Smoothie King Rewards – All Facts about Smoothie King Menu and Smoothie King Healthy Rewards

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Smoothie King Rewards – All Facts about Smoothie King Menu and Smoothie King Healthy Rewards
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Who does not want to receive Smoothie King Rewards? Everybody will be interested in getting Smoothie King Coupons or promo. The easiest way to get the reward is by giving Smoothie King Feedback. You should complete SmoothieKingFeedback survey to earn this kind of rewards. But, you need to know that Smoothie King also has a reward program named as Healthy Rewards program. Earning the healthy reward program is very simple. The customers just need to collect the points from every transaction they do.

To find out the more information about the Rewards from Smoothie King, you should keep reading this page. Here, we present not only the way to earn the Smoothie Reward. But, you also can check out the details of this reward program. Furthermore, you can review the list of Smoothie King menu items. This way, you will be able to decide which menu item suitable for your need. Perhaps, you visit Smoothie King because you want to build your muscle. So, you need a Smoothie which is full of protein.

Smoothie King Rewards
Smoothie King Reward

What are Smoothie King Healthy Rewards?

The real customers of Smoothie King will be familiar with the reward program. Offering the rewards is the strategy of this company to satisfy the customers. Besides, it also becomes the strategy to encourage the customers to repeat purchasing. It is because the customers will often purchase the smoothie in order to collect the points. The customers are willing to earn the points in order to get the discount for the next visit.

Actually, what is this reward program? Healthy Reward is one of the programs which offer the discount for the customers. The customers have to buy the smoothie to earn the Healthy rewards points. Then, when they have to collect the points if they want to redeem the discount. Listed below are the details about Smoothie Healthy Reward program.

  • The rewards.

Earning Healthy Reward points is easy. You just need to spend at least $10 at Smoothie King. This way, you will be able to earn 1000 Healthy Rewards points. Then, when you have 1000 points, you can unlock $1 off for the smoothie you buy. You can claim this discount offer immediately. Besides, you also can save up your points up to 7000. With 7000 points, you can unlock Free Smoothie. Once you sign up Healthy Reward program for the first time, you can earn $2 off. Furthermore, You also can receive $2 healthy reward when you come on your birthday. But, you have to sign up the anniversary first. Moreover, all members of Healthy Rewards Program can get the exclusive offers from Smoothie King.

  • Guidelines for the rewards.

In order to earn the rewards and points, you must have Smoothie King App. Installing Smoothie King Mobile App on your phone will make you easier to get the points. This application enables you to search Smoothie King Locations and view the Smoothie King menu as well. Every time you buy the smoothie, you can save the points on your phone. Then, you can redeem your points whenever you want.

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In order to get the healthy rewards points, you should tap the Earn button on your Smoothie King App. Then, you should scan your Smoothie King code when you make a purchase. The cashier will add the points to your app. You need to reach $1000 points if you want to unlock $1 off reward. You can claim this discount right away. Besides, you also can save the points in order to redeem the free Smoothie. You need 7000 points to earn the smoothie for free. Make sure that you redeem this reward points within 60 days. If you do not, the Smoothie King points will expire.

  • Transaction to earn the points.

You must be lucky since earning Smoothie Rewards points is not only for cash payment. For instance, you also can earn the points when you use Smoothie King gift card. But, you cannot earn points when you purchase Smoothie King gift card. So, the customer only can receive the points for the smoothie purchase. Furthermore, when you order catering from Smoothie King, you can get the loyalty points as well. In contrast, you will not be able to earn the points for the school lunch, event, and fundraising. Smoothie King limits the discount since it wants to give the profit to the organization.

  • Earning and redeeming points without a phone.

In case you forget bringing your phone when you go to Smoothie King, you still can get the points. It is because Smoothie King team member will search your account by asking for your phone number. Then, you also can open Missed Points menu on your Smoothie King app. After that, you can upload the Smoothie King receipt. The next, Smoothie King App will add the points. So, you will not lose your Rewards.

However, you cannot claim the Smoothie King points without your phone. The team member has to check your App to redeem your points. Besides, it does not matter when you forget to scan your phone right after the transaction. It is because you still can add the points by inputting your receipt information.

  • Referral points.

Have you known about Smoothie King referral points? You will receive 250 points if you share this program to anyone else. For every person you tell the program, you can collect 250 points. You can share this program by clicking the button Refer a Friend on the sidebar menu. Then, you will be able to share this program via Twitter, text, or email. In order to find out the points, you have collected, you can tap the button labeled My Rewards.

How to Search Smoothie King Near Me?

If you love drinking the smoothie, you may want to find out Smoothie King location. It may be easy to find out Smoothie King store around your residence. But, when you are going to a certain town, you may not know Smoothie King locations nearby. Luckily, with the help of technology, you can find out the nearest Smoothie King outlet easily. So, what can you do to search Smoothie King store nearby? Here are some methods you can try.

  • Using Smoothie King App.
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As mentioned before, having Smoothie King app in your phone gives you many advantages. One of them is searching Smoothie King location with ease. You can use the search bar on the app to get the nearest Smoothie King chain. Then, you need to input the city and state. This app will show you the address of Smoothie King near you. Besides, it also displays the Smoothie King hours as well. So, you will know when the Smoothie King outlet opens and closes.

  • Using the search bar on the website.

The second way to find the location of Smoothie King is by visiting its official website. You need to go to This website contains any information about Smoothie King. As the example, you can explore Smoothie King menu, healthy rewards, cleaner blending, and locations. At the top of the page, you will find the search bar. This search bar can be used to look for Smoothie King locations, site, and product. If you want to find the closest Smoothie King store, you should select Location.

Besides, you also can locate Smoothie King by tapping Locations at the menu bar. Then, you can open the new page to search the location. After that, enter the city, state, as well as the zip code to locate the store near you. You also need to select the distance. For instance, you want to find the store within 25 miles. Tap the Search button to reach the nearest store. This page shows not only the Smoothie King store address. But, it also shows the phone number as well as the Smoothie King store hours. Besides, there is also a map which will guide you to the closest store.

  • Using Google Maps.

The last method to search Smoothie King store is by using Google Maps. Everyone must have this application on their phone. This application will help you reach Smoothie King store near you. Just open Google Maps on your smartphone. Then, you can type Smoothie King near me. It will show you the closest store.

What are the Lists of Smoothie King Menu?

Do you often go to Smoothie King? Have you known all of its menus? Which one is your favorite? You may know that Smoothie King does not only serve smoothie for the customers. Even the name of the store is Smoothie King; this outlet also provides other menu items. For instance, you can purchase the snacks, supplements, and enhancer. As like its slogan, Smoothie with a Purpose, every menu item has the goal. So, the customers can select the menu based on their need. As the example, they may want to purchase the fitness blend or slim blend. Just decide what your purpose, then, Smoothie King team member will give you the right blend.

Are you familiar with all of the menu items at Smoothie King? Perhaps, one of these menu items is your favorite blend. When you take the Smoothie King Feedback survey, you will get some questions related Smoothie King menus. It is your chance to review the menu item you enjoy. Have you enjoyed all of the menus? Listed below are some of Smoothie King menu items you can try. This list may be able to be your reference to decide the smoothie you will purchase.

  • Smoothie
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As like its name, smoothie becomes the main menu in this store. All the smoothie blends are made of the fresh ingredients. So, you do not need to hesitate about the freshness and the health of the ingredients. Besides, the customers can choose the smoothie based on their purpose. Here are the lists of Smoothie based on the purpose.

  1. Fitness blends.

If you want to build your muscles and get toned, you should choose this blend. This blend also helps you to recover faster. Most of the smoothie blends contain the high protein. So, it will help you to be fit. This blend also has many flavors. If you like fruit, you can purchase The Activator Strawberry Banana, the Activator Pineapple, Original High Protein Lemon, etc. Besides, for the chocolate lovers, there are The Activator Chocolate, Gladiator Chocolate, and Peanut Power Plus Chocolate.

  1. Slim Blend.

Who does not want to have the proportional body? This blend is suitable for the women. No doubt, every woman wants to be slim. So, by drinking this smoothie blend, they can burn the fat on their body. Besides, they also can reduce the calorie as well. The samples of smoothie to be slim are Slim-n-trim chocolate, Greek Yogurt Peach Papaya, and Mango Fest.

  1. Wellness Blend.

This blend is suitable for the people who want to strengthen their immunity. It also helps you to balance the diet. The examples of wellness blend are Apple Kiwi Kale, Berry Punch, and Green Tea Tango.

  1. Take a Break Blend.

This blend makes you feel relaxed. If you want to enjoy your beautiful day, this smoothie is perfect for you.

  • Enhancer.

There are four kinds of enhancers you can buy at Smoothie King. First, you can try Energy enhancer to boost your energy. The second, there is the slim enhancer for those who want to diet down. The third, you can purchase wellness enhancer as the multivitamin, healthy immune, and probiotics. The last, you can try fitness enhancer to add the protein and build your muscle stronger.

  • Supplement

Smoothie King also provides Nutritional supplements. The supplement helps you to fuel your purpose. You can try Gladiator  Complete Protein to maximize the workout. Besides, if you want to get the slim body, you should try Lean Meal Replacement. It will help you to get the ideal body weight.

  • Snack

You will be able to get a beautiful day by ordering the healthy smoothie and snacks. At Smoothie King, all snacks are healthy. It is because they are made of the nutritious ingredients. As the example, you can order Mixed Nuts, Protein Muffin, and Veggie Chips.

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