SmoothieKingFeedback – Easy Tricks to get Smoothie King Rewards

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Our commitment to staying healthy sometimes makes us become a picky eater. We will be more concern about what we eat and drink. To maintain our health, we will choose the food and drink which are full of nutrition. For instance, we may prefer drinking smoothie rather than the milkshake. If you are a smoothie lover, you will be familiar with Smoothie King outlet. When you often go to this store, you should give SmoothieKingFeedback. Then, you will get some Smoothie King Rewards from this company.

From the name of the chain, we have already known what this store sells. At Smoothie King, we can order the tasty and fresh smoothie. The smoothie is always fresh since it is made with high-quality veggie and fruit. Besides, you are free to customize your smoothie. As the example, you request a glass of smoothie which can reduce your fat. So, the Smoothie King employee will make the healthy smoothie which can make you slim. In short, this store can create the smoothie menu based on the customers’ request. Since this outlet can make the smoothie based on what you want, you should share your SmoothieKingFeedback through a customer survey.

Smoothie King survey reward

Smoothie King is not just an ordinary beverage outlet. This company does not only look for the profit but also commit to making the customers healthy. No doubt, Smoothie King has a large number of fans. Besides, Smoothie King also can spread its chain in 650 locations worldwide. Smoothie King never feels satisfied with this achievement. So, it always tries to increase the quality of its business by expecting SmoothieKingFeedback from its customers. Through the result of Smoothie King survey, this chain will be able to observe what the customers want. So, next time, it can satisfy all the customers.

This article is the best source to look for the information about Smoothie King Feedback Survey. Besides, we also present some tips to gain Smoothie King rewards and prize. There are some easy methods you can do to

What are the Tricks to Get Smoothie King Rewards?

The most exciting thing to be a customer is getting a reward from your favorite store. For instance, since you like to go to Smoothie King, you will be happy when you get a Smoothie for free. Sometimes, Smoothie King also gives a discount for their lovely customers. How do they get Smoothie King coupons? How can they get Smoothie King promo code? You must be very lucky since we share the tricks to gain Smoothie King reward for free. Here are the practical tips to obtain Smoothie King coupon and rewards.

  • Taking part in SmoothieKingFeedback Survey.

The easiest way to get a coupon from Smoothie King is by participating in SmoothieKingFeedback. This survey is reachable at Use the recent receipt you got from Smoothie King to enter this survey. Then, enter some information printed on Smoothie King receipt. Smoothie King feedback survey consists of the series of questions about your experience. Completing this survey becomes your chance to reveal express your review and opinion about Smoothie King. So, you should try to answer all questionnaires honestly. After answering all the questions, you will get smoothie king feedback validation code. As the prize, the survey taker deserves to get $1 off when they purchase the next smoothie.

  • Entering Smoothie King Sweepstakes.

Have you heard about Smoothie Soulmate Sweepstakes program? This sweepstake is available on the Smoothie King Facebook page. But every customer who wants to take this sweepstake has to answer the quiz. Besides, they also can participate in the quiz via twitter. The winner of Smoothie King Sweepstakes will get $20 Smoothie King gift card. Besides, the lucky winner will get a chance to have a Date with a purpose. This prize package includes the gift certificate valued $141.50.

  • Try to Get Smoothie King Healthy Reward.

If you often go to Smoothie King, you can sign up for this Healthy Reward program. It is so since this program offers some advantages. For instance, you can get a free smoothie. Besides, you can also earn some points everytime you purchase the smoothie. Then, you can redeem these points to get some discounts. Furthermore, you can get $2 off when you come on your birthday. The next, you can receive the exclusive offers from Smoothie King as well.

Those are three ways to earn Smoothie King Coupon and promo. For the details, you need to keep reading this page. We have presented the complete procedure to earn Smoothie King coupons and deals.

How to Obtain Free Coupon from Smoothie King Survey?

SmoothieKingFeedback is the customer survey from Smoothie King outlet. Smoothie King encourages all of the customers to involve in Smoothie King Feedback survey. Through SmoothieKing Feedback survey, the customers are free to tell their experience when purchasing the smoothie. This survey will be beneficial for Smoothie King company. It is because Smoothie King can find out the level of customers’ satisfaction. So, it can improve the business aspect which disappoints the customers. As a result, in the future, every customer that comes to Smoothie King will be happy.

In fact, most people are lazy to complete a survey. That is why some companies offer the survey reward in order to attract the survey takers. SmoothieKing survey also uses this strategy. This survey offers $1 off coupon for the survey takers. You can redeem this discount coupon in the next transaction. Then, are you eager to know the process of completing Smoothie King Survey?  Here is the brief guideline for you.

SmoothieKing survey is only available online. So, you need a mobile device along with the internet access to complete this survey. Besides, you also need a valid Smoothie King receipt in order to begin the survey.

  • Enter some receipt information.

SmoothieKing survey requires some details on your receipt. So, you should input Smoothie King store number. Besides, entering date and time when came to Smoothie King is also necessary. If these details are correct, you can start doing the Smoothie King customer survey.

  • Answer SmoothieKing survey.

Then, you will face some survey questions about Smoothie King experience. The topic of the questionnaire is about Smoothie King product, outlet, and the employee’s performance. Just respond the survey based on your visit to Smoothie King store.

  • Take Smoothie King validation code.

After finishing the short survey at Smoothie King survey website, you will receive a code. This Smoothie King Feedback code is redeemable with $1 discount for the next purchase.

Is that all very easy for you to complete? This survey process only needs less than five minutes. Just by allocating the short time, you can get Smoothie King coupon discount. So, on your next visit, you can purchase a smoothie at the lower price.

How to Get the Gift Cards from Smoothie King Soulmate Sweepstakes?

Taking part in SmoothieKing Feedback survey only rewards you $1 off. Perhaps, for some people, this prize is too small. Then, do you want to get the bigger reward from Smoothie King? We will tell you a secret. Smoothie King also offers $20 gift cards to their customers. Besides, it also offers the grand prize valued $141.50. So, how can you get this prize? The way to earn this reward is very easy. Besides, it does not require any purchase in Smoothie King. So, even you do not make a transaction at Smoothie King; you still can have a chance to get the prize.

In order to win the Smoothie King gift card, you need to take part in Smoothie King Sweepstakes. This sweepstakes entry is accessible on Facebook and Twitter. But, in order to enter SmoothieKing Sweepstakes, you must take part in a quiz first. Besides, you also meet the requirements of the sweepstakes. First, you are eligible for Smoothie King Sweepstakes if you are the legal residents of the US. The next, your age must be at least eighteen years old. Furthermore, the employees of Smoothie King and their employees cannot participate in the sweepstakes. The last, you must have a Facebook or Twitter account. If you want to take part in this quiz, you must accept all of the rules of this contest. You can read the complete rules at

Then, how to take part in Smoothie King Soulmate Sweepstakes? Here is the simple guideline of SmoothieKing Sweepstakes.

  • Visit the official page of Smoothie King on Facebook.

As stated before, you need a Facebook account to join this sweepstake. If you already have a Facebook account, you should like Smoothie King Fan page. Then, you can explore Smoothie King Facebook account. On its Facebook fan page, you will find the quiz, promo, and deals.

  • Complete the Smoothie King Soulmate quiz.

You have to complete the Smoothie King quiz on the Facebook page. But, Smoothie King will not display the result of the quiz immediately. Before the page provides the quiz result, it will ask you whether you want to enter Smoothie Soulmate Sweepstakes.

  • Enter the Smoothie Sweepstakes.

To participate in Smoothie Soulmate Sweepstakes, you have to fill out the entry form. This Smoothie Sweepstakes form requires your name, date of birth, and email address. Besides, you should express your agreement to the sweepstakes official rules.

  • Share the quiz result.

In order to submit Smoothie King quiz, the entrants have to share the quiz result on their Facebook page. Besides, they must include the hashtag #smoothiesoulmate #sweepstakes. If they do not give these hashtags, their entry will not be eligible. For your information, you also can take part in Smoothie Soulmate quiz and sweepstakes through Twitter.

  • Wait for the winner notification.

After sharing your quiz result and complete the entry form, you need to wait for the result. Smoothie King will inform the winner of Smoothie Soulmate via email. The winner will receive $20 Smoothie King gift card. Besides, the grand prize of Smoothie Soulmate is the chance to Date With a Purpose. Smoothie King will give $141.50 gift certificate. The winner can have a date in the indoor skydiving place.

How to Get Smoothie King Healthy Rewards?

Smoothie King has a beneficial program called Healthy Rewards. If you join this program, you deserve to get $2 off for the future transaction. Besides, you also can earn points every time you make a transaction at Smoothie King. When you spend $10 at Smoothie King, you will receive 1000 points. Then, with these points, you can unlock $1 discount. Does it sound interesting? You can collect the points up to 7000 points. When you achieve these points, you deserve to get free Smoothie.

So, how can you join this Smoothie King Healthy Rewards program? Here are the steps you can do.

  • Download Smoothie King App.

First of all, you have to download Smoothie King App at Play Store. After installing Smoothie King Mobile App, you can explore the menu on it. For instance, you can find out Smoothie King menu. Moreover, you can check the location of Smoothie King near me. The last, you can check the latest Smoothie King promo and deals as well. This application will be useful to guide the customers of Smoothie King.

  • Sign Up Healthy Rewards.

When you open Smoothie King App, you will find an option to sign up the Healthy Reward. Just do all of the instructions on this application. The registration process may require your personal details. For instance, it needs your name, date of birth, and email address. Once you complete the Smoothie Healthy rewards registration, you will get Smoothie King coupon. This coupon is valid for $2 discount.

  • Purchase the Smoothie

After signing up, you can start earning Smoothie King points. Just purchase any smoothie which you like. Every $10 you spend to buy the smoothie; you will get 1000 points. Then, you also can collect up to 7000 Smoothie King points.

  • Redeem the Healthy Rewards.

When you have 1000 points, you can redeem it for $1 off. Besides, if you have collected 7000 points, you can redeem the free smoothie. This free smoothie worths $7.

Is that an easy and simple way to get the reward from Smoothie King? You do not need much effort to get the discount or free smoothie. Just use your mobile phone to download and install Smoothie King application. Then, apply the steps above. The more often you purchase the smoothie, the bigger points, and rewards you will get.

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