Talk to Wendys Survey – Enjoy Wendy’s Menu Item with $2 off Wendys Coupons

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Talk to Wendy’s Survey is how Wendy’s collects some needed information from its customers related to their satisfaction rates on Wendy’s, including its restaurant services and the menus. By joining Wendy survey, customers can get an opportunity to win an interesting prize from Wendy’s, that is Wendys coupons. For your information, Wendy’s is an international name of a restaurant chain which has been popular with its fast-food menus. Dave Thomas began this business on November 15th, 1969. He had the first restaurant of Wendy’s at E. Broad St., Columbus, Ohio. However, the headquarters of Wendy’s was moved to Dublin, Ohio in 2006 and remains in that city up to now. Currently, Wendy’s has successfully developed franchised products. Thus you can find Wendy’s restaurants in 6650 different locations all over the world.

The most popular menu of Wendy’s is Frosty, an original dairy dessert from Wendy that is served frozen. In line with Wendy’s famous motto, Quality is Our recipe, so it has some more favorite menus apart from Frosty, such as sandwiches and salads. Same like other fast-food restaurants, Wendy’s also serves French fries, hamburger, etc. However, Wendy’s has claimed that the staffs will always serve fresh menus and avoid frozen ingredients because as we know, such ingredients are not good to consume.

talk to wendys survey
talk to wendys survey

Furthermore, Wendy’s always prioritizes its restaurant exteriors, menus, qualities of food, and how it can satisfy its customers with their services. That is why; Wendy’s will love to hear from the customers about their opinions on Wendy’s by taking parts in Wendys customer survey. This survey is meant to measure how happy the customers are with its menus and restaurant services. It wants to make sure that the visitors can get what they have expected from Wendy’s. Besides, it will be beneficial for Wendy’s because it can figure out what the market wants with its business. And the fascinating part is that you can win the survey reward from Wendys Survey. Interested? But you don’t know how to join this survey? Be calm and keep reading this article because we will explain you briefly what you need to know about Wendys Survey.

How is Talk to Wendys Survey rules and requirements?

Well, before participating in Wendys Survey, you got to know what rules of this survey. We hope the following explanation will make it clear to you. So, here they are:

  1. Respondents

The respondents of this survey can be from all of the parts of the states. If you are not a holder of the US citizenship card, you can still join this program by visiting Wendys Survey official survey page for your country. You do not have to worry about the minimum age because there will be no minimum age for being the respondents of this survey. However, if you are interested in join Talk to Wendys Survey sweepstakes, you should be 18 years of age or older.

  1. Go online

As the offline survey is not available, Talk to Wendys Survey requires you to take this survey online. It means you should go to its official survey page on to complete all of the survey questions. After finishing the survey, you can also join Wendys Survey sweepstakes directly. Make sure you are ready with your internet connection as well as your device. We recommend that respondents use personal computers or laptops because these devices are much better than using smartphones or tablets. PC and laptops can display the survey page more effectively.

  1. Receipts

Your Wendy’s receipt has a special code printed on it that you can use to join the survey. If you find that code on your receipt, it means you are invited to take part in Wendys Survey customers’ satisfaction survey. Remember that you need to use valid Wendys receipt so that it will be better if you take this survey once you get your receipt. Otherwise, it will get expired, and you cannot use it for joining the survey. Having wendy’s valid receipt, you can have a chance to win the survey rewards from Wendys Survey.

  1. Wendy’s coupon

Once you have completed Talk to Wendy’s customer satisfaction survey, you will get your code coupon. Because this coupon is redeemable, you can go to the nearest Wendy’s store to redeem your coupon with the prize from Wendys Survey. However, you are not able to get cash for redeeming. Moreover, you will not be able to use this coupon again and again. Once you have redeemed it, it will not be valid anymore. Besides, if you have either other discount offers or other coupons, you are not able to use your survey coupon together for redeeming the bigger amount of prizes.

What are the Steps of joining Talk to Wendys Survey?

Now, after understanding the rules of Wendys Survey, you can read the following information for participating in the survey. The steps are listed below:

  1. Visit

The first thing you should do is prepare your device completed with the internet connection. Once it is connected, you can open your browser and type the link address of the official page of Wendys Survey. is the new address of Wendy’s Customers’ Satisfaction survey. If you have been informed that you must visit, it will not matter. Although for some reasons, Wendy’s has decided not to use that link anymore, it is still possible for you to use it. However, the previous link address,, will directly keep bringing you to the new link So it will not be big obstacles for customers who have not get any information about the change of Wendys Survey official customers survey page link address. Talkto wendy’ will lead you to the current official survey page.

  1. Choose the language

Then, if you have been on Wendys Survey page, you can start it by choosing the language you prefer the most. There are three international languages here that are available for you even though the default language of that page is English. The languages that you can use here are English, Spain (named Español), and French (named Français). So, if you feel easier to use Spain or French, just click the link and the page will show up in the language you have chosen.

  1. Enter receipt information (restaurant, date, time)

After that, you can begin the survey by filling in your receipt information. Remember to use wendy’s valid receipt. You will see three blank boxes provided for you. The first box requires you to fill in the number of Wendy’s restaurant where you have got the receipt you are using to take part in Wendy’s customers’ satisfaction survey. The restaurant number is printed on the top of your receipt and it consists of 8 digits on each receipt. Next, fill the date printed on your receipt in the second box. The third box is meant for the time you get your receipt. If all of the boxes are done, click Start Button.

  1. Complete the questions

By clicking the start button, another page will appear for you. That page will display some questions regarding your experience and opinions on Wendy’s menus and services. It will not take too much of your time, so you do not have to worry if the questions will be such a waste of your time. Try to answer all of the questions honestly because Wendy’s will take your answers into its full consideration to be better next time.

  1. Save the code

As the survey questions have been completed, you should submit your e-mail address. Wendy’s will send the survey coupon to your e-mail address. Then, you should sign in to your e-mail account to check the code there. Once you have received it, do not hesitate to write that code down on the back of the receipt paper. Just in case that code does not show up in your e-mail, contact Wendy’s to confirm it. Redeem that coupon at one of Wendy’s store near to you to get a survey reward from Wendy’s.

  1. Join the sweepstakes

Now, you are free to decide whether you join the sweepstakes or you just want to leave it. In case you are interested to take part in the sweepstakes, you ought to fill in your personal details. Complete name, home address, phone number, and also e-mail address are what you need to submit for joining the sweepstakes. Talk to Wendy’s will inform the sweepstakes winner via email.

How to get Talk to Wendys Survey coupons and reward?

Talk to Wendy’s survey let you have a chance to win its interesting prize. However, quite different from other customers’ satisfaction survey, Wendy’s does not show its coupon code right after each respondent has finished the survey. Instead, Wendy’s will send that code to respondents’ e-mail address. Thus, Wendy’s will require its survey respondents to submit their e-mail address on the survey page.

After submitting, respondents should see if the code has already delivered to their e-mail accounts. Otherwise, feel free to contact Wendy’s customer service for further information. Next, if you have written it down on your receipt, you can go to one of wendy’s store near to you to get the survey reward. This coupon is redeemable and worth $2 discount on the order you make there. Nice offer, right?

How to Submit Wendy’s online feedback?

Well, you do not have any receipts but still, want to talk to Wendy’s? No need to worry. You can still do it and let Wendy’s hear you. The only way to voice out your opinions on Wendy’s is by submitting what you want on Wendy’s feedback page. In case you are still wondering how to submit it, you can use the following steps as the guidelines:

  1. Visit

You should go to to submit your feedback online. This link will bring you to a homepage of Wendy’s official website. There are several links and a menu bar on this his homepage. You can get helpful information on this website, such as food, values, company information, as well as jobs vacancy. You can find a Wendy’s store nearest to your location. Also, you are able to sign in to your Wendy’s account through this home page. In order to go to Wendy’s feedback form, you can do it in three ways.

  1. Firstly, just scroll down the page and find Contact Us link. It will direct you to another page that will display the feedback form.
  2. Secondly, go directly to this link, and it will automatically show you wendy’s feedback page.
  3. Thirdly, on the home page, click Feedback link on a small red box. The box is on the right side of the homepage, attached to the scrollbar. No need to get panicked if you lose that feedback box because no matter how many times you scroll up and down the page, that red box will not move and always stay there. If you click that feedback box, a small page will appear and require you select one of the feedback topic that you prefer, such as website feedback, restaurant feedback, food feedback.
  4. Enter your feedback information

Now, that you have been on the feedback page, you will see some blank columns. There, you must select the type and the category of your feedback. There are four feedback types available for you.

  1. First, the compliment is for giving your appraisal and positive comments on Wendy’s.
  2. Second, the inquiry is for asking some questions on wendys.
  3. Third, the suggestion is for sharing what you think is supposed to do by wendys.
  4. Fourth, the complaint is for making complaints of what has made you unsatisfied with Wendy’s.

Furthermore, Wendy’s has provided some categories for you to select, for instance, Wendy’s service, product, facilities, nutrition, marketing or advertising, mobile app, packaging, other general feedback, other restaurant feedback.

  1. Enter the Restaurant Information

After you have completed the feedback types and categories, some new blank columns will show up under the two previous columns. Search the restaurant that you want to give feedback by entering the name of the city, state, or the zip code. Next, search the restaurant number. If you have a receipt, you can find this information printed on it. Nevertheless, this part is optional, so it is okay if you want to skip this step. It will not affect the feedback that you will submit.

  1. Enter your visit information

This step needs you to provide the date and the time you visit one of Wendy’s restaurant. It includes how you dine there, whether you dine in, carry out, or just pick up window.

  1. Provide your name

You should provide your complete name in the provided columns. The left column is your first name, and the right one is for your right name.

  1. Type your comment

Now, you are free to air your comments on Wendy’s. Please be honest in telling your feedback. Explain your true experience briefly because Wendy’s only let you type your feedback up to 500 characters only. If you type more than the maximum characters, it will be difficult to send your feedback.

  1. Choose the Contact Preference

Before submitting, you should choose one of the contact preferences. You can find three preferences here, such as:

  1. First, Do not contact me back, if you do not want to get any responses from Wendy’s after submitting,
  2. Second, Contact me back via phone, if you want to hear Wendy ’s responses via phone calls,
  3. Third, Contact me back via email, if you want to know Wendy’s sends you the email of its reactions towards your feedback.
  4. Submit your feedback

When you have done all of the steps, you can click Send button. But, you have to make sure that you have already tick a small box to prove that you are not a robot before sending your feedback. You should remember, submitting your feedback will not give you any chance to win either the reward of Talk to Wendys Survey customers’ satisfaction survey or Wendy’s sweepstakes.

How to Reach Wendy’s Customer Care?

Oops! Do you not have the internet connection? You cannot go to Wendy’s website? Don’t worry because Wendy’s has other ways for you to share your feedback offline.

  1. Firstly, you can simply take your phone and text or call Wendy’s Customer Care on (888)-624-8140 during working hours. You may ask some questions, get necessary and quick information, and also just give your positive or negative comments on Wendy’s.
  2. Secondly, you can write down your feedback and send via the mailing to its headquarters located on One (1) Dave Thomas Boulevard, Dublin, Ohio, 43017. It is the address of The Wendy’s Company. Moreover, in a world that has been so fast, it is very possible if you want to get some more quick updates from Wendy’s. For following Wendy’s official social media accounts, just follow these links:




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