Popeyes Survey – Tips to Participate in Tell Popeyes Survey

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Popeyes Survey – Tips to Participate in Tell Popeyes Survey
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Popeyes Lousiana Kitchen Restaurant has a survey called TellPopeyes. They design Popeyes survey in order to find out the unhappy customers. The company wants to notice the reason and the problems that make their guests unsatisfied. The survey is the best strategy to measure the guests’ satisfaction. Besides, it becomes the powerful tool to collect the feedback as well. Then, the feedback can lead the company to focus on improving the area which disappoints the customers. The next, the restaurant can solve their internal problem based on the complaints from the guests. As a result, they will be able to exceed the guests’ expectation.

During TellPopeyes process, the site will often ask you to rate some aspects of their restaurants. It is because, from the rating you give, the company can analyzes which aspects which make the guests unhappy. Many studies show that unsatisfied guests will not return to the restaurant. Popeyes restaurant does not want to lose their loyal guests due to unsatisfying service. So, the survey really helps them to evaluate the restaurant performance. Popeyes Restaurant will listen to every feedback from their customers. It is so since the customers’ feedback has the great value to their company.

Popeyes Survey

However, the problem is that most of their guests never complain. When the guests are not satisfied with the restaurant, they prefer not to tell the matter. So, Popeyes encourages every guest to take the survey. This restaurant has a strategy to increase the number of customers that take part in the survey. What is their strategy? As like other restaurants, Popeyes Lousiana Kitchen offers the validation code which is redeemable for the free food. The free food offer will vary. For instance, Popeyes validation code is redeemable with the free chicken. But, in another survey period, you can get the free biscuit. Besides, Popeyes also has a sweepstake program for the survey takers. So, when they finish the survey, they have one chance for sweepstake entry. If you win, you can get $1000.

After knowing the benefits and the reward of the survey, we believe that you do not want to miss this survey. Keep your Popeyes receipt well because it becomes the main survey requirement. Then, make sure that you enter Tell Popeyes within two days after visiting Popeyes restaurant. When you take the survey after two days of the transaction, your Popeyes receipt will void. It means you lose your chance to participate in the Guest Experience Survey. In order to make you get started about this survey, we provide you the important details about this Customer Survey. In this article, you can find the terms and condition of the survey. Besides, you can follow the tips we give below. So, you can complete Popeyes Customer Feedback Survey easily.

Popeyes Lousiana Kitchen

What are the Terms and Condition of Popeyes Survey?

Before entering the site, every survey taker must notice the rules. So, they will be able to complete Popeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey without any difficulty. The terms and condition includes the rules of the survey. That is why it is very crucial to understand this aspect before starting the survey. Below we have concluded several the terms and condition of the survey.

  • TellPopeyes Requirements.

Each survey taker must notice what they need to take the Guest Satisfaction survey. When they can fulfill the Popeyes requirements, they will be able to begin the survey. So, what do you need to take part in Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen survey? First, you need the valid receipt from Popeyes. Besides, prepare a PC and the internet to access the site.

  • Popeyes Receipt.

We know that Popeyes receipt becomes the main need to access this survey. When you receive Popeyes receipt, you should take the survey soon. It is because every receipt has the expiration date. Popeyes may release two types of receipt. The first type of Popeyes receipt has the survey code. Besides, the second type of receipt is without TellPopeyes survey code. Although you get the receipt without containing any survey code, you still have the chance to take the survey. It is because the site provides another type of form to enter their survey. In this form, you are prompted to input some receipt details. For instance, you should enter Popeyes restaurant number. Then, you also need the amount of your transaction. Besides, you should enter both the date and time of your visit.

  • TellPopeyes participants.

Popeyes does not have the certain rule about the age of the survey takers. It means, everybody of any age can take part in the Customer Survey. But, the participant of Popeyes Sweepstake should be at the age of 18 or more. Then, the Popeyes team members, staffs, and their immediate family are not eligible for both survey and sweepstakes.

  • Popeyes Sweepstakes.

In the certain period, Popeyes has the sweepstakes program. When Popeyes conducts a sweepstake, it will invite you to join in this program after you finish the survey. Every sweepstake’s entrant should provide their name, contact number, as well as their email address. Besides, each sweepstake entrant only has one chance a month to enter this program.

  • The survey reward and sweepstakes prize.

Every survey taker can get a Popeyes validation code from the site. This Popeyes coupon code will appear after they finish the survey. Then, should show this code along with Popeyes receipt in order to claim the Popeyes program reward. In each survey period, Popeyes offers the different survey reward. For instance, you can redeem the coupon with a piece of chicken. Besides, Popeyes offers the greater reward for the sweepstakes winner. Every month, Popeyes provides $1000 check for the winner.

What are the Tips for TellPopeyes?

When you search the term of Popeyes Louisiana Kithcen Survey in the search engine, you will find many websites discuss it. Many of them inform you about the steps and guideline to take the survey. But, none of them suggest the tips for taking the survey. So, here we suggest some tips related to Popeyes Customer Satisfaction Survey.

  • Visit the correct Popeyes Louisiana Survey page.
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In fact, Popeyes has two survey portals to gather the feedback from their loyal guests. First, you can load the site. Besides, the survey is also available at www.mypopeyesfeedback.com. The correct survey page has Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen logo on the top left corner. Then, the page also has a title Popeyes Guest Experience at the top right corner. Remember, the address is only for the United States residents. If you live in Canada, you can visit tellpopeyes.ca.

  • Change the language if necessary.

If you speak and write Spanish better than English, you have to change the language of the survey portal into Spanish. You can press the Espanol link to change it.

  • Check the receipt sample before you enter the details.

There is the sample of receipt on Louisiana survey page. So, you can review this sample to know which details have you enter. If the sample does not look like yours, you can load another sample by clicking the link under language preference. Then, the survey page will display another receipt sample which is like yours.

  • Load TellPopeyes in friendly version.

When the loading process of the the survey portal is slow, you should access it in friendly version. This problem may be caused by your internet connection. So, you have to click on Load Accessibility Friendly Version to access the survey page without the trouble.

  • Load Popeyes website to leave the feedback.

When you do not hold any Popeyes receipt, you will not be able to take the Customer Survey. But, if you still want to leave your Popeyes feedback, you can go to its website. Just simply access the Contact section at www.popeyes.com. Then, you can fill out the form to enter your personal details. The next, you can write down your complaint or appreciation about Popeyes.

  • Call Popeyes Customer Service for help.

When you have a problem about Popeyes restaurant or Tell Popeyes, you have to contact the Customer Support soon. The contact number of Popeyes Lousiana Kitchen is 1 887 767 3937. This way, you can speak to the customer service staff. So, they will give you the solution.

What are the Questions at Tell Popeyes?

The survey is so easy to take. Although you enter Popeyes Customer Survey for the first time, you will be able to do all the prompts. If your internet access is fast enough, you can finish this survey in four minutes or less. But, the duration of the survey depends on your speed in answering the questions given. Went to you want to be able to answer the survey faster, you should learn what questions will you face in the survey. Then, you can try to review the survey questions below.

  • How did you order?
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After you enter the details of Popeyes receipt, you can start the first step of the survey. The first question you get is the way you order your food at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. You can answer this question by selecting one of three options: take Out, Drive-thru, or Dine in.

  • How is your overall satisfaction?

Then, Popeyes asks you to give the rating for the overall satisfaction you get after visiting Popeyes. The ratings range from Highly satisfied up to highly dissatisfied.

  • Rate the certain topics about Popeyes.

The next, you will find some topics about Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. So, your duty is to rate each topic. They are about the service speed and the knowledge of Popeyes team member about the menu. Besides, you should rate overall cleanliness and the team member friendliness. There is also the topic about the taste of the Popeyes food and the overall value for the price you pay.

  • Problems you got.

The surveyy whether you experienced any problem while you were visiting their restaurant. Your answer will determine the next question of the survey. If you say that you had the problem, the survey will give the further questions to find out the more details of your problem.

  • Recommend and Return to Popeyes.

Show your likeliness to return to Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen in 30 days. Besides, you should state whether you like or not to recommend Popeyes restaurant to others in 30 days.

  • Tell your opinion about Popeyes.

In the next step, Popeyes provides the chance for the survey participant to write down their comment. Here, you can explain the reason why you do not get satisfied with Popeyes restaurant. Be specific in explaining what is in your mind. But, Remember that you only can share your thought in 1200 characters. But, if you do not have something to tell to Popeyes, you can skip this section.

  • Details about your visit.

Then, you have to respond some questions related to your dining experience at Popeyes restaurant. First, you should state if the Popeyes team member thanked for your visit. Then, you can talk to Popeyes if the order taker repeated what you had ordered. Besides, you need to say if there was the menu that you ordered but it was not available. After that, state if Popeyes team member suggested to replace it with other menus.

  • Agreement and disagreement.

This section asks you to state your agreement and disagreement about several statements. For instance, the statements are as the following. First, the Popeyes team member listened to your order, and they understood what you need. The next statement is Popeyes is the suitable restaurant for the person like you. The last, state whether you felt like Popeyes appreciate your visit.

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