Taco Bell Survey – Practical tips to Grab $500 from TelltheBell Survey

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Taco Bell Survey – Practical tips to Grab $500 from TelltheBell Survey
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If you like consuming Tex-Mex dish, you may often go to Taco Bell. Have you known that this restaurant creates Taco Bell survey? This survey is also well-known as TelltheBell survey. As the top Mexican-style restaurant chain, Taco Bell wants to keep the customers’ loyalty and trust. So, with the help of this survey, Taco Bell is able to survive among the competitions with other Tex-Mex restaurants. As the proof, Taco Bell could expand the restaurants by running more than 7000 chains in the US.

Knowing the effect of Tellthebell Survey, this restaurant encourages every guest to do this survey. In order to motivate the customers, Taco Bell offers the great reward. After the survey, the participants can enter Taco Bell sweepstakes automatically. Every week, Taco Bell will decide one winner who deserves to get $500. Who can refuse this big prize? You only need to allocate a little time to take the survey. But, you can have the golden opportunity to win this fantastic prize. Do you want to grab $500 from Taco Bell? Keep reviewing this page to get the simple tips to do this survey. Besides, you also can find out how to participate in Taco Bell mail-in sweepstakes. The last, you can review the steps to submit your dining feedback at Taco Bell official website.

Taco Bell Survey
Tellthebell Survey

What are the Tips to Participate in Tellthebell Survey?

TelltheBell is a not a complicated survey. Even the survey is easy to do; it provides the great reward. These are some tips for doing Tell the Bell survey.

  • Prepare the Survey requirements.
  • Input the Survey Code accurately.
  • Enter other receipt details correctly. (if necessary)
  • Respond the survey questions honestly.
  • Provide the valid contact details.
  • Call Taco Bell Customer Service for help.

Those are some tips you can apply when you participate Tell the Bell survey. Those tips are easy to do, aren’t they? If you can complete this survey well, you can get a golden opportunity to win the weekly prize valued $500. Do not worry; every survey taker has a chance to get Taco Bell survey $500 cash. So, you should never miss taking part in this survey after you visit Taco Bell. Keep your receipt well so you can use it to enter this survey. When you take other restaurant surveys, you may only get the freebies. But, when you do Tell the Bell survey, you may win $500 every week. The more often you take the survey, the bigger chance you have to grab this prize.

Besides, one thing is important to do is preparing the survey requirements. The main item you should have is the valid receipt from Taco Bell. This restaurant may issue two kinds of receipt. First, you may get Taco Bell receipt with the TelltheBell survey code. Besides, you may also get the receipt which does not contain any survey code. Indeed, you can use these two types of receipt to enter TelltheBell Customer Satisfaction Survey. If you have the survey code, you can enter it into space at www.tellthebell.com.

Then, you can start the survey immediately. But, if there is no 16 digit survey invitation code, you can click the link above the Start button. The next, tellthebell.com will provide you the new format of the login form. Here, you need to provide some details of Taco Bell receipt. As the example, you have to write down Taco Bell store number along with the time and date of your visit. This way, you can begin TelltheBell survey.

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We recommend you to review Taco Bell sweepstakes rules before doing the survey. You can find the link to view the rules at the bottom of TelltheBell homepage. Understanding the sweepstakes rules will make you easier to participate in the contest. It is because you will know the eligibility of the sweepstakes participants. Furthermore, you can view the methods of entering TelltheBell sweepstakes as well.

After reviewing the rules as well as Taco Bell privacy policy, you can begin answering the survey questions. Be sure that all responses you give are honest. It is because your feedback is used to improve the quality of Taco Bell restaurant. So, you need to recall all details of your dining experience. This way, you can rate all aspects of Taco Bell restaurant objectively. Besides, you should not miss any survey question. Be sure that you answer all questions appeared in tellthebell.com.

After finishing this survey, Taco Bell will take you to their sweepstakes. First, this survey will require you to verify that you are more than 18 years old. After that, TelltheBell survey website is asking you to complete the form to take the sweepstakes. You must fill out this form with your name and address. Besides, it requires your contact information as well. You must enter the valid email address as well as the telephone number. The contact details you enter to this form must be accurate. So, Taco Bell will contact you easily if you win this online draw.

The next, you just have to wait for the winner announcement. You can check the winner of the sweepstakes at tellthebell.com. If you become the lucky winner of Taco Bell sweepstakes, you need to respond the notification soon. If there is no response from the winner, Taco Bell will select the alternate sweepstakes winner. So, you need to check your email regularly. Besides, you need to make sure that your phone is active 24/7.

If you need to ask some information about the survey, you should call Taco Bell phone number. You can dial 1 800 822 6235 or 1 949 863 4500. Dialing these numbers enables you to speak up with Taco Bell Customer Support staff. Then, you can convey your questions, feedback, or complaints. The friendly Customer Care employees will respond you properly.

How to Send Taco Bell Sweepstakes Entry by Mail-in?

In order to enter Taco Bell online drawing, you have to take part in TelltheBell. But, this survey requires a Taco Bell purchase receipt. So, what if you don’t have this receipt? Can you enter this contest? You should not need to worry. Even you do not have the receipt from Taco Bell; you still can enter this lucky draw. In general, Taco Bell sweepstakes does not need any purchase. This way, you can enter Tell the Bell sweepstakes by mail. This method becomes the best choice for the customers that do not have the receipt. Besides, their opportunity to win this contest is not different from Tellthebell online sweepstakes.

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In this part, we will present the step by step of submitting Taco Bell sweepstake entry via mail. So, check out this simple mail-in entry sweepstakes guideline.

  • Use a plain card as well as the envelope in the business size.

The size of the card or plain paper must be 3”x5”. This card is used to write down your identity. Furthermore, you need business-size envelope to cover your mail-in entry. You only can send one entry in one envelope. If Taco Bell finds more than one sweepstake entries in your envelope, they will disqualify you.

  • Handwrite your personal data.

Taco Bell does not allow the computerized or the copy of the sweepstake entry. As a result, you have to handwrite all details. This entry requires your complete name, mailing address such as the street, city/town, state, as well as the zip code. Never use Po Box mailing address to submit this sweepstake. It is because Taco Bell will disqualify it. Do not forget to mention the date when you were born. This way, Taco Bell knows that you can meet the age requirement. You have known that the minimum age to enter this sweepstake is 18 years old, haven’t you?

  • Write your contact information.

To enable Taco Bell to contact you when you become the winner, you have to include your contact details. You can provide both the email address and your phone number. Make sure you double check these contact details before sealing the envelope. If you don’t write it correctly, you can miss the chance to grab Taco bell survey $500.

  • Send this entry to Tell the Bell Survey sweepstakes.

After writing your personal and contact information, you have to send it soon to Taco Bell sweepstakes. You can send it to Taco Bell Sweepstakes 2017, Po Box. 6047, Dept 39421, Douglas, AZ 85655. Be sure that your entry arrives at Taco Bell by Tuesday in every survey period. When Taco Bell receives it on Wednesday, this company will enter it to the next survey period.

After mailing your Taco Bell sweepstake entry, you have to wait for the winner announcement. In order to check who becomes the winner, you can go to tellthebell.com. In the home page of Taco Bell survey, you will find the link which displays the list of the sweepstake winners.

How to Submit Taco Bell Complaint through Taco Bell Website?

Participating in Tellthebell is not the one and only method to share Taco Bell feedback. In order to gauge the customers’ opinion, Taco Bell also provides the Contact section. Through the Contact menu, you can get in touch with this Mexican restaurant. Besides, the Contact section enables you to write down any feedback, complaint, or questions. Then, you can request Taco Bell to respond it.

The role of Contact menu at taco bell website is very vital. Without this feature, Taco Bell customers may not know how and where to share their feedback. That is why Taco bell feedback form is very useful not only for the guests but also Taco Bell company itself. The customers may be lazy to talk to the Taco Bell Customer Service. So, they will try to find the more efficient way to share the story related to their recent visit at Taco Bell. Then, they will use this Taco Bell online feedback form as the tool to share their experience conveniently. So, what are the steps of submitting Taco Bell Complaint? Here is the simple procedure you can do.

  • Visit Taco Bell website.
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In order to reach Taco Bell feedback form, you have to go to Taco Bell official site. Use your browser to access www.tacobell.com. In this site, you can review all details related to Taco Bell restaurant. As the example, you will find the list of Taco Bell menu and Taco Bell special offers. Besides, you can search the nearest Taco Bell by using store locator system. This way, you can know the location of Taco Bell nearby. So, when you are hungry, you will know where to do. Tacobell.com is also the best source to search Taco Bell careers and Taco Bell gift cards.

  • Select Contact Us.

Scroll down tacobell.com to find Contact Us menu. This link will lead you to the new page consisting Taco Bell feedback form.

  • State whether you need a reply.

Taco Bell lets you choose whether you need a reply for the feedback you submit or not. If you want to get the response from this Mexican restaurant company, you will get the reply by phone or email.

  • Fill out the form for your personal information.

Taco Bell feedback form is not candid. So, you have to provide the personal data in details. This form requires your complete name and full residential address. This way, you need to supply the street address, city, state, zip code, and the country where you live. Also, enter your email address in the field provided. Then, confirm it by rewriting your email account on the following box. Furthermore, you have to supply your phone number as well. Submitting email address and telephone number is necessary. This way, Taco Bell will respond your feedback as soon as possible.

  • Enter the Taco Bell restaurant location.

Since your feedback relates to your recent visit, you need to tell which Taco Bell restaurant you visit. So, in this section, you have to provide the city and zip code of the location you have just visited. Then, you can select the state from the list provided. Then, you can specify the restaurant by clicking the link under the restaurant address. This link will show the list of the Taco Bell restaurants.

  • Select how you visit Taco Bell.

There are some possibilities of the visit types. Just choose the type of your recent visit. For instance, you might carry out your meal, order through the drive-thru, or dine in the Taco Bell restaurant.

  • Indicate the date as well as the time.

After that, you have to mention the day and time when you went to this Mexican restaurant. Use the format MM/DD/YYYY to write the date. Besides, to write the time, you can use HH: MM pm/am the format.

  • Write your Taco Bell feedback.

The last, you get a chance to express your complaint or comment about Taco Bell. This website lets you write up to 1200 characters. So, use this chance well. For instance, you can tell your terrible experience at Taco Bell. Besides, you also can ask some questions about this Mexican restaurant. Click on the Purple Submit button to send this feedback.

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