Smoothie King Survey – Get the Rewards from Smoothie King Feedback and Sweepstakes

Smoothie King Survey – Get the Rewards from Smoothie King Feedback and Sweepstakes
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If you have two choices of beverages such as juice and smoothie, which one will you choose? If these options come to me, to be honest, I will choose smoothie. It is because the smoothie is more condensed and full of nutrition. If you are the fans of smoothie, you may often go to Smoothie King. This smoothie outlet has a customer survey called SmoothieKingFeedback. After purchasing the drink at this outlet, make sure that you take Smoothie King Survey. This survey lets you share what is on your mind about Smoothie King. As the example, you can rate your satisfaction degree. You will not lose much time when you complete this survey. It only needs five minutes of your time. Then, as the prize, Smoothie King will give Smoothie King validation code valued $1 off.

In fact, Smoothie King has several programs offered to its customers. These programs give some rewards to its loyal customers. So, completing the survey from Smoothie King is not the only method to get the prize. You may also need to try Smoothie Sweepstakes. This program is known as Smoothie Soulmate Sweepstakes. In general, Smoothie Sweepstake is simpler and easier than SmoothieKingFeedback survey. It is because this program does not require smoothie purchase. In other words, you do not need Smoothie King receipt to enter. Besides, you also do not have to answer the series of the survey questions. Even the process is simple; Smoothie Sweepstakes offer the bigger prize. Interested in joining this reward program? Continue reviewing this page for the further info.

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Smoothie King Survey
Smoothie King Feedback Survey

What are the Rules of Smoothie Soulmate Sweepstakes?

Before taking part in the certain program, you have to find out what the rules are. As the example, if you want to involve in Smoothie King Sweepstakes, you should understand the rules. Besides, you also have to accept all of the terms and condition of Smoothie Sweepstakes. If you ignore the rules, your participation can be disqualified. So, you will lose your chance to win the Smoothie Soulmate Sweepstakes rewards. Then, what are the terms and conditions of Smoothie Sweepstakes? Listed below are some points you have to understand before joining Smoothie Sweepstakes program.

  • Eligibility of the participants.

This sweepstakes program is open to all customers of Smoothie King. But, they must be the legal citizen of the US. Then, they must be eighteen years old or more. Since this sweepstake is for the customers, Smoothie King forbids its employees to enter this program. Moreover, the family members of Smoothie King staff are also not eligible to enter this Smoothie Sweepstakes. All the participants must accept and agree with the rules of the sweepstakes. If they do not, Smoothie King deserves to disqualify them.

  • The requirements of the sweepstakes.

You may need a valid receipt if you want to enter this Survey. But, the receipt is not necessary if you want to enter Smoothie Soulmate Sweepstakes. To join this program, you need a verified Facebook and Twitter Account. It is because you have to answer the Smoothie quiz on the Smoothie King Facebook account. Automatically, you need a smartphone as well as the internet access to involve in this sweepstakes.

  • The rules of the sweepstakes.

All entrants can take part in this sweepstakes during the entry period. Then, only the entrants that obey the rules can be nominated as the winner. Smoothie Kinga and its sponsor have the right to verify the eligibility of the entrants. Then, every participant only has the chance to take the Smoothie quiz once and share the entries twice. If they do more than this regulation, the committee may disqualify them. The last, you should notice that this Smoothie King sweepstake does not need any purchase. It means, you still can enter the sweepstakes even you do not make any transaction at Smoothie King.

  • Entry method.

Smoothie Sweepstake is different from other customer survey sweepstakes. Other sweepstakes may be available after taking the customer survey. But, you will not find any sweepstake invitation after completimng the survey Survey. You can enter Smoothie Soulmate if you have done the quiz on Smoothie King Facebook Fan Page. That is why you need a valid Facebook account. You have to answer the Smoothie King Quiz. After that, Smoothie King facebook account will display the entry form. Then, your duty is to fill out this Smoothie Sweepstakes form with your data. It is required to enter your name, zip code, birth date, and email address. The last, you have to share this quiz on your personal Facebook or Twitter Account.

  • The Winner Selection.

In each Smoothie King entry period, there will be one Grand Prize winner and five runners-up. The sponsor of this sweepstake will select the winner randomly from the entrants. After choosing the sweepstakes winners, Smoothie King will inform them via email. If the winners do not claim the reward five days after being notified, Smoothie King will disqualify them. Then, Smoothie King will decide the alternative winner.

  • The prize for Smoothie King Sweepstakes.

As stated before, the reward of the sweepstakes is bigger than Smoothie King reward. This sweepstake has two kinds of the winner. First, the runner-up winners will consist of five persons. Each person will receive 420 Smoothie King gift cards. Besides, there will be a grand prize winner as well. The winner will receive a gift certificate from Smoothie King. This gift certificate valued $141.50, and it includes the package for dating in the indoor skydiving venue. This prize is also known as Date with a Purpose.

What are the Steps of Smoothie King Soulmate Sweepstakes?

On the previous subheading, we have explained the terms and condition of Smoothie Sweepstakes. Now, in this part, we will present the step by step to take part in Smoothie Soulmate Sweepstakes. You will realize that the procedure of Smoothie Sweepstake will be different from other sweepstakes. Usually, other restaurants or stores invite their customers to enter the online sweepstakes after completing the customer survey. Besides, this type of sweepstake is reachable by online, phone, and mail. But, Smoothie Soulmate Sweepstakes is different. It is not available after you complete the Survey. You only can enter this Smoothie Sweepstake via Twitter or Facebook.

You must be curious about the steps to enter this sweepstake. That is why we provide you the simple steps to enter Smoothie King Sweepstakes. Just do this following procedure well. Then, you will get a precious chance to win the Dating Package or Smoothie King Gift cards. So, are you ready to do the brief guideline below?

  • Visit Smoothie King Official Fan Page on Facebook.

Having a personal Facebook or Twitter account is a must. If you do not have Twitter or Facebook account, you have to sign it up for free. But, if you already have it, you can search Smoothie King Page on Facebook. The official account of Smoothie King often updates Smoothie King Promo code as well as Smoothie King specials and deals. So, liking Smoothie King Facebook will be very beneficial for you.

  • Complete the quiz.

Scroll down the page to find the post about Smoothie King Quiz. Then, you must do this quiz properly. The quiz will be about Smoothie King products.

  • Complete the Smoothie Sweepstakes form.

After you finish answering the quiz, you will get an invitation to enter Smoothie Soulmate. If you agree with this sweepstakes invitation, you have to fill out the entry form. This form is asking for your personal data. As the example, you must supply your full name, date of birth, zip code, and email account. Providing your email account is necessary since you will get the winner notification via email. So, make sure that your email account is still active and accessible.

  • Submit the Share Entry.

After finishing the quiz and filling out the form, you have to share the quiz entry. By submitting this entry, your participation will be verified by Smoothie King. Make sure that your Facebook and Twitter account is always active. Then, do not forget to set your account into a Public setting.

  • Give a caption.

Make sure that you give an interesting caption when you share the Quiz entries. Besides, your caption should not be offensive, racist, and obscene. Then, you also need to include #SmoothieSoulmate and #Sweepstakes hashtag.

  • Wait for the notification.

At the end of the Sweepstakes entry period, there will be a notification from Smoothie King. The potential winners will get the emails informing that they win the sweepstakes. If you win the grand prize, you will receive a dating package to the Indoor Skydiving. This prize equals with the gift certificate valued $141.50. Besides, if you become the runner-up, you will get a gift card from Smoothie King valued $20.

What are the Rules and Procedure of Smoothie King Survey?

Do you want to get a discount on Smoothie King? We will inform you the way to gain $1 off when you purchase the drink at Smoothie King. In order to get this $1 discount, you have to involve in Smoothie King Survey. Have you heard about this survey? Another name for this survey is SmoothieKingFeedback. This survey aims to collect Smoothie King Feedback from the customer. This Smoothie company expects the review from its customers. So, Smoothie King can evaluate how well its product and service.

This survey is open to all customers. As long as they have Smoothie King feedback code, they can enter this survey. If you want to enter this customer survey, you have to understand the rules and the procedure. Written below are the rules of the Survey you need to obey.

  • The participant of SmoothieKing Feedback survey.

All Smoothie King customers can be the participants of this survey. But, they must have a receipt as the proof of their last transaction. In fact, they can enter SmoothieKing survey without the receipt. It is because they do not need to input Smoothie King Feedback code. They just need the SmoothieKing store number and visit time. However, the receipt is important to claim your reward. You will not be able to claim the discount if you cannot present the receipt. Besides, if you work at Smoothie King, you are not allowed to take this survey.

  • The survey rules.

Smoothie King does not limit the frequency to enter the survey. It means you can take SmoothieKing survey often. But, you should notice that you cannot redeem more than one Smoothie King validation code in one visit. If you want to claim the Smoothie King coupon discount, you must present the receipt along with the SmoothieKing validation code. So, after finishing taking the survey, you must write the validation code on Smoothie receipt. Remember, you cannot combine the SmoothieKing coupon with other offers. For instance, you have a coupon from SmoothieKing survey and Smoothie Healthy Reward. You cannot redeem both coupons in the same transaction. You have to claim the discount in the different visit.

  • Survey reward.

Everyone will be interested in getting the discount. You may not be able to refuse Smoothie King discount, may you? So, if you want to buy the cheaper smoothie, you have to participate in the survey. Never trash your Smoothie King receipt. It will help you to get $1 off for your favorite smoothie.

  • Survey guideline.

This Survey is not difficult to complete. Even you never take part in SmoothieKing feedback survey before; you will not find any difficulty. The instruction on is easy to do. Just see your receipt to find out the brief guideline of Smoothie King survey. The first thing you need to do is preparing your receipt. Then, use your mobile phone or PC browser to load Once you reach the homepage of SmoothieKingFeedback survey, you will see some blank field. These fields require the store number, date of visit, and the time you visited Smoothie King.

After that, you can begin answering SmoothieKing survey questions. It asks about your recent experience when you purchase Smoothie King products. So, you can show how satisfied you were with the service and products. After the survey, will display the unique code. Save this code by writing it on your receipt. So, when you go to Smoothie King outlet next time, you can claim $1 discount.

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