My PepsiCo – Things You Need to Know about My Pepsico Employee Portal

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My PepsiCo is not something new for PepsiCo employees. But if you are not a part of PepsiCo Company or if you are a new member of PepsiCo Company, this maybe will sound strange to you. PepsiCo employee portal has an important role for PepsiCo Company staff. Employees can get some benefits from this portal. For example, they can create the account and arrange information to PepsiCo employees. By creating an account at PepsiCo employment portal, employees can keep their data there. No need to worry, because employees’ accounts are safe in this portal as this is not a public portal. Unless you are a PepsiCo employee who’s got account and password, you will not be able to access this. Besides, employees can find the info they need at that portal.

Pepsico employee portal will show you some features, such as User ID and password for logging in to accounts. Besides, there are some helpful links in case you find some difficulties in using this portal. For instance, Forgot Your Password? to help you remember PepsiCo account password. Then, Login Help can help you solve difficulties when you try to log in to PepsiCo account like perhaps your user id does not match your password or you want to change your password. Next, First Time User? The link is beneficial for those new members of PepsiCo Company. This will inform you how to register yourself. And to make you feel secure, you can check some links on the bottom part of the page, such as Terms of Use, Legal Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Statement.

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About PepsiCo Company

Well, PepsiCo is a company which focuses on food and beverages industry. This company was the result of the merger of Pepsi-Cola with Frito-Lay in 1965. Caleb Bradham started building Pepsi-Cola Company in North Carolina, to be précised in the city of New Bern on August 28, 1898. Before the merger happened, Frito-Lay was the merger of Frito Company and H. W. Lay Company. Frito Company itself belonged to Elmer Doolin and H. W. Lay Company belonged to Herman W. Lay. After all of the business developments, the headquarters of PepsiCo is now in Purchase, New York. Now, PepsiCo has employed 274 thousand people to work for this company. As an international company, no wonder it has branches in more than 200 countries worldwide.

PepsiCo has produced some top international brands in food and beverages industry. It is claimed to have 22 famous global brands worldwide. The following list is PepsiCo brands, those are:

  1. Pepsi: carbonated soft drink
  2. Lay ’s: snack food of potato chips
  3. Mountain Dew: #1 flavored carbonated soft drink
  4. Gatorade: sport drinks brands
  5. Tropicana: fruit juices
  6. Diet Pepsi: carbonated soft drink with low sugar
  7. 7up: flavored cans of drinks
  8. Doritos: tortilla chips snack food
  9. Quaker Oats: breakfast cereal
  10. Cheetos: gluten-free snack food
  11. Mirinda: fruity soft drink, sold outside the US
  12. Lipton: ready-to-drink tea
  13. Ruffles: potato chips snack food
  14. Tostitos: gluten-free snack food
  15. Aquafina water: purified mineral water
  16. Brisk: tea and juice drink
  17. Pepsi Max: low calories soft drink
  18. Mist Twist: lemon-lime flavor soda
  19. Fritos: corn chips snack food
  20. Diet Mountain Dew: a low sugar version of Mountain Dew
  21. Starbucks: ready-to-drink coffee drink
  22. Walkers: crisps snack food

What Can We Access at Pepsico Employee Portal?

Every employment portal must give benefits to its users. This means PepsiCo Company employees are able to get benefits from PepsiCo. For instance, this employment portal is accessible online. So we can say that employees can get PepsiCo information whenever and wherever they are because they can access it using their smartphones. Most of the benefits are the easiness to access some important things related to their professional work. Here, PepsiCo employment portal allows PepsiCo employees to access several things, such as:

  1. Checking PepsiCo employees’ shift schedule.
  2. Holding an internal meeting for employees via online.
  3. Sending messages to PepsiCo employees.
  4. Joining groups of PepsiCo employees.
  5. Getting information about paystubs.

Besides, the company can get an advantage from PepsiCo employment portal. For example, the company will find the easiness to check users’ personal information. By using the company does not have to work two times harder to collect employees’ personal information. Besides, this portal can be mean to make an employees attendance report, such as being late or being absent from work. Employees can use this portal to inform their excuses for being so to those in charges.

What are the steps to Sign Up PepsiCo Employee Portal?

As an employee of PepsiCo Company, you will have to make the account at PepsiCo employment portal. This is a must for every employee, even if you are a newcomer in PepsiCo environment. No need to be panic because the steps to register yourself are easy. But, you have to prepare some utilities before you start the registration. It is because this is an online portal. The things you will need are:

  1. A device

To access PepsiCo employment portal, you must have a device. You can use a laptop or a personal computer. PepsiCo has the mobile version, so you do not have to worry so much if it is impossible for you to prepare a laptop or a personal computer. You can use a tablet or a smartphone to access this portal. Make sure you have installed a browser on your device because you will not be able to access the portal page without a browser.

  1. The Internet connection

Your device needs the internet connection to access PepsiCo employment portal. You should connect your internet to the device that you are going to use to access PepsiCo portal page online.

  1. GPID

GPID stands for Global Personnel ID. This ID is important because it will help all of PepsiCo Company employees make accounts at PepsiCo employment portal. Human Resources staff of PepsiCo Company will give GPID for free to every PepsiCo employee to make registration at PepsiCo portal.

When you have the entire utilities ready, you may begin the steps to register yourself at PepsiCo employment portal. The steps are no complicated, though. You will be able to do the whole steps for less than 10 minutes. If you have done it all, let’s start the steps:

  1. Go to Pepsico employee portal

Open your browser and search for Pepsico employee portal in the field provided. The page of PepsiCo employment portal will show up for you. This website uses English as the default language. If you prefer using another language, you can change the setting by selecting your preferred languages. There are several languages available for this portal, such as English, Spain, French, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, and Chinese. Choose one of the languages you want. If the page has appeared in the language you have selected, you can begin by doing the basic things before making an account. Please consider reading the privacy statement and the term of use first. Then, you can make an account at this employment portal. It is important to know what your obligations as well as your rights before you become a user of portal accounts.

  1. Click First Time User?

As a new employee, it is not surprising if your and do not have accounts on PepsiCo employment portal. You can register yourself first. On the center field, under the Log In button, you can see 3 choices to click; those are Forgot your Password? Login Help, and First Time User? Now please click First Time User to get the next registration instruction.

  1. Fill in PepsiCo GPID

You should wait for the page of PepsiCo Identity management to show up. Please fill in your PepsiCo GPID in the blank field. Make sure your GPID is correct and then click OK.

  1. Provide your details

The personal details you should enter here are your birth date and your SSN

  1. Create password

Now, you can make your password. This password is temporary for your new account. So, in the future, for security reasons, you are able to change this password. Use the strong password to help you keep your account safe.

  1. Answer security questions

Next, you should complete the security questions. By answering these queries, you will do yourself a favor if something unexpected happens to you. For example, you cannot remember your password; these queries will help to remind you of it. After all of the queries are complete and you feel it is enough, you can log in to your new account.

How is My PepsiCo Login Guideline?

Once you have PepsiCo account, you can get benefits here. You will be able to connect with other employees and get more information from PepsiCo Company. To get those benefits, you should log in first. Now that you have signed up for a new account at PepsiCo, you may try it for the first time. PepsiCo login steps are not difficult. But if you are not sure about the steps, you can use the following steps as your guidelines. Here we go.

  1. Go to Pepsico employee website

You can start accessing your new account at As what we have stated before, you can use another language here. Make yourself comfortable by choosing your preferred language. You do not have to choose English to use PepsiCo account. Please select the language by clicking the language field on the right side of the top page.

  1. Fill in user ID

Then, fill in your User ID for PepsiCo account. This ID will be useful for you as long as you are still a part of PepsiCo Company.

  1. Fill in password

Next, fill in your password. This password is the temporary password which you have made at the time of signing up at the page of PepsiCo Identity Management. Remember to keep your password secret and do not share this password with anyone. After you are sure that your password has been correct, click Log In button. Now, you have logged in with your new PepsiCo account and can start your PepsiCo activities there.

Things to Do if You Want to Reset PepsiCo Password

In some cases, employees can feel the need to change their passwords. It can be for security reasons like they simply change the password regularly for accounts safety. Moreover, changing your password is able to decrease the risk of getting hacked by the malicious party. The following steps can help you to change your account password on PepsiCo employment portal.

  1. Go to Pepsico employee portal

You should be on the page of PepsiCo account. When the page has appeared, you may change the language setting first. Now you can see that there are 3 help options for you under the log in button.

  1. Click Login Help

Because you are here to change your password, choose Login Help. After you click Login Help, the page will load to another page where you will see some instructions for changing the password as well as a blue link. The blue link will direct you to

  1. Fill in your GPID and password

When you have reached the Pepsico page, you can enter your GPID and your temporary password.

  1. Click Login

After you are sure that your GPID and password are correct, click Log In button to enter your account.

  1. Click Change My Password

In your account, you can click a link to Change My Password. Then, fill create a new password and fill it into New Password field. Do not forget to fill Confirm New Password field with your new password.

  1. Click Change Password

After both fields have been completed, click Change Password to finish resetting. You can do the same steps every time you want to change your password for PepsiCo account.

The guidelines to change password are easy to do. But, if you find difficulties in resetting your password, you may ask for help to the support center representatives. You can contact the following numbers to get some help:

  1. For direct help from the PepsiCo Support Center, dial 1-888-PEPSICO.
  2. For another password help from PepsiCo, dial 1-888-737-7426.
  3. In case you need help while you are not in the US, dial 972-334-7674.
What are PepsiCo Career Benefits?

PepsiCo job vacancies have attracted job seekers to apply for jobs there. The reason is PepsiCo offers beneficial things apart from worth its salaries. The things which every employee can get from a top company like PepsiCo are:

  1. Healthcare

Healthcare program is what employees should get from a company. By getting healthcare program, PepsiCo employees must show fine performance when they work for PepsiCo. This healthcare program applies to employees’ family as well. PepsiCo employees can get life insurance, medical plans, dental plans, vision plans, and insurance for disability.

  1. Life benefits

PepsiCo gives its employees life benefits. Life benefits will let employees keep their physical health and financial plans. Employees can get several programs, such as a employee assistance, education assistance, home insurance, employee discount, and car discount.

  1. Retirement

For retirement program, employees can prepare this from the beginning. They can do this retirement plan every month.

  1. Development

Skill development is something crucial for a company. Here, PepsiCo creates skill development program to make the significant improvement in working performance. PepsiCo has provided Training programs for developing employees’ skills and abilities.

How to Search and Apply for PepsiCo Jobs?

There are some ways to get informed about PepsiCo jobs. Because the benefits of working for this company are a lot, so it will be a great idea to be a part of this business. The followings are what you can do to search for having PepsiCo careers:

  1. Go to

To find information about PepsiCo careers, you can do it by checking the official website of PepsiCo Company at That is the address of PepsiCo benefits website. Besides, there are a lot of beneficial links there where you can use all of them to get more information about PepsiCo Company.

  1. Click Careers.

When you have been on PepsiCo careers page, you can read the information there. Anyway, you can visit for the shortcut ways to reach this page.

  1. Enter keywords and Search location.

On the career page, you can fill in the keywords field. The keywords here mean the job you need to find. Type some letters and there are some job recommendations showing up for you so you can select one of it. Then, search the location where you want to get that job. By providing the location you want, the page will direct you to a new page of the job search result.  Besides, you can search the locations based on the distance of your current location to the PepsiCo branch. After that, Click Find Jobs button.

  1. Click Apply Now.

When you have found the jobs you want, click Apply Now button. This will direct you to PepsiCo portal. Then, to apply for PepsiCo jobs, you should have an account here. But, If you do not have the account here, you may register by providing your email address and password. You should answer several security questions as well. If you have made an account, log in to your career account.

  1. Submit your resume.

When you have logged in, you can send your resume using your PepsiCo career account. In several countries, PepsiCo will need you to tell your background and drug screening for the hiring process.

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