PET AlaskasWorld – the Details about Alaska Paperless Employee Travel

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You need to know that each employee of Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air deserve to get the travel privilege. This is one of the benefits given by Alaska Airlines. Without a doubt, this travel benefit is a tempting program. If you work at Alaska Air, you need to create an account at PET AlaskasWorld. This portal is the central site where you can access Paperless Employee Travel. As the user of this travel benefit, you need to know the details of AlaskasWorld PET. So, you and your dependents will understand the complete information about the travel privilege.

Visiting this page is the correct decision. Here you will be able to view the facts about AlaskasWorld. As the example, you will know that there are two travel programs offered by Alaska Air. They are Standard Travel Program and Employee Choice Program. We will explain these programs under the following subheading. Besides, you can find out the eligibility for each program. Furthermore, you can view the regulation of AlaskaWorld Paperless Employee Travel as well. So, are you ready to discuss more AlaskasWorld PET Login? Check this out.

PET AlaskasWorld
PET AlaskasWorld

What is the Travel Programs Offered by PET AlaskasWorld?

As mentioned before, AlaskasWorld offers two types of travel programs. Each employee deserves to participate in both travel programs. Here are they.

  1. Standard Travel Program.

Alaska Airlines offers this program to its employee and the qualified dependents. For instance, the spouse, children, parents, and domestic partner are eligible for this program. With this program, you can travel everywhere by using Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air. There are unlimited flight routes for you.

  1. Employee Choice Program.

This program allows you to extend the travel privilege. It means you can invite other family members and friends to join it. So, if you want to travel with the people who are not qualified dependents, you should join this program.

But, you need to know when you are eligible to enjoy this travel privilege. If you are newly hired by Alaska or Horizon Air, you cannot take this benefit immediately. It is because you should wait until 30 days service. Besides, this travel privilege is only for the pleasure travel. So, if you plan to have a vacation to somewhere, you can use this program. Then, who are eligible to take this benefit? Here are the people you can travel with.

  • Spouse and domestic partner.

When you are working at Alaska Airlines, you can travel with your spouse anytime and anywhere. But, you should register your spouse or your domestic partner to enjoy this program. So, you must complete as well as sign the Spouse or Domestic Partner Affidavit. Besides, you also need to submit the Domestic partner certificate.

  • Children.

Dependent children are also eligible to get AlaskasWorld. The dependent children are the natural and adopted children. Besides, the children of your domestic partner are eligible as well. If you have the stepchildren, they are eligible too. To enjoy this travel privileges, your children must be under 19 years old. If your children are between 19 and 23 years old, they must be the students. If they are not, they cannot take this travel benefit. So, if you want to register your children, you need to verify that your dependent is a full-time student. When your children are no longer eligible, you must tell it to the travel department.

  • Parents.

You also can invite your parents to travel with you by using AlaskasWorld PET. The parents are not only the birth parents. But, they include the legal adoptive parents and stepparents. But, the parent in law is not eligible for this benefit. In case you have the birth parent and step-parents. You cannot request this travel privileges for them in a year. So, if you have a traveling plan for both parent, you should postpone it for next year. It is because you cannot go together with them at the same time.

  • Guardian relationship.

Another eligible dependent is the guardian or a foster. But, you need to submit the legal document which explains your relationship. With this document, you can add your foster or guardian as the eligible travel dependent. Make sure that you submit this document to Alaska Employee Travel.

Those are some dependents who are eligible to travel with you by taking AlaskasWorld PET. As the requirement of this travel privilege, you and the dependents have to present the government-issued photo ID. As the example, you can present the passport or a driver license. Besides, you also can present Alaska employee ID when you check in. Moreover, the dependents also need to present the dependent ID. If you want to print out the ID cards for your dependent, you should access PET AlaskasWorld. When you can access AlaskasWorld PET login, you can click on Print Dependent ID cards. Then, they also need to present the proof of citizenship when they travel outside the US.

What are the Rules of PET Alaskas Travel Privileges?

All program offered by a company must have the certain regulations. So, as the doer of the program, you have to obey the rules of the PET Alaskas World. Since you travel for free, you and the dependents will be called as Non-Revenue Passengers. This type of passengers needs to pay attention to these rules.

  • The way to travel.

You can travel for free if there is a space available. So, you have to wait for your desired flight. There will be the waiting list to enjoy this PET AlaskasWorld travel privilege. You cannot book the reservation. When Alaska Airlines has a seat available, you can board. Besides, the boarding order depends on the priority and seniority.

  • List of flight.

If you want to see the list of the flight, you have to visit PET AlaskasWorld. This portal displays the waiting list for Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air. To view this list, you have to press the Travel Tab at Alaska’s World PET. In fact, this site does not only present the list of flight. But, you also can get the quick access to Alaska’s flight information. For instance, you can browse about the flight number, aircraft equipment, flight times, etc. You just need to access AlaskasWorld login. Then, you can check the availability of the flight you prefer.

But, if you cannot access, you can list or register by phone. Just call Alaska airlines call reservation. The phone number is 800 252 7522. When you call the reservation agent, you should identify whether you are the employee or the dependent. Then, make sure that the flight details are ready before calling Alaska’s Reservation Agent.

  • Dress Code.

Alaska Airlines applies the rules about the dress code of the nonrevenue passengers. You have to wear the appropriate attire when you fly with Alaska Airlines. It is because your appearance reflects your professionalism. So, you have to be neat and good grooming. Alaska accepts the office casual clothing and clean jeans. But, you cannot travel by wearing the T-shirt, shorts, sweatshirt, and cut-off jeans. The customer service may deny your boarding if you do not obey the dress code.

What are the Regulations of AlaskasWorld Paperless Employee Travel?

As the nonrevenue passengers, you need to understand the travel regulation as well. As the example, the retired employees and their family are not authorized to register this travel privilege. Besides, the non-revenue passengers deserve to travel by using Alaska Airlines business. Now, have you known about the completed rules about PET AlaskasWorld? Here are we conclude some rules related to Alaska World PET.

  • The employees along with their dependents can travel by using the private business flight. Besides, the employees also can use the offline travel privilege to go to the employment place from their residence place. But, this facility is not for the dependent.
  • The employees of Alaska Airlines are not allowed to list the travel on the same routing and day that they hold. It means you cannot travel from the same origin and the destination. But, the co-terminals are allowed. This program includes CET program, Positive Space Travel, and Mileage Plan Ticket.
  • There are some types of travel that the employee should be reimbursed. First, you are traveling against the company. Then, you do the political lobbying which can harm Alaska Airline. Furthermore, you have to reimburse if you do any activity with the competitor. The last, you may commute from your residence to the place of employment other than Alaska Airlines. The violation of these rules by the dependents is considered as the violation by Alaska’s employee.
  • The employees who misuse the privilege will get the disciplinary action. Alaska will charge them the full rate. This disciplinary action is also for the employees who fail to report and misuse of the privilege.
  • Alaska Airlines may suspend the employee’s pass privilege. In this case, you may contact another airline companies to ask the procedure concerning the pass processing. But, Alaska Airlines has the authority about your travel privilege. So, as the employees, you should understand the company’s policy.
  • The employees of Alaska’s Airlines must not talk about the pass privileges with non-airlines personnel. Besides, they are also responsible for making sure that the eligible family members know the importance of becoming discreet. When they are failed to comply this rule, Alaska may suspend all of the pass privileges.
  • If you have any questions related to the pass policy, you have to contact your supervisor soon. Besides, you also can contact the Employee Travel.
What are the Types of Travel You Can List at Alaska World PET?

When you access, you will see PET option. This Paperless Employee Travel is the menu where you can list your travel privilege. Alaska Airlines will not allow all types of travel you list. This Airlines only permits several travel types. What are they? Here are the lists you can apply.

  • Honeymoon travel.

After getting married, most of the couples will go honeymoon. If you work at Alaska Airlines, you will be lucky. It is because you can go honeymoon by using Alaska Airline’s flight for free. Besides, you also can apply for the honeymoon travel on Horizon Air. You just need to submit the Travel Request Form. This travel application process requires the sufficient time. So, it is better to apply for this travel pass far before your wedding date. Both domestic, as well as the international travel, have the same process. You need to submit the form containing the name of the spouse to be and the date of your wedding. If you go before the wedding date, you have to purchase the wedding ticket. Your spouse is also not eligible for the travel privilege before you marry her/him.

Alaska Airlines will ask for your wedding certificate. This document is the proof of your marriage. So, in the future, you can add your spouse to receive this travel privilege. You have to do this process before you list them on PET AlaskasWorld. Your manager or supervisor will issue the temporary ID card upon your request.

  • Emergency Travel.

Alaska Airlines also allows the emergency travel. So, you and the dependents can list the travel in the case of critical illness or death. You can book your travel through PET account at Alaskas World. So, you can travel free of charge by using Horizon Air or Alaska Airlines. To apply for this travel, you have to sign into your PET account. Then, select Emergency Travel. You can book the return flight later when you are not sure when you will be back. When you have booked a flight, but you cannot travel, you can cancel this flight. Then, you can reschedule it later. Make sure that you send an email to your manager about your emergency travel.

You can request this emergency travel within one or two days of travel. Moreover, you can invite your dependents such as spouse or children to travel with you. You must submit the Emergency Travel Request Form to Employee Travel. Alaska will only process your request during the business hours. You will get an email as the notification.

  • Business Travel.

You can apply the business trip as well. To get this privileges, you have to list the business travel flight. You can ask your manager the procedure of applying for this business travel. The Employee Travel will report to your manager.

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