Krowd Login – What You Should Know About Krowd Darden Login

Krowd Login – What You Should Know About Krowd Darden Login
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Krowd Login is the employee site of Darden Company. Then, it is also known as Krowd Darden. Nowadays, companies offer online employment portals for their employees. No doubt, employment portal is important. Companies can get benefits from their portals. Besides, companies can keep in touch with their employees. Furthermore, companies are able to announce everything at any time in the portals. Moreover, companies can keep their employees informed of their latest news. on the other hand, employees can take advantage of such portals as well. For instance, employees can get the newest information at the portals. The portals are accessible for everyone. Thanks to the internet for making these portals easier to access. It does not mean that public can access these portals. Companies make these portals only for their employees. Besides, each employee has different account and password. So, not all people have access to enter these portals.

One of the companies which have an employment portal is Darden. Darden is a chain company from the USA. It focuses its business on restaurant industries. Darden Restaurants, Inc. owns other restaurants with casual dining concept. For example, it has Olive Garden, Bahama Breese, LongHorn Steakhouse, Season 52, The Capital Grille, Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen, Eddie V’s, and Yard House. Back in 1938, Bill Darden built this giant company and chose Waycross, Georgia as the first location. But now, Darden has a headquarters in Orlando, Florida. As a fast-growing restaurant chain, Darden has run more than 1500 restaurants worldwide. Moreover, it has claimed itself as the largest restaurants with full-service in the world. Darden has been hiring two hundred employees from different countries.

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Krowd Login
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About Krowd Darden

Having a giant company is not an easy job. With a great number of workers, Darden should handle things. And Darden knows this well. Thus, Darden has made a platform to accommodate these needs. Krowd Darden is the official Darden Restaurant employment portal page. Indeed, Krowd Darden page is a helpful way to keep close to its employees. Other Darden Restaurant employees can use this portal as well. Besides, the employees of the brands under Darden Restaurants can take part in Darden employee login page as well. For instance, you are an employee of Olive Garden restaurant. Then, you can have full access to Krowd olive garden. Moreover, you can create your account at that employment portal, too. This applies to all other brands which belong to Darden Restaurant. For instance, they are Krowd Longhorn, Krowd Bahama Breese, Krowd LongHorn, Krowd Eddie V’s, Kowd Yard House, and so on.

Krowd Darden
Krowd Darden signin steps

Darden Restaurant employees of can access this employment portal at But, you should remember this thing. Employees cannot enter the employment portal login right away. You should have an account at this portal. This means you should activate an account before using it. Do not forget to create a password for your Krowd Darden account. Your password will be the key to enter your account. Make sure your password is strong enough to protect Krowd Darden account.

On this Krowd page, you will see some helpful features. The first feature is Find or Activate Account. New employees can use this to start their Krowd Darden activities. Besides, the second is Reset Password. This will be useful when you want to reset your password. Then, the third is Forgot Username. The fourth is Forgot Password. You can check Login Help Video as well as the Terms of Use at Krowd Darden page.

Benefits of Krowd Darden account

Darden employees can take advantage of Krowd Manager Home Access. Employees can go to to access it. The aim of this facility is to improve Darden employees’ quality of life. Along with it, Darden employees are able to get some benefits from Krowd Darden account. Without a doubt, Krowd Darden page is beneficial for Darden employees. By having Krowd Darden account, the following things can be the benefits. Those are:

  1. Checking your time offs

To check your time offs; you do not have to come to the office. So, you do not have to see your Human Resources manager. It is because you can check it at your Krowd Darden account. See how many days offs you have. The next, you can send time off request from Krowd Darden account.

  1. Checking Work Calendar

Checking work calendar is necessary. So, employees can find out about the work schedule. Besides, employees can see the number of hours they have been working. When the changes happen, employees can let the Human Resources Manager know this. Thus, it will save time so much.

  1. Observing pay stubs

Employees can check their pay stubs on this account. They are able to choose which pay stubs to download. They can print out those stubs as well.

  1. Checking Links

Krowd Darden provides links for employees. The links are including the newest information and updates. So, the links at Krowd Darden account are beneficial.

  1. Having Benefits

Krowd Darden accounts let the employee get benefits. Employees can check the available benefits here.

Guideline to activate Krowd account

New Darden employees should have Krowd accounts. Those accounts will be beneficial for them. But they cannot use the accounts directly. It is important for them to activate Krowd account first. Without activation, they cannot log in to their Krowd account.  It means they will not be able to do some activities there. For instance, they cannot check their working schedule, they cannot find out their total rewards, and so on. If you are one of those new employees, the following steps are the guidelines of Krowd create the account:

  1. Go to Krowd Darden website

Firstly, go to That is the official employment portal of Darden Restaurants. Darden employees can do Krowd log in page at the address. In addition, employees of Darden subsidiaries can use this portal. Those who work for Olive Garden, Bahama Breese, LongHorn Steakhouse, Season 52, The Capital Grille, Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen, Eddie V’s, and Yard House can have the account at this portal.

  1. Watch Video of Login Help

Secondly, scroll down the page. There are some links there. One of the links is Login Help Video. Click it so that you are able to watch Krowd video. The aim of this video is to help you understand the steps of login. This video contains Login Help procedure. So, You can take beneficial information from the video. Then, you will find this video useful for you. The duration of this video is not long. You will not take too long time on this. Just enjoy the video for some minutes and get informed.

  1. Read Terms of Use

Next to Login Help Video link, you can see Terms of Use link. Please consider to read it for a moment. The Terms of Use page is in the form of PDF file. Then, you can download it and save it. You will find it useful for you. Besides, you can read about some information. For instance, Krowd account registration, iShift information, guidelines of Krowd account usage, your responsibility, your rights, and so on.

  1. Click Find/Activate Account

When you have got all the information you need, get back to Krowd Darden homepage. You can start the account activation now. To do this, click Find/Activate Account link. It will load the page and take you to the next page.

  1. Provide details

On that new page, there are some blank fields. You can fill in your details there. Your account will make the details you have as the account key. The details are:

  • your first and last initials

You do not have to type your complete name. It is because you will need your name initials only. So, you can use your first name and last name for this. For example, your first name is Will and your last name is Smith. So, just type WS in the first blank field.

  • your birthdate

You should type your birthdate based on Krowd arrangement. The arrangement is DD/YY. You have to do it using numbers. It means you should type your birthdate and year. Then, no need to provide your birth month. For example, you were born on January 29th, 1992. You should type 29/92 in the second blank page. That is as simple as that.

  • restaurant number

This restaurant number will represent the location you are working in. Then, fill in your restaurant number in the third blank page.

  • POS ID

The fourth blank field is for your POS ID. POS ID only has 3 digits. Then, make sure you have completed all the fields. Do not forget to check them all. When all details are correct, click Next button.

  1. Save Username. Accept terms and condition

After that, you can see your username appear. Then, you have to keep this username secret. So, do not let anyone know about your username for your own good. If you do not like the username, you can change it next time. Under the username, you can read the account term and condition. The next, scroll it down and find a small box there. Tick that box. That means you have read and accepted the term and condition from Krowd. Then, click Next button.

  1. Complete security questions

Now you have to complete several questions. These questions are for security purposes. You can tell the truth to answer these questions. Someday when something unexpected happens to your account, you will not get confused. This will help you when someday you have to answer these questions again. When it has finished, click Next button.

  1. Make password

Now, you can make Krowd Darden password. Your password should consist of 7 up to 16 characters. It can be numbers or letters. Make it unforgettable. So it will be easy for you to remember it. Besides, make sure you confirm the password you have just made. Click Activate Account button.

  1. Make your first login

By clicking activate account button, you will see a new page. You can start using Krowd Darden now. Try to make your first login there. Fill in your Krowd login username and password. Then, click the Login button. When you have been able to enter your Krowd login account, you can edit your account profile. Furthermore, try other features at your Krowd account. Do Krowd activities that you want. Make sure you are responsible for every activity you make.

Login guideline of Krowd Darden Employment Portal

You have made successful Krowd activation. Congrats! Now you can log in to your account. if you can log in, you can do some helpful things. Such as, editing your profile, checking your time-offs, checking your schedule, etc. You can access garden account at Krwod login official page. Remember that you should be online. For Krowd Darden guidelines, do the following steps:

  1. Go to

“Where should I access my krowd account?” Well, that can be the most asked questions by new employees. Darden Restaurants has the one and only employment portal that you can access at To start everything related to Krowd, go there, and do your Krwod activities. Of course, you should connect your device to the internet connection first. You can use a personal computer, laptops, or smartphones. In addition, you should have a browser for accessing this portal.

  1. Enter Username

Now, you can see 2 blank fields. The top one is for your username. Use the username that you have made before. Actually, there are 2 types of usernames here. The first is the username for Darden team members. The second is Darden Restaurant managers. The differences are:

  • Username of Darden team members

This kind of usernames consists of 2 digits of first and last name initial, 2 digits of birthdate, 2 digits of the birth year, 4 digits of restaurant number, and 3 digits of POS ID.

  • Username of Darden Restaurant managers

While a restaurant manager’s username is not the same. It consists of 3 digits of first, middle, and last name, 2 digits of birth month, 2 digits of birthdate. If there is no middle name, managers can use X as the initial.

  1. Enter Password

After that, enter your Krowd Darden password in the second blank field. This password is what you have made at the time of Krowd account activation.

  1. Click Login

This is the final step. If you are sure that you have filled in the correct username and password, click Login button. It will lead you to enter you Krowd account.

So, that is the guidelines for doing Krowd Darden. That is much simpler, right?

What are the features of Krowd Darden App?

Now, that you have Krowd account, you can make Krowd Darden anytime you need. You can do this on the web version of the Krowd portal. But now, Krwod login has the mobile version. It means you can access that portal using smartphones as well. To install this app, you can use Android smartphones or iOS smartphones. Accessing via mobile will make it easier to use Krowd Darden. There are some features on this app. They are:

  1. MyShift

This feature will show your shift at Darden restaurants. It is easy to check your working shift. Your shift information is complete with your working days and times.

  1. My Shift Help

This will help you if you have problems with your shift.

  1. Schedules

Your schedules are complete with your duties at the time you are working. Krowd has programmed your Krowd schedule weekly. It will make you easier to manage what to do for a week straight in advance.

  1. Time-Offs Request

This feature will let you make off request. You can use this if you want to make offs on certain days.

  1. Messaging

You can send the text to other Darden employees using this feature.

  1. Team

In case you need to talk about your work matters in the group, you can use this feature.

  1. Earning

The feature of earning will allow you to see your payment details. Such as payment history, pay statement, and many more.

  1. Total Rewards

Getting total rewards will motivate employees to show excellent performance at work. You can check your total rewards at Darden restaurants in this feature.

How to do password or username recovery?

Password or username recovery is an ordinary problem for online account users. They can make incorrect login information. If this happens to you, Krowd Darden will lock your account after you have made failed attempts 5 times. But, you do not have to worry about this. Krowd has provided links to solve these problems. On the homepage of Krwod login, you will see two helpful links under Login button. The first link is Forgot Username? And the second link is Forgot Password? You can use these links if you ever forget your username or your password for Krowd account. No need to worry if you do not know how to recover your username or password. Follow the following instructions:

1.Forgot Username?

  • If you forgot your Krowd forgot username, click the link of Forgot Username?
  • Then, it will direct you to another page where you can get your username back.

2.Forgot Password?

But if you forgot your Krowd forgot the password, click the link of Forgot Password?

  • On a new page, answer security questions.
  • If your answers are correct, you can make a new password.

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