MyCFAvisit – Join Chick-Fil-A Survey for Free Coupon

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MyCFAvisit – Join Chick-Fil-A Survey for Free Coupon
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Having the Central Office in Georgia, Chick-Fil-A is one of the best chicken fast food stores. The most popular menu at this restaurant is the chicken sandwich. Chick Fil A business grows so quickly that it can operate more than 2000 outlet in the United States. The reason behind its successful business is the menu quality along with the innovation on their service. No doubt, Chick-Fil-A becomes one of the largest quick-service restaurant specializing in the chicken menu. To reach the customers’ satisfaction, Chick Fil A gives the best service for its guests. Besides, Chick-Fil-A also has the survey program named as Mycfavisit.

Mycfavisit is the best media for the customers who want to share their opinion about Chick Fil A. The customers can participate in this online survey by accessing This survey presents several questions which ask about the customers’ satisfaction. Chick Fil A survey proofs that this fast food store concerns about their guest’ satisfaction. Chick-Fil-A knows that the customer feedback is the vital aspect which can affect their business development. So, Chick Fil A tries to collect the feedback from their guests through this survey. But, not all customers want to participate in Chick Fil A survey. Then, Chick Fil A offers a redeemable code as the survey reward. The aim of giving this coupon is to increase the number of survey participants. Besides, giving the coupon is the method to appreciate the survey takers.


If you care with Chick-Fil-A, you must not miss Mycfavisit. Taking Chick Fil A survey will not waste your time. You can enter Chick Fil A customer survey when you posses Chick-Fil-A receipt. So, make sure you keep Chick-Fil-A receipt well after the transaction. The next, you can access Chick Fil A survey website to tell about your experience when visiting Chick Fil A. You just need to respond the close-ended questions related to your visit. The next, Chick Fil A will assess the overall feedback. This way, the Chick Fil A management can know what the guests feel and expect. Chick Fil A survey is the most effective way to find out whether their service has met the guests’ expectation.

What do You Need to Enter Mycfavisit?

All Chick Fil A customers can enter Mycfavisit as long as they have Chick-Fil-A receipt. With this simple requirement, you can be the respondent of Chick Fil A survey. Most of the customers take Chick Fil A due to the reward. But, no matter their goal, they have to fill out the survey with the truthful response. So, your feedback will be useful for Chick Fil A restaurant.

In fact, the participants of Mycfavisit should live in the US as the legal citizen. They have to reach at least 18 years old. Besides, the survey takers should master either English or Spanish. It is because Chick Fil A survey portal only provides this language. Furthermore, the participants of this survey should not have the family relationship with Chick Fil A employees. Moreover, Chick Fil A staffs are also not allowed to take this survey.

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When you are eligible for Chick Fil A survey, you have to prepare the items below as the survey requirements.

  • Chick-Fil-A receipt

When you eat in or carry out your order at Chick Fil A, the cashiers will provide you a receipt. Even you purchase Chick Fil A menu through the drive-thru; you will get Chick Fil A receipt as the payment proof. When you get Chick Fil A receipt, you should check it whether it contains the survey invitation. Chick Fil A survey code is 22 digits serial number. Then, you will need this number to open Mycfavisit survey portal.

  • Computer with good Internet access.

Chick Fil A survey is an online questionnaire. So, it is only accessible if you use the internet. In fact, you can use not only computer but also tablet or smartphone. Whatever the device you use, make sure that you connect it with reliable internet access. So, you can prevent any connection problem during the survey.

How are the Steps to Take Part in Mycfavisit Survey?

As stated above, Chick Fil A receipt is the only tool you can use to open Mycfavisit survey portal. So, you must keep this receipt. Besides, you will also need it when you want to redeem Chick Fil A survey reward. It is because you have to write the redeemable code on your receipt. Participating in Chick Fil A survey will not waste your time. It is so since Chick Fil A customers survey only needs a couple of minutes to finish. The guidelines below will help you to get into Chick Fil A Guest Satisfaction Survey.

  • Go to Chick Fil A survey portal.

Chick Fil A has an online portal to filter the customers’ feedback. You can access Chick Fil A survey portal at Besides, you also can visit These portals are the official survey site of Chick Fil A. This portal uses English as the default language. But, the survey takers can change it into Spanish.

  • Enter Chick-Fil-A survey code.

The survey invitation code is the serial numbers printed on your Chick-Fil-A receipt. Usually, the survey codes consist of 22 numbers. To open the survey, you have to input Chick Fil A code into the provided field.

  • Select how you order the meal.

When you can open the survey portal, you should choose how you visit Chick Fil A restaurant. There are four options of the visit type. For example, you can select dine in the restaurant or carry out your meal. Besides, you may also purchase Chick Fil A menu through the drive thru service or catering.

  • Fill out the survey questions.

Then, Mycfavisit will display several questions about your visit. For instance, you will find a question asking if the Chick-Fil-A store crew greeted you when you came to the restaurant. Then, there are also some questions about your overall satisfaction feeling about the food and the service. Almost all of the questionnaires has the rating scale. Therefore, you just need to select the most appropriate scale based on your experience. You have to answer the entire Chick Fil A questions honestly.

  • Get Chick-Fil-A redeemable code.
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When you have done all questions at Mycfavisit, Chick Fil A will reward you a redeemable code. The next, you have to write down this code on your Chick Fil A receipt. You can use this Chick Fil A coupon to redeem a free chicken sandwich. However, the reward of Chick Fil A may vary. Chick Fil A will inform the reward of the survey through the survey invitation on the receipt.

How to Give the Feedback to Chick Fil A without Participating the Survey?

We know that we need Chick Fil A receipt to join Mycfavisit survey. You can give your Chick Fil A feedback although you do not take the survey. In this case, you should go to Chick Fil A official website. Some customers like giving their feedback through this method. It is because they can write their comment or critic in details. In contrast, when they take part in Chick Fil A survey, they only can rate the satisfaction without explaining the reason.

Chick Fil A does value the guests feedback. So, this restaurant provides a feature on their website which the customers can use it to contact the company. They realize that Chick Fil A feedback can help the restaurant to improve the quality of their service. Explained below is the guideline to give your Chick Fil A feedback when you do not have a receipt.

  • Go to Chick-Fil-A website.

Since you do not have Chick Fil A receipt, you should not visit You have to access as the official site of Chick Fil A restaurant. This website provides all information about Chick Fil A restaurant. For example, you can explore Chick-Fil-A menu. Moreover, you could order the catering menu offered by Chick Fil A. This website also provides a page for Contact Support. Through this page, you can get in touch with Chick Fil A customer service.

  • Click on Contact us.

Contact Us link is located at the bottom of the page. So, you have to scroll down the web page to find this link. Contact Us feature will take you to the new page where you can submit your feedback to Chick Fil A.

  • Press Send Feedback.

This feature allows you to write a comment about Chick Fil A. Besides; you can even criticize or suggest something. Moreover, you can ask some questions related to Chick Fil A restaurant. But, before you decide to submit your question, you should read Chick-Fil-A FAQ. Maybe, you can see the similar question along with the answer on this FAQ page. So, you do not need to ask your issue to Chick-Fil-A customer service.

  • Choose one of the categories given.

Chick Fil A provides three categories of feedback. You have to select one of them which fits your feedback. If you want to tell your dining experience at Chick Fil A, you need to select the first topic. Besides, the second topic is about technical assistance. You should choose this topic if you have some problems when you access the survey or order online. The next topic is Inquiry and Comment. This option allows you to leave your opinion and comment about Chick Fil A restaurant. Then, continue to the next stage by selecting Red button.

  • Specify Chick Fil A location.
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Then, you have to mention the location of Chick Fil A restaurant that you visit recently. Then, you have to provide the location details. You can select the restaurant location, city, along with the state. This page provides the drop down menu which can make you easy to choose the location. So, it is not necessary to write the address by yourself.

  • Provide the details of your transaction.

Then, there will be a section where you should explain your visit in details. For instance, you have to mention when you visited Chick-Fil-A restaurant. So, you have to write the date along with the time when you visit Chick Fil A. The next; you should state the type of transaction which you made. You can tell whether you dine in or carry out your meal. Besides, you also can state that you purchase the meal on drive thru or catering service.

  • Enter the personal information.

Unlike Mycfavisit survey, giving the feedback is not a candid survey. Therefore, the site requires you to write your personal details. Chick Fil A needs your name and complete address. Then, it also requires the telephone number as well as your email id. Do not forget to verify your email by retyping it in the following field. Besides, Chick Fil A also asks you to write the transaction numbers. You can look for the transaction number on Chick Fil A receipt.

  • Write your feedback.

When you have completed the personal information field, you can begin explaining your feedback. For instance, you could share your comment, critic, question or suggestion in details. Do not forget to tell what you expect from Chick Fil A restaurant. However, your feedback should not exceed 1500 characters. So, make sure that your feedback is clear and straightforward.

How to Reach Chick-Fil-A Customer Service?

For some people, writing the feedback through Chick Fil A website is not effective. It is because they will not get the answer from Chick Fil A immediately. So, they prefer to talk to Chick Fil A customer service by phone. So, they can speak up what is in their mind directly. Besides, they will get the fast response from Chick Fil A Customer Support staff. In fact, they also can reach the customer service by mail. Here we will explain both methods.

  • By phone.

In order to speak directly to the Chick-Fil-A staff, you should dial 1 866 232 1040. You can use this line to ask some questions about Chick-Fil-A fast food restaurant.

  • By mail.

You can send the complaint letter or business letter to Chick Fil A Customer Service Office. You just need to address your letter to Chick-Fil-A Cares PO. BOX. 725489. Atlanta. Georgia 31139 – 9923.

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