Mynordstrom Portal – My Nordstrom Employee Portal Login Guideline

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It can be quite stressful to be a new employee in a company. We have to learn about the working system in the beginning. Besides, we should be able to make a quick adaption with our new environment. That is probably what new employees of Nordstrom Company feel. If you are one of these new Nordstrom employees, you do not need to feel that way anymore. It is because mynordstrom portal will be ready to help you whenever you need. This employee portal is a way for you to enhance the qualities of your performance at work. But, you will not be able to use this employee portal right away. You still need to create an employee account if you need to get the benefits of the portal. After that, you can log in to your account on My Nordstrom Employee Login portal.

There will be a lot of information that will help you understand how this Nordstrom employee portal works. You may learn the steps to sign up the account, ways to sign in to the Nordstrom employee that you have created, and the procedure to reset the password on Mynordstrom Employee Portal Login page. Besides, you may find more information about Nordstrom company as well. so, just check them out!

mynordstrom portal login page
mynordstrom portal login page

About Nordstrom

Nordstrom, Inc. is a retail chain of luxury department stores in the United States. the headquarters of this company is in Seattle, Washington. John W. Nordstrom began this business with Carl F. Wallin in 1901. They opened a shoe store in the early years of Nordstrom Company’s journey. Then, this business developed really well and added more items at the store. Today, Nordstrom, Inc. has been operating around 380 stores with more than 72.000 employees. Besides, this company also has subsidiaries, such as Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook, and Trunk Club. Customers can find Nordstrom stores in 40 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Items sold at Nordstrom stores include clothing, jewelry, footwear, beauty, home furnishing, home designs, espresso bar, restaurant, and wedding.

What is mynordstrom portal?

Mynordstrom portal is a Nordstrom employee platform. Nordstrom has made this portal to manage thousands of its employees. With such a vast number of employees, it must be very difficult to handle all of the employees all at once. Thus, this online portal comes as a solution for the Human Resource department of Nordstrom Company. Staffs of the Human Resource department can just supervise its employees through this Nordstrom employee portal. This way, the company can use this portal as one of the considerations when this company is going to decide something. Moreover, employees can get their rights easily if they have registered as a user of the Nordstrom employee portal. So, you do not need to see your manager in person as you can simply communicate using this employee portal.

You will be able to access mynordstrom login portal at This portal will take you to the desktop version of this online platform. It means you can use your laptop or personal computer to visit this employee portal. in addition, it is possible to access this online portal using your device. But, you should use a browser installed in your device to visit this Nordstrom employee portal. Unfortunately, there are no official My Nordstrom Apps for employees provided by Nordstrom Company. The only app used by Nordstrom is meant for Nordstrom customers. So, customers can use the app for commercial purposes, such as placing an order, pay for purchases after buying items at Nordstrom stores.

Features of My Nordstrom Employee Portal Login

Do you still wonder why you should have an account on the Nordstrom employee portal? Well, there are several features that you may explore once you create an account on this portal. You may find the explanations about the features of the Nordstrom employee portal in the section below.

  1. News

Nordstrom employee portal can be the source of some updated news from the company. all the news you receive through this portal uses real-time setting. It means, you can always get the news once it is posted. you can always check this feature when you have logged in your account.

  1. Schedule

Information about your working schedule is very important. You will find the information about your shifting schedule on this Nordstrom employee portal. This way, you will be able to check the date and time you should attend your work. Or, you may find information about your free days through this feature.

  1. Training

All employees of Nordstrom Company have rights to upgrade their capabilities. Thus, the company should get information about training programs to hold by Nordstrom Company. The training can be a chance to improve their skill at work. Besides, it will help the employees to develop their leadership skills as well. Hence, you do not need to have any doubts to create an account on this Nordstrom Employee Benefits Login portal.

  1. Paystubs

Through your Nordstrom employee account, checking My Nordstrom Mypay can be a very easy task. With this paystub feature, you can always check your digital paystub every month. It means you do not need to save any paystub papers anymore. Moreover, you may save your paystub once this information uploaded by the company. So, you will have a chance to view this information every time you want.

  1. Promotions

Every employee of Nordstrom Company must want to improve their career. This is why; information about employee promotions is always updated on this Nordstrom employee portal. you may check the newest info about My Nordstrom Careers as fast as possible. Then, you will be able to apply for the job position after you have got career information.

  1. Employees’ Data

Nordstrom employee portal is a resource to get data about Nordstrom employees. the company may use this portal to check if any needed information they can find about the employees. With such information, it is very possible for Nordstrom Company to make a decision for its employees.

  1. Employees Activities

All of the activities done by Nordstrom employees on Nordstrom employee portal are always recorded. With this portal, Nordstrom Company will always supervise how Nordstrom employees behave through the portal.

The Process of My Nordstrom Employee Registration Account

As a new employee of Nordstrom Company, you have to make an employee account on My Nordstrom employee portal. Even though you can do the registration steps by yourself, you still need to know what you should have to make the registration process runs well. Well, the most important thing to prepare is your Employee # (Employee Number). You can find this Employee number on your Nordstrom employee Identity Card. This Identity Card will be given to you once you have legally accepted as an employee of Nordstrom Company.

If you are eager to Sign Up, you only need to do these simple steps. Make sure you enter all of the information needed properly. This explanation will tell you how to sign up the Nordstrom employee account.

  1. Go to

Firstly, you should visit it is the only way to create an account for Nordstrom employees.

  1. Request Password

Secondly, you can look at a link under the login section. This link will be useful for you to get the password for your account. When you have reached the page to request the password of your account, you need to enter your Employee number in the provided field. If you have entered the Employee Number, you can click the button to request the password. Then, you may need to do the instructions given by the Nordstrom employee portal. Then, you may want to complete your employee account with some information, such as SSN or valid email address.

Steps to Log In Account on My Nordstrom Employee Portal

You may need to log in to your account as you want to check your paystubs and career information. Then, you need to take some login steps on this Nordstrom Employee Portal. The login steps will only need 2 minutes to complete. As long as you have got your account credentials, the login process will be very easy. You may use the following instructions as your guideline to sign in to your employee account.

  1. Go to

First, you must visit the official website of My Nordstrom Employee Sign In portal. This website is available at

  1. Provide Employee #

Second, you have to provide the Employee #. You may grab your Nordstrom employee ID card if you cannot remember your employee number. Then, you can type the number in the upper field. if you lose your Identity Card, you’d better see a Human Resource department staff. Then, the start will hand in the new ID card with your current Employee number.

  1. Enter Password

Third, you should enter the password in the lower field. You must use the password that you have just requested in the registration process of your Nordstrom employee account.

  1. Click Log In

Finally, you can click Log In button to start the login process. This button will allow you to access your Nordstrom employee account if the account credentials that you have entered are correct.

How to Reset Password of My Nordstrom Employee Account

Have you lost your password? Then, you must create a new one as you should always check your account on Mynordstrom Portal Login. The following procedure will tell you how you can reset the password of your Nordstrom Employee Account.

  1. Go to

First, you should go to mynordstrom.Com sign in the portal. You will reach this portal at

  1. Click Reset Password

Second, you must click a link under the login section. This link will assist you in your password reset process. it is the same link that you have used to request the password of Nordstrom employee account. if you click this link, you will get directed to the next page to begin the process of resetting your Nordstrom employee account.

  1. Enter Employee Number

Third, you need to type in the Employee Number. You must be sure that the number that you inform here is valid and correct.

  1. Click Request Password

Fourth, you have to click a button to reset the password. The button shows a sign to request the password. But, this will take you to the page where you can simply get your new password.

  1. Check Email

Fifth, you may check your email account because Nordstrom employee portal will send a set of instructions to reset your password through your personal email account. It is also possible for you to check your employee email account at email address.

  1. Reset Password

Finally, you will be able to reset your password with a new one. You should make a strong password here with a combination of symbols, letters, and numbers. If the new password is ready, you may try it to log in to your Nordstrom employee account. When your login attempt is accepted, it means the password reset process is successful.

How to Contact My Nordstrom Help Desk

Do you need some helps to solve your My Nordstrom account problems? Then, you may try the following tips to contact My Nordstrom Help Desk.

  1. Website

The official website of Nordstrom is available at You may visit this website to get help from Nordstrom management team. You may need to reach the contact page and read the FAQs. Or, you may fill in a form to solve the problem.

  1. Phone

Talking to Nordstrom management team will the fastest way you can do when you have problems with your login experience on My Nordstrom employee portal. The phone numbers provided by Nordstrom are:

  • Customer Service at (888) 282-6060
  • Corporate Office at (206) 628-2111
  1. Mailing

In case you cannot find any internet connection, you can send your mailing post. You may send your inquiries about your login experience on Nordstrom employee portal through your letters. Then, you can send it to Nordstrom corporate office at:

1617 6th Avenue

Seattle, Washington, 98101

The United States

  1. Fax

If you can take advantage of a fax machine, you may use it to reach the company. The fax number that you may use here is (206) 628-1795.



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