SurveySDM – Shoppers Drug Mart Survey Sweepstakes Steps

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Are you a Shoppers Drug Mart customer? There you can buy various household needs. Their main products are pharmaceuticals and beauty products. But you can get some other items. You can buy health and food products. Then you can meet the needs of your pet here. Isn’t this shop quite complete? You only need to visit the Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacy. Then you can get all the items in one place. If you are a loyal customer, then you need to try this profit program. They have a survey system and sweepstakes program. You can follow both on the Surveysdm portal.

The Shoppers Drug Mart Survey is a portal for collecting feedback from store customers. You can win prizes through the Shoppers Survey. So you can not only submit Customer Feedback Shoppers Drug Mart. But you can win prizes worth 1000 Dollars. Wow, this is an offer you need to accept. Double check your sales receipt from the store. Then find the Shoppers Drug Mart Survey Certificate Number. If you find it, then you are entitled to take part in the Survey Shoppers. Don’t hesitate to try your luck. Here the survey process is not difficult for you to do. Because we will help you with survey instructions that facilitate your steps. So, stay with us and pick up your gift.

shoppers drug mart survey
shoppers drug mart survey

Rules for Shoppers drug Mart Survey and Sweepstakes You Need to Know.

Before you join this program, you need to read some of the rules. They have rules for survey participants and lotteries. Well, you can download the regulatory page on the survey portal. Click on the Official Contest Rules link under the launch button. Furthermore you can check some important information about surveys and sweepstakes programs. However, you do not need to download the regulation. Because we will help you with reviews of their rules. The following are some of the Surveysdm rules.

  1. Survey Period and Sweepstakes Program. Well, you need to know this information before taking the survey. They opened this program starting January 1, 2019. Then the program ends on December 31, 2019. So, you have the opportunity throughout 2019 to win this reward.
  2. How to Enter this Sweepstakes Program. So you need to complete the Survey Shoppers first. You can complete this survey by telephone or online. If you want to do it by telephone, you can check your receipt. There you can call the Shoppers Drug Mart Customer Survey. Then they will provide questions for you. Then you can take an online survey through the Surveysdm portal.
  3. You need a Sales Receipt. You need to enter Survey Certificate Number. Well, you can get this credential in the Sales Receipt. You have up to 7 days after your visit to the store. After 7 days, the survey code will expire. So you cannot take online surveys.
  4. Eligibility to Join the Sweepstakes Program.
  • This program and survey is open only to legitimate residents of Canada.
  • You must be old enough to take part in this sweepstakes program. Because if you win, you need to claim your prize. Here you have to be old enough.
  • You are not an employee, sponsor or work partner of Shoppers Drug Mart.
  1. How to Choose Potential Winners.
  • They have 12 prize draw periods. They will choose 2 winners every month. So that the total winners in all survey periods are 24 winners.
  • Winners need to answer several math tests.
  • They will contact the winner via telephone. You need to confirm your winnings within 4 working days.
  1. Reward for the Contest Winner. Here they have 24 prizes for you. Each prize is worth 1000 Dollars. You can receive a gift in the form of a Gift Card or PC Optimum Point.
  2. The Need to Conduct a Survey. There are two ways to conduct a survey. You can complete it by telephone. Here you need a cellphone and a sales receipt. Then the clerk will help you to answer some survey questions. Well, if you want to do it online, then you need several devices.
  • You need a computer, laptop or cellphone.
  • You need an internet network for survey devices.
  • You need to prepare a sales receipt.

Ways to do Shoppers Drug Mart Surveys.

After reading the rules, you now know the terms and conditions for taking the survey. Well, now you can take surveys if you meet the requirements. If you are not eligible to do so, then you need to withdraw. Because they can look for other potential winners if you break the rules. Previously we discussed how to conduct a survey by telephone. Now we give you instructions to survey the Online Shoppers Drug Mart.

  1. Visit online survey. Visit this portal using your search engine. You can use the portal address or keywords to reach the portal survey.
  2. Select the Language for your Survey Portal. Here select English or French for the survey portal. You can choose a language that allows you to understand survey questions.
  3. Enter the Certificate Number in the Sales Receipt. Now enter the invitation code from the sales receipt. Here you can enter a 15 digit number in 2 columns. If you have filled in the column, click on the launch button.
  4. Do your survey now. Here you need to answer survey questions with the help of your experience. You can remember your last visit to the Shoppers Drug Mart. You can rank several aspects of the store. Here you don’t need to be afraid of the questions you will face. We will tell you some questions that you might face.
  • You need to recall the outlets you visited. Pay attention to the cleanliness of shopping and convenience when shopping.
  • You can rank your satisfaction in several levels of answers.
  • You may write a review of your problem or opinion.
  • Give your opinion about employees and their services.
  • You can give opinions about products, prices, and ease of shopping.
  1. Enter your Sweepstakes. At the end of the survey, they will offer this program for you. Well, if you agree, you can enter some details of your identity. Because they will call your telephone number if you are the winner of this reward. Enter your name, email, telephone and address where you live. Are you a member of PC Optimum? If you are a PC Optimum member, prepare your card number.

What do you know about Shoppers Pharmacy?

Before we invite you to start a survey, you need to read this information. Now we will discuss their profile. So Shoppers was founded in 1962. The pharmacy owner is a Toronto pharmacist named Murray Koffler. Here he wants to create a pharmacy business. However, Murray does not want individual pharmacy owners to lose because of this business. Well, he founded an association business from various pharmacies around his shop. So that they are able to sell in one business. The first location is the Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacy in Toronto, Ontario. They made innovations in selling pharmaceutical products. Now they are a popular retail pharmacy in Canada. They have 1307 outlets in Canada.

Then Loblaw Companies Limited acquired this business in 2014. Year after year they make positive developments in this business. Here they make the store more comfortable. Then they don’t only sell pharmaceutical products. Here are some products that you can buy in this shop.

  1. Pharmaceutical Products. Here they are a popular pharmacy shop in Canada. They pay attention to the health and welfare of customers. There you can find various brands of pharmaceutical products. So you can have many product choices. Then they hire friendly employees. They will make you choose pharmaceutical products with good knowledge.
  2. Beauty Products. Here you can treat the beauty of your skin with products from Shoppers. They make the website an easy catalog for customers. So you can choose their products by brand or product type. Then they sell makeup, nails, products for hair and skin care. Or you can get the Shoppers Drug Mart Flyer on their website.
  • You only need to visit
  • Then click on the view e-flyer menu.
  • Furthermore, enter your region’s zip code. Here they want to help you find flyers from the Shoppers Drug Mart Near Me.
  • Click on the View Flyer button.
  • Well, there you can check product promos and discounts through flyers. Note the validity period of the flyer. If the validity period of the flyer runs out, then the discount and promo do not apply.
  1. Food and Home Products. They have health and beauty products. But you can buy food and household needs here. You can get comfort when shopping. Well, they have dried food products, snacks or drinks. Then you can buy food for animals and electronic goods.
About Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum.

Do you like to buy products at Shoppers Drug Mart ?. Well, now you need to know how to save your money. They have a Shoppers Drug Mart Point Chart program for you. Here you need to create an account on PC Optimum first. Then you can see various product promos. Furthermore, you can collect points through your account. Here’s how the Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum works.

  1. You need to create an account on Optimum PC.
  • Visit the Shoppers Drug Mart Website. You can use the address
  • Click on the PC Optimum menu.
  • Click on the Sign-Up button to create an account.
  • Complete the account registration form. There you can create a password.
  • Check the Get Weekly PC Optimum Offers box.
  • Click on the Create Account button. After this process, you can do Shoppers Drug Mart Login.
  1. Make a Transaction at the Shoppers Drug Mart. Here you can buy your favorite products. There you can get 15 Points for 1 Dollar for your transaction.
  2. Exchange Your Points in the Nearest Shop. Here you need to learn Point Graphics first. Check this information through Here you need to have 10,000 points to get free items worth 10 Dollars. You can redeem your points in all PC Optimum locations. So you can check your points through the same account.
How to Find Out the Drug Mart Shoppers Near Me.

Have you finished entering your draw? Well, now we will discuss the location of Shoppers outlets. So you can buy their products easily and quickly. Here you can use the store locator on the website. Follow these steps if you want to find the nearest store.

  1. Visit the Shoppers Drug Mart Website. You can use the address
  2. Click on the Store Locator button.
  3. Enter the address, postal code or store number.
  4. Set your location search filter. Click on the + button. Then choose one of the filters you want.
  5. Click on the search icon. There you can see the profile of the local store. You can see the address, telephone number, and information on store operating hours. We will present the following Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacy Hours.
DaysOpen Hour
Monday09:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Tuesday09:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Wednesday09:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Thursday09:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Friday09:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Saturday09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Sunday10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
How to Reach Shoppers Drug Mart Customer Service.

Well, now you need to know how to contact their customer service. Because maybe you need it to answer your questions and complaints. They open a communication room for customers. Because not all customers can conduct surveys. So it needs another way to capture feedback from customers. Here are ways to provide feedback other than through surveys.

  1. Shoppers Drug Mart Customer Service Phone Number.

1866 220 3837. You can contact them from Monday to Saturday from 8 am – 8 pm. Then on Sundays contact them from 11 am to 7 pm.

  1. Mailing Address.

243 Customers Road

Toronto, Ontario, M2J 4W8


  1. Shoppers Drug Mart Social Media.
  • Twitter: @ShopprsDrugMart.
  • Facebook: @shopprsdrugmart.
  • Instagram: @shopprsdrugmartofficial.
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