Talk to Sonic – How to Send Sonic Feedback and Download Sonic Mobile App

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Sonic Drive-in or Sonic is the popular drive-in restaurant chain in the US. Based in Oklahoma, Sonic can achieve 10th rank as the top fast-casual restaurant in QSR Magazine. No doubt, Sonic can expand its chains in 45 states. Have you ever visited this drive-in restaurant? If you often go to this quick service restaurant, you should involve in Talk to Sonic survey. This way, you can share Sonic feedback or Sonic complaints. When you did not feel satisfied with the Sonic service, you can voice up your disappointment through Sonic Survey. In contrast, you also can share your praise by participating in TalktoSonic guest survey.

Sonic Drive-in is not only famous for its drive-in concept. But, it is also popular since it offers thousands drink combinations. Sonic offers Slushes, Milkshake, Soft Drink, Frozen drink and much more. Besides, it also serves Ice cream dessert such as Banana Split and Sundaes. For the meal, you can order the hamburger, Corn Dogs, Toaster Sandwich, Onion rings, and fries. You have the various options for the meal, do you? This way, you can enjoy the delicious dish from Sonic while you are in your car.

Talk to Sonic survey
Talk to Sonic

Sonic lets you give your feedback to assess how well they serve you. Luckily, you can submit Sonic feedback through two methods. First, you can do Sonic Surveys. The second, you can share the feedback at Sonic website. Both processes are easy. But, there is a little difference between Sonic survey and Sonic online feedback. When you take the Survey, you have the chance to receive Route 44 drink for free. But, when you give your feedback at Sonic contact form website, you do not get any reward. Continue reading this article to get the further details about Sonic Guest Satisfaction Survey and Sonic feedback.

How to Share Your Dining Experience at TalktoSonic Survey?

The process of providing your feedback at this survey is very simple. These are the steps of taking the TalktoSonic Guest survey.

  • Prepare the valid receipt from this restaurant.
  • Go to to access the survey page.
  • Input the receipt ID number.
  • Respond all Sonic survey questions.
  • Give your feedback or comment.
  • Note the Validation code on your receipt.
  • Redeem the coupon for free Route Drink.

The procedure of the Survey is very simple, isn’t it? But, before you access Sonic Drive-in survey portal, you should check whether your receipt is valid. Sonic receipt ID number expires within 14 days. So, you have to do this survey soon before the ID number is invalid. Furthermore, checking your internet connection speed is also crucial. The stable and fast internet can support you to do Sonic survey easily.

When you reach the survey page, you have to review the survey’s terms and conditions. Besides, it is also necessary to read Sonic Privacy as well. Furthermore, this website also lets you change the language of the survey into Spanish. Then, you can continue to open the survey by entering the ID number correctly. You will not be able to start the survey if you enter the wrong receipt ID number. So, make sure that you do not make any mistake in inputting the ID number.

When you enter the Sonic ID number accurately, you will be able to start taking the survey. Now, you can give your review of Sonic menu items and service. You have to respond every question which appears on the survey. Besides, your responses should be as objective as possible. Also, do not miss the comment section at Sonic guest survey. Here, you can write everything in your mind about Sonic Drive-in.

After you finish submitting your feedback at Sonic survey, you will get a reward code. Do not forget to note it on your receipt. So, you can get Route 44 Drink on your next visit. The period to redeem this survey reward is 60 days. So, after two months, Sonic validation code will be void. Furthermore, Sonic allows you to contact its Customer Support to tell your dining experience. Just dial 866 657 6642 to the Customer Relation. The friendly and helpful staff from Sonic Drive-in will be glad to listen to your dining feedback. Moreover, they are also ready to answer all of your questions about Sonic.

How to Share the Sonic Feedback through the Contact Form at the Website?

As mentioned before, Sonic lets you leave your feedback at its official site. The sonic Contact form is not only ready to accommodate your feedback but also your questions. However, before submitting your question, you need to check Sonic Drive-in FAQ. This way, you can check whether there is a similar question on FAQ page. Here is the procedure to submit Sonic feedback at

  • Visit Sonic restaurant official site at
  • Click on Contact Us.
  • Select the type of question or feedback.
  • Explain your Sonic feedback or question.
  • Submit the form.

Sending the feedback through Sonic Drive-in website is simpler than taking TalktoSonic survey. You do not need to respond the series of questions. Sonic Contact Us link is available in the bottom section of the website. When you press this Contact link, Sonic website will display the simple form. Then, you need to choose the category of question you will submit. For instance, you can choose the topic of Sonic Mobile App. Besides, if you want to share the story about your experience at Sonic Drive-in, you should select Customer Feedback. Furthermore, there are also other topics. For instance, you can choose Investor relation, Franchise opportunity, or Community Giving.

After choosing the topic, it is your time to explain your feedback. You can tell the details of your visit to Sonic Drive-in. Besides, you can include any critics, suggestions, or complaints in this form. Finally, you can submit this Sonic Feedback form.

Unique Facts about Sonic Drive-In You May Not Know

For some people, Sonic Drive-in is a unique fast-food chain. It is because this restaurant offers the Drive-in concept. This way, the customers do not need to sit down in the restaurant. They only need to park and sit in their car. Then, Sonic Carhops will come to serve the meal they order. Indeed, there are other facts about this drive-in restaurant you may not notice. Here are we list down several facts about Sonic Drive-in.

  • In the beginning, Sonic was just the root beer outlet.

The founder of Sonic Drive-in runs a lot of restaurants. It varies from the root beer stand, steakhouse, and casual restaurant. Then, he tried to combine the root beer stand along with the intercom system. This concept was successful. The company can achieve the high profit in this business. So, he continued to expand this business in other locations.

  • The name of Sonic is inspired by the speed of service.

Many customers get satisfied when they come to Sonic Drive-in. It is because Sonic can serve them quickly. The intercom system makes the ordering process runs faster. No doubt, the slogan of this restaurant is Service with the Speed of Sound.

  • Sonic holds a Carhop Competition every year.

Since Sonic uses the drive-in concept, it employs the carhops to serve the guests. Then, in order to improve the skills and speed of the carhops, Sonic creates the competition. The carhop which becomes the winner will receive $1000 from Sonic Drive-in. So, if you work as Sonic’s Carhop, you should not miss this competition.

  • Cherry Limeades is the best selling drink.

When you go to Sonic Drive-in, what beverage do you order? Do you like Sonic 44 Route Drink? Sonic serves the wide range of beverages. For instance, you can order Slush, Frozen Drink, Cola, or Limeades. From these beverages, Cherry Limeades becomes the best-selling drink in this restaurant.

  • Sonic is the restaurant which offers many drink combination.

Another unique thing from Sonic Drive-in is the drink combination. You can order the drink combination as you want. It is because Sonic offers more than 168.000 combinations of beverage. Most of the combinations are the employees’ ideas. Sonic lets its staff to create the new drinks which are not on the menu. Besides, the Sonic staff is also free to give the name of the drink. For instance, the employees create the Blue Hawaiian and the Strawberry Shortcake.

  • Sonic has a test kitchen in Oklahoma.

The role of the test kitchen is very crucial in every restaurant. This kitchen has to invent the new dish. Besides, it also makes some changes in the old menu to make it better. Before Sonic launches the new menu items, it will ask the staff to try this new food.

  • Sonic has an adult playground in the certain locations.

Some Sonic restaurants offer some fun games for adults. For instance, you can play the ball pit, volleyball, and batting cages.

What are the Benefits of Sonic Drive-in Mobile App?

Have you installed Sonic Mobile App on your smartphone? This application is very helpful for Sonic Drive-in customers. As the restaurant which has a lot of fans, Sonic launches this mobile app to ease the customers. Sonic Drive-in Apps let the customers browse the menu items and nutrition info. Besides, you can reload My Sonic card balance as well. Furthermore, there are many other benefits of installing Sonic Mobile App. Luckily, this application is available for the users of iOs and Android. Just open your Play Store or App Store and search Sonic Drive-in App. Then, install this app soon. After that, you can enjoy the benefits below.

  • Explore Sonic Drive-in Menu items.

If you do not have Sonic App, you only can browse the menu items at Sonic Drive-in website. But, if you have Sonic Mobile App on your smartphone, you can find out the menu items easily. Besides, you also can check out the new menu from Sonic. Moreover, you can check the nutritional info of every dish.

  • Earn Sonic Reward.

Sonic Drive-in offers the reward for the customers who download Sonic Drive-in App. Usually, Sonic will give a free Slush for the user of this App. But, to claim this free Slush, you have to sign up My Sonic. Having MySonic account enables you to manage your Sonic gift cards.

  • Reload MySonic gift card.

Sonic Drive-in App lets you reload your gift card easily. So, it is not necessary to access to reload your Sonic gift card. Whenever you run out the gift card balance, just open Sonic Drive-in App, and purchase the credit. Usually, Sonic offers the reward every time you reload MySonic card.

  • Send the digital gift card.

Do you want to give a present for the person you love? Perhaps, sending a Sonic gift card would be a nice idea. You can purchase Sonic gift cards online through Sonic App. Then, you can send it to your family or close friends. The Mysonic gift card is the suitable gift for the birthday, mother’s day, Christmas, and other occasions. Besides, you also can receive this gift card from other people. It is very convenient, isn’t it? You do not need to mail the gift cards.

  • Search Sonic Drive-in near me.

When you are in another city, you can use Sonic Store locator to find Sonic Drive-in nearby. Just enter the city and state you belong. Then, this App will display the list of Sonic Drive-in restaurant near you. Besides, you also can check Sonic hours as well.

  • Use Sonic Mobile Pay.

This application also provides Sonic Mobile Pay. So, you can use your smartphone to pay your order. But, you should notice that not all Sonic drive-in restaurants accept the mobile payment. Some Sonic locations accept Sonic mobile pay for the drive-in and drive-thru lane. When you park your car, you can see the number of the payment displayed on the stall. Then, you can enter this number into your App in order to make a payment. Besides, if you use Sonic Drive-thru lane, you should tell the staff that you want to use Sonic Mobile Pay. Then, they will read the number you must enter. Using Sonic Mobile Pay is more convenient than paying some cash.

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