Scentsy Workstation Login – Scentsy Workstation Pay Portal Login Steps

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Are you a new consultant at Scentsy Corporation? Then, you must try to dig a lot of information about this company as soon as you can. You should make a quick adaptation process at this new workplace. This way, you can give your best performance when you are working at Scentsy Corporation. But, you will not have to worry about all those things. Scentsy Workstation Login portal will be ready to support you to do all of your job duties. To use this online portal, you should register an account first. Then, you can log in to access all of the features on this portal to maximize your working performance.

Do you feel confused about this Scentsy Workstation portal? Well, you can get information about this portal in this article. You may learn some steps you need to sign in to Scentsy Workstation account and how to get back your password in case you have lost it. Enjoy!

scentsy workstation login page
scentsy workstation login page

About Scentsy Workstation Login Portal

Scentsy Workstation Login portal is a one-stop shopping place where you can receive updates about certain company announcement, emails, and files. As it is an online portal, you will always be able to download any files you want as long as you‘ve got the internet connection. You can visit this Scentsy Workstation official website at When you start joining Scentsy Corporation, staffs at the HR department will create you a Scentsy Workstation account to help you work better. Then, you can sign in to your account and explore the features provided on this portal. Hence, you will get access to buy business supplies, place your orders, or manage some of your business from your Scentsy Workstation account. Moreover, this Scentsy Workstation portal provides you a link that will direct you to Scentsy pay portal. It means you will find it easier to make a monthly payment to enhance your business.

Scentsy itself is an Idaho-based fragrance brand. Kara Egan and Collete Gunnell started this company in 2004. Since then, this company created various sorts of fragrance in several products, such as room sprays, essential oil, warmers, wax bar, laundry liquid, bathroom cleaner, kitchen soap, body cream, body wash, hand soap, lotion, gifts, and many more helpful products for our daily life. This company has made teamwork with independent consultants where customers can get information about Scentsy products easily.

Benefits of Scentsy Workstation Portal

There are some benefits that you need to know before you use Scentsy Workstation Portal. here is the explanation for you.

  1. Online Workstation

This Scentsy Workstation is an online platform for Scentsy consultants. It means you can have full access to your Scentsy Workstation account 24 hours a day for a week. It will enable you to make an order and purchases of Scentsy products. You do not have to worry if you have a busy schedule as this Scentsy Workstation portal will be reachable wherever you are. You just need to make sure you have the internet connection to allow you to explore all of the features of your Scentsy Workstation account.

  1. Secure Portal

Scentsy Workstation portal is a secure platform. By this mean, you do not need to be afraid if someone will steal some of the information you put on this online portal. As long as you do not tell anyone about your Scentsy Workstation account credentials, your data will be safe in this portal. Besides, the portal design is simple. It will help you understand each instruction given by this Scentsy Workstation portal without difficulties.

  1. Helpful Information

Through this Scentsy Workstation portal, your Scentsy business will develop really well. it is because Scentsy Workstation portal can be a great source of helpful information to grow your business. You may get the most recent emails, announcements, and more important things from Scentsy Company. Besides, this portal also has a feature that will make it easy for you to download certain files.

  1. Easy Communication

As a consultant at Scentsy Company, you may need to communicate with other Scentsy consultants or employees. Then, you do not need to feel confused as Scentsy Workstation portal provides a feature that will allow you to chat with other people related to this business. This way, you can share information about Scentsy products and the newest catalogs. Or, you may want to discuss a few issues that you have found when you are working for this company.

  1. Consultant Benefits

You may use this Scentsy Workstation portal to check your benefits as a consultant of Scentsy Company. All of the benefits that you may receive will be sent through your Scentsy Workstation account. In addition, there will be special offers and promotions only for Scentsy consultants at times. So, make sure you do not miss such information.

scentsy workstation login
scentsy workstation login steps

Login Steps For Scentsy Workstation Account

As we have explained that HR Department of Scentsy Company will create a Scentsy Workstation account for each Scentsy consultant, you just need to see a HR Department staff to get your account credentials. You will need the credentials to log in to your new Scentsy Workstation account. Apart from the credentials, you still need to prepare some other things as the preparation. For example, you must have a device to access visit the portal. And of course, you should make your device ready to connect to the internet connection. If you have done the preparation very well, you can sign in to your Scentsy Workstation account.

You may need to know the steps that you should take to sign in. now, you can use the following guideline to

  1. Go to

First, you must visit the official website of Scentsy Workstation portal. You should make your login steps on this website. This portal is available at Moreover, you may reach this Scentsy Workstation portal at This website address will direct you to the same Scentsy Workstation portal as well.

  1. Enter Consultant ID

Second, you should enter your Consultant ID in the upper blank field. You can get this ID from Scentsy HR department.

  1. Provide Password

Third, you can provide a password for your Scentsy Workstation account. This password should be correct if you want your login request goes as you have expected.

  1. Click Sign In

Finally, you can click Sign In button. It will allow you to enter your Scentsy Workstation account. Now, you are ready to explore Scentsy Workstation features provided on the portal.

How To Recover Scentsy Workstation Password

In case you forgot what your password is, you can always reset your password using some steps below.

  1. Go to

Firstly, you should visit the login portal of Scentsy Workstation at As you have problems with your Scentsy Workstation password, you must reach the Scentsy Workstation portal to solve the issues.

  1. I Forgot My Password

Secondly, you will see a link in the login section when you have reached the Scentsy Workstation portal. You only need to click this link to show that “I Forgot My Password”. Then, this link will show you a blank field where you have to inform your email address.

  1. Enter Email Address

Thirdly, you can enter your email address to the provided field. Scentsy Workstation portal will use this email address to tell you the instructions to do your password recovery. Make sure you enter a valid email address in the field. Besides, this email address should be integrated into your Scentsy Workstation account before you can use it. After you have entered your email address, you should click Continue button. It will lead you to the page for Scentsy Workstation password recovery.

  1. Check Email Account

Fourthly, you need to check your email account. This account should be the one using the email address that you have submitted to Scentsy Workstation portal. You will receive a link sent by Scentsy Workstation portal. If you click this link, you will get directed to Scentsy Workstation reset password page.

  1. Create A New Password

Lastly, you may create a new password for your Scentsy Workstation account. Be certain that you created the easiest to remember. Hen, do not forget to combine symbols, numbers, and letters to make your password strong enough to secure your Scentsy Workstation account. This way, you may decrease the risk of to your Scentsy Workstation account gets hacked from malicious parties.

How to Sign In Account on Scentsy workstation pay portal

Scentsy Workstation portal also has a feature that will take you to Scentsy Pay portal. You will have an account on Scentsy Pay portal after you have got Scentsy Workstation account. You absolutely need to join as a consultant of Scentsy if you want both of the accounts. Then, you can start your first payment to Scentsy to purchase your Starter Kit. If this payment process is successful, Scentsy will send you an email to activate your Scentsy Pay account. it is quite different from Scentsy Workstation portal that can be used directly. Scentsy Pay portal requires each consultant to activate their Scentsy Pay account before they can use it. when you have done the activation process, you will be able to sign in to your Scentsy Pay account and manage the payment easily.

  1. Go to

First, you should visit the Scentsy pay portal at This is the only Scentsy pay portal that you should reach when you need to do your payment to Scentsy. Besides, you can also use a Pay Portal link provided on Scentsy Workstation portal at You need to scroll down the page to find this Pay Portal link. If you use this link, it will bring you to the same Scentsy Pay portal.

  1. Fill In Consultant ID

Second, you can fill in the Consultant ID. This is the same consultant ID that you use to sign in to your Scentsy Workstation portal.

  1. Enter Password

Third, you may enter the password. You must use a valid password for Scentsy Pay portal as well as Scentsy Workstation portal. you cannot use different passwords for one of these Scentsy portals.

  1. Click Sign in

Lastly, you can click Sign In button to start exploring the features on Scentsy Pay portal. being a user of Scentsy Pay portal will make it easy for you handle the payment of all purchase you make at Scentsy.

Ways To Contact Scentsy Workstation Support

Did you find any problems with your Scentsy Workstation experience? Then, do not hesitate to find some supports using the following ways.

  1. Scentsy Pay Customer Service

Before you contact Scentsy Pay Customer Service, make sure you know the operation hours of this service. As an international brand, Scentsy manages this service in several international languages, such as English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and French. That is why there is a schedule for consultants with languages mentioned above. You can check it put below.

languageDaysBusiness hour
English& SpanishMonday - Friday  06.00 – 22.00
Saturday - Sunday  08.00 – 17.00
French & Mandarin ChineseMonday - Friday  08.00 – 17.00
  • Phone

There are 2 kinds of phone numbers that consultants may use to contact Scentsy Pay Customer Service. Toll-Free numbers will cost you nothing, while the regular numbers will give you chargers. The phone numbers are listed below.

  • Toll-Free

–               Australia : 028 310 5960

–               Germany: 0 800 182 8518

–               New Zealand: 098 010 994

–               Puerto Rico: 1 866 278 8825

–               United Kingdom: 0808 189 1353

–               USA and Canada: 1 866 277 1790

  • Regular

–               Mexico: 554 163 7575

–               International: 1 778 373 5389

  • Website

It is also possible to contact by Email Support service. You can use this service on Scentsy Pay portal at you will need to fill in a form before you submit it.


  1. Scentsy Workstation Consultant Support

If you find any issues on Scentsy Workstation portal, you can contact the consultant support using the following ways.

  • Website

You may visit Scentsy website at to fill in a form on Contact page.

  • Mailing

If you need to contact by mailing post, you can send your letters to:

Scentsy Home Office

2701 E. Pine Avenue

Meridian, Idaho, 83642

The United States

  • Phone number

To make it faster, you can call Scentsy phone numbers as follow.

Home Office: (208) 472-0800

Home Office Toll-Free: (877) 895-4160

on Monday – Friday at 09.00 a.m. – 05.00 p.m. (MST)

Consultant Support Toll-Free: (877) 855-0617

on Monday – Friday from 06.00 a.m. to 09.00 p.m. (MST)

  • Fax

You can send your fax as well to (208) 888-4306.


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