click the View Sweepstakes Rules link, you will land on the new page containing the detailed rules about the sweepstakes. Here, we try to conclude the rules of the Sweepstakes. So, you will be able to notice the rules easily.

  • Participants.

The sweepstake is only for the legal residents of twelve states of the US. Those are the people who live in FL, DC, GA, DE, SC, KY, NC, MD, VA, TN, PA, and WV. Besides, they have to be more than the age of 18. Moreover, The Sweepstakes is not for the employees and the sponsor.

  • Entry methods.

The Food Lion can select one of two methods of entering the sweepstakes. First, they can enter the sweepstakes after participating the survey. To get this chance, they have to make a purchase in the supermarket. So, they will receive a survey invitation on their receipt. Remember, the amount of your purchase does not affect your winning chance.

The second sweepstakes entry method is by using mail. This type of entry does not require any purchase at Food Lion. It is because you only need to mail a card containing your personal information. Just write down your name, date of birth, mailing address, and phone number on that card. Then, you should send it to Ipsos, cardInc, 222 S Riverside Plaza. Incentive Dept, 160 641 2101. Suite Chicago. IL 60606. No matter the entry method you use, Food Lion limits one entry for one person in each week.

  • Prize.
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Food Lion will award ten prizes for ten winners. Every winner will receive Food Lion Gift Card which values $500. The winner must not transfer the prize to someone else. Besides, the winner cannot redeem the gift card for cash. They only can use it to shop at Food Lion. Food Lion will notify the winner by email, phone call, or mail. If you win the sweepstakes, Food Lion will contact you within two days of the draw. So, you should double check whether the contact details you wrote on the form are correct. When the winner does not respond the notification within ten business days, Ipsos will award the prize to the alternative winner.

How is TelltoFoodLion Survey Guideline?

Completing Food Lion Survey is a simple task. Everybody will be able to do this since the prompts available on the survey page is clear. Besides, the survey can be finished in less than ten minutes. Below we present the survey guideline. So, you can follow these instructions and open your chance to win $500 gift card from the supermarket.

  • Visit the survey portal.

To enter the Customer Survey, you should access When you are successful in loading the survey page, there will be an instruction to review the sweepstakes rule. Besides, you also can read Ipsos and Medallia Privacy Policy as the sponsor and the organizer of the Sweepstakes. After reading the rules and privacy policy, you can go to the next page by clicking Continue.

  • Enter Food Lion PIN.

Next, you should look at your receipt to find out the PIN. The PIN is usually at the bottom part of the receipt. This PIN serves as the survey code. Besides, you can see the example of receipt image at the right part of the page. The PIN is highlighted with yellow color.

  • Enter the details of your visit.

Then, you should mention which Food Lion store you visited. You just need to input the Food Lion store number printed on the receipt. Just see the sample of the receipt next to the form to find out the location of store number on your receipt. After that, specify the day when you came to Food Lion supermarket. To respond this prompt, you just need to select the provided options. Click on one of these options: Today, yesterday, two days ago, three days ago, four days ago, five days ago, or another date. The last, you have to specify what time you came to Food Lion store. You should see your receipt to find out the hour and minute of your visit. After completing the form about your visit, just select Next button.

  • Rate the overall satisfaction after shopping at Food Lion.
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It is the main part of Talk to Food Lion Online survey. In this section, you have to state your satisfaction based on your shopping experience at Food Lion. The questionnaire in this section is about the layout and cleanliness of the supermarket, employees, products, etc.

  • Fill out the sweepstakes form.

After answering all Food Lion questions, you should press Next button. Then, the site will welcome you to the sweepstakes. You have to enter the sweepstakes contact information correctly. First, you have to mention your name. Then, write down your mailing address including the street, city, and zip code. You can select one of twelve states provided. After that, you should provide your phone number. Follow the format of writing the phone number. You should not include any space to separate the number. Then, you can submit this sweepstakes form. However, if you are not willing to enter the sweepstakes, you can tick the statement under the sweepstakes form. This statement verifies that you do not wish to enter Food Lion sweepstakes.

How to Contact Food Lion Customer Service?

As like other companies, Food Lion has the professional customer service that will be ready to assist the customers. If you have the general comment or questions about Food Lion, you can contact Food Lion customer service. There are three ways to get in touch with Food Lion Customer Care. You can opt for contacting them by using one of the three ways below.

  • By phone.

The most efficient way to voice your question or comment is by calling Food Lion Toll free number. You can dial 1-800-210-9569 to speak directly to Food Lion staff.

  • By mail.

The next, you can write them a letter. Just explain in details the issue you want to ask or complain. Then, you can send your mail to Food Lion, Attn: Customer Relations, PO BOX 1330, Salisbury, North Carolina 28145-1330. Make sure that you include the address so that Food Lion can reply your letter.

  • Email Consumer Relations.

The last, you can contact Food Lion Consumer Relations through email. But, you do not need to send the conventional email. It is because you can access the website to send your feedback, question, or comment. First, you have to visit Then, you have to select Contact Us under Customer Service menu. The next, you must fill out the provided form with your personal information. You have to fill out all fields such as name, address, daytime phone, and email address. After that, you should choose the category of your comment. For instance, you can choose compliment, general product info, sales, or quality concern. You can write down your comment freely. The last you can send this comment by clicking on Submit button.

6 thoughts on “TalktoFoodLion – Win $500 Gift Card from Talk to Food Lion Survey

  1. Food Loin does a great job. Stores are well stocked, clean and employees are extremely helpful and gracious to all. I highly recommend them. Produce is great and always looks clean and good.

  2. We are a family of 5 and have only been in Georgia for 8 months so this is my first Food Lion ever but every time I go in there, it’s always neat, the staff is very friendly which is a big plus for me, the produce is always fresh, also a plus! Everything is so easy to find and well put on the shelves which makes it easy to shop with my little ones. I always recommend it to friends and family when they come to visit. I will miss food lion whenever we move again and I hope we can find another like it because I love the atmosphere it brings but luckily for us, we will be stationed here 2 more years to enjoy.

  3. Store is always neat and clean even if the employees are stocking.. Since begin a regular shoppe,r I have yet to encounter a rude/unfriendly worker. I love the manger special in the meat section.

  4. I have been shopping at food lion for about 6 months now and have enjoyed every experience. Your employees are pleasant and very helpful. I had shoulder surgery a couple of months ago and the Manager offered to help me shop, I was amazed he was very caring and helped me unload my groceries and offered to help me take them to the car. I have never had a Manager of any grocery store ever be that caring. Store is clean and well displayed and bathrooms are spotless. I’m impressed.

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