Moe Gotta Know – the General Info about MoeGottaKnow Survey

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Moe Gotta Know is the online survey from Moe’s Southwest Grill restaurant. This survey is used to observe the satisfaction level of Moe’s customers. Since the restaurant business seems competitive, Moe’s wants to provide the best dish and service for their customers. That is why Moe’s needs Moe’s survey to create the standard of the service. Moe’s survey helps this restaurant to gauge the guests’ experience. So, Moe’s can know which factor can satisfy or disappoint the guests. As a result, Moe’s can serve the customers better and better.

Moe’s Southwest Grill or Moe’s was established in 2000. But, in 2007, Focus Brands bought Moe’s company. Nowadays, there are more than 700 Moe’s chains in the US. Moe’s is different from other casual restaurants. It is because this restaurant serves the Mexican cuisine. With its signature Mexican dishes, Moe’s Southwest Grill can attract many customers. No doubt, this restaurant can receive an award for the best casual Mexican restaurant in 2016.

Moe Gotta Know
Moe’ survey

In this article, you can review some tips about taking part in Moe’s survey . This survey helps you to receive a coupon discount valued $2 off. Besides, we also provide the example of survey questions you will find at Moe’s customer satisfaction survey. This way, you will not find any difficulties in responding Moe’s questionnaires. Also, we present the guidelines to fill out Moe’s contact form. So, you will be able to submit your feedback to Moe’s even you do not have the receipt.

What are the Tips to Complete Moe Gotta Know Survey?

Have you taken part in Moe survey? These are the Survey steps.

  • Visit or
  • Enter Moe’s Southwest Grill restaurant number.
  • Indicate the date and time of your visit.
  • State how you ordered your meal.
  • Respond Moe’s survey questions.
  • Write down Moe’s Validation Code.

That’s all the simple steps of Moe’s survey. If you often dine in the Moe’s Southwest Grill, you should not miss Moe’s survey. It is because Moe’ survey rewards you $2 off coupon. So, in your next dining, you can save $2. Furthermore, completing Moe’s survey lets you voice up your dining feedback. Moe’s believes that every guest will have the different and unique experience in their visit. So, Moe’s Southwest Grill wants to hear what the customers feel after enjoying the meal at Moe’s.

Moe’ survey takes less than five minutes to answer all questions in this survey. The instructions at Moes survey are also easy to do. From the survey steps listed above, you can find out how simple the survey is. Therefore, in this article, we do not present the details of the Moes survey steps. But, in order to assist you to do Moes $2 off the survey, we provide some tips below.

  • Prepare Moe’s Southwest Grill Receipt.

In fact, you still can enter moe’s survey without having any receipt. But, you have to know the store number of Moe’s you have just visited. If you do not know this number, you should look it up on your receipt. Moe’s restaurant number is located at the heading or the top section of your receipt. After submitting the store number, you need to validate the restaurant location.

  • Check the browser setting.

Before accessing, you need to check your browser’s configuration. Have you enabled the JavaScript and Cookies? Moe’s survey portal wants to enhance the survey takers experience when they access Moes survey website.

  • Review Moe’s privacy policy.

During the survey, Moe’s may require you to submit your personal data. If you want to join InMoment exclusive community, you need to provide some personal details. That is why reviewing the privacy policy is crucial to do. So, you can know how Moe’s or InMoment uses your data. As a result, you do not need to worry that Moe’s or InMoment will misuse your data.

  • Respond Moe’s customer survey questions honestly.

When you are doing Moe’s survey, make sure that all of your responses are objective. It is because your feedback is crucial for the Moe’s business improvement. Moe’s will listen to what the customers’ express in this survey. For instance, when many guests say that the Moe’s roadies are not friendly, Moe’s will evaluate their team members. So, in your next dining experience, you will get the better service.

  • Write down Moe’s Gotta Know validation code.

As soon as you finish Moe’s survey, the website will give you the coupon code. Then, you have to note this code on your Moe’s Southwest Grill receipt or survey invitation. When you return to Moe’s, you will receive $2 discount. So, in your next entree, you can save $2.

  • Call Moe’s Customer Service for help.

If you experience any trouble during Moe’s survey completion, you should contact Moe’s Customer Support. Moe’s phone number is 1 877 663 7411. By calling this Moe’s hotline, you can report your problem. Then, the Customer Care staff will give the right solution to your problem.

Those are some tips about taking part in Moe’s Satisfaction survey. After receiving the Moe’s coupon code, you have to redeem it soon. It is because the coupon is valid within ten days from the date of your last transaction. After ten days, $2 off Moes coupon will void. Then, you only can claim the discount only at the participating restaurant. Furthermore, you cannot combine this coupon discount with other offers. Also, you must not sell this coupon to other people. The last, you should notice that Moe’s may apply the additional exclusions.

What are Moe’s Survey Questions?

One reason why the people are lazy to take the survey is due to the complicated questions. Before trying the survey, the customers have the mindset that the survey questions are complex and difficult. Whereas, not all customer surveys have the complicated questionnaire. For the customers’ convenience, the company designs the simple questions. Moe’s Southwest Grill also uses this technique. You will find that the survey questions are simple and easy to answer. Moes survey aims to collect the feedback about Moe’s. That is why the questions at Moe’s survey are related to your experience when you visit Moe’s restaurant.

What is Moe’s survey questions about? Generally, it asks about your opinion related to the recent dining experience. Moe’s survey requires you to give some reviews of the food and pricing. Besides, it also asks about the restaurant’s cleanliness and the Moe’s team members’ attitude. Are you curious about the complete Moe’s survey questions? Here are we list down the topics of the questionnaire at this Survey.

  • The restaurant location.

In order to enter Moe’s survey, you need to supply the Moe’s store number. No survey code required to enter. By entering the store number of Moe’s restaurant, the survey website will identify the location of the restaurant you visit. Then, on the next page, you have to verify the location of Moe’s you have just visited. For instance, you enter the number 477. Then, the website will ask whether you have just visited Moe’s Southwest Grill at West Genesee Street 5256 Camillus NY. Just answer Yes or No to verify it.

  • Time of Visiting Moe’s.

Then, you should mention the date when you came to Moe’s. Click on the calendar image to select the date. Also, state the time of day in which you stop in Moe’s. There is some time range you can choose. For instance, you can select 8-11 am, 11-2 pm, 2-5 pm, 5-7 pm, or after 7 pm.

  • The method of ordering the meal.

After that, you should indicate how you place the order. For example, you may order in person at Moe’s restaurant or through the mobile app. Besides, you might order online or by phone. After that, state how you eat in. Did you take the meal to go or have it delivered to your home? The options you can select are Dine In, Delivery, or take out.

  • The money you spend.

The next, enter the amount of money you have spent at Moe’s Southwest Grill. If you forget this detail, you can look at the information on your Moe’s receipt. Do not include the $ when you enter the amount of transaction you did at Moe’s.

  • Overall satisfaction.

The next, answer the question whether you heard that Moe’s team member greeted you by shouting Welcome to Moe’s. Then, state whether your order was accurate. After that, give the general opinion about how satisfied you were with Moe’s. There are five emoticons you can choose to represent your feeling. When you choose the Green Smiling face, it means that you get highly satisfied with Moe. In contrast, if you get disappointed, you can choose the Red angry face.

  • Respond some statements.

In this section, you should state your agreement or disagreement with some statements. The first statement is that your interaction with Roadies or Moe’s team member was great. Then, the time you spent on the waiting line was reasonable. The food was delicious. The restaurant was clean. The last, the meal was the good value for the price you pay. These statements represent Moe’s survey purpose. It observes the response of the guests about some aspects of Moe’s restaurant.

  • Willingness to return and recommend.

The next, based on your latest dining experience, how likely you are to come back to Moe’s Southwest Grill? Also, do you want to recommend Moe’s to your colleagues and friends? There are five answers you can select. You can choose Definitely will, probably, might or might not, probably not, and definitely will not.

  • Comment.

Moe’s survey also lets you give some comments about Moe’s Roadies. In this section, you can tell how Moe’s team members served you. Did they make a difference on your last visit? This comment section allows you to write anything else about Moe’s Southwest Grill. Do not miss this chance. You can write about Moe’s complaint, compliment, or suggestion. The more detailed comment you write is better.

  • The frequency of visiting Moe’s.

Mention how often you go to Moe’s Southwest Grill. Also, you need to state the frequency of visiting other fast casual restaurants. You may go there once a week, 2-3 times a month, or once a month. Besides, you can also choose every other month or a few time a year. But, if it is your first experience dining at Moe’s, you can select the last option.

  • InMoment community.

Moe’s survey is sponsored and designed by InMoment. So, InMoment asks you to join its exclusive panel-community. Joining this club enables you to take the survey of your favorite brands. Besides, you will get the chance to win multiple rewards. When you agree to join this community, you need to submit your personal details.

How to Give Some Comments about Moe’s Southwest Grill?

You should notice that Moe’s customer survey is not the only media to convey your feedback. Moe’s also allows its customers to express their comments through When you access, you can find much information about Moe’s Southwest Grill restaurant. For instance, you can explore Moe’s menu and catering. Besides, you can review Moe’s Rocking Reward as well. Most of the customers visit Moe’s official website to find out the special offers from Moe’s. Furthermore, other customers visit this website to submit some questions or comments about Moe’s.

Moe’s website offers a feature to contact its customer service. So, the customers can fill out Moe’s feedback form at this website. Completing this form is different from doing Moe’s survey. It is because Moe’s contact form does not require Moe’s receipt. Do you want to know the procedure of completing Moe’s contact form? Check out the simple guideline below.

  • Go to Moe’s official website.

First of all, you should visit Then you must scroll down the Moe’s home page until you find the menu bar at the bottom of the page. After that, select Contact Us option. This menu will take you to Moe’s contact form.

  • Choose the comment category.

In this page, there are some fields you have to fill out. First, you need to select the category of comment you will submit. For example, you want to give some comment, question, or suggestion. Furthermore, if you want to give the praise, you should choose Store compliment. Then, if you want to express your critic, you can choose Store Complaint. After selecting the category of comment, there will appear some comment types. For instance, when you choose the question, the comment types are about advertising, catering, gift card, menu, etc. Also, there are other topics such as food, pricing, or service.

  • Indicate the Moe’s location.

Then, select the state where you visit Moe’s Southwest Grill restaurant. Also, you need to choose the city where Moe’s restaurant is located.

  • Tell yourself.

Moe’s Southwest Grill wants to know about you. Moe’s feedback form is not anonymous. So, you should provide your information. This section requires your name and email id. But, providing your phone number is optional.

  • Upload the picture.

If you want to complain about the service given by Moe’s team member, you have to provide the relevant image. For instance, you want to critic the restaurant cleanliness. So, you should upload the picture of how dirty or messy the restaurant was.

  • Write your comment.

The next, it is your time to write down your question, comment, praise, or complaint. Make sure that what you write is relevant to the comment category you select. Moe’s does not limit the length of your comment. So, you can write your opinion and experience in details.

  • Prove that you aren’t a robot and submit.

The last, you should prove that you are a human being by selecting the right image of captcha. Then, you can send Moe’s contact form by pressing the Green Submit button.

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