Krowd Darden – How to Access Darden Employee Website at Krowd Login Page

Krowd Darden – How to Access Darden Employee Website at Krowd Login Page
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Krowd Darden is the employment website for the staff of Darden restaurant. Darden restaurant is the multi-brand restaurant based in Orlando. This company owns several casual dining restaurants. For instance, it runs Longhorn Steakhouse, Olive Garden, Bahama Breeze, The Capital Grille, and Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen. This restaurant becomes the largest restaurant company in the world. It is because Darden runs more than 1500 restaurant chains. Besides, it also employs over 150.000 employees. With a great number of employees, no doubt, Darden needs an employment portal called Krowd.

Darden Krowd is accessible to all employees of the restaurants under Darden brands. For instance, if you work in Olive Garden restaurant, you can access Krowd Olive Garden Login page. Besides, the employees of Longhorn Steakhouse also can access Krowd Longhorn. On the other words, Krowd is reachable by all employees of Red Lobster restaurant, The Capital Grille, Bahama Breeze, and Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen. In order to have Krowd Access, you should activate your Krowd account by entering the login credentials.

Krowd Darden
Krowd Login

Every employee who works at Darden Restaurant Inc has to create Krowd account. So, if you are the new employee of Darden Restaurant, you need to set up the Krowd account soon. Then, after setting up a new account, you can access some information related to your work. For instance, you can view the schedule and iShift if you work hourly. Besides, the employees can access the paycheck as well. The last, accessing Darden benefits is also possible. So, are you the newly hired by Darden Restaurant? Keep reviewing this article to find out how to activate and log into Krowd.

How to Activate Krowd Account?

The new employee of Darden Restaurant has to set up Krowd account. When they have Krowd account, they will be able to view any employment information. So, if you are the new worker in one of the restaurants owned by Darden, you should set up your Krowd account as soon as possible. After having Krowd account, you can view your iShift, schedule, and pay statement. If you are getting confused how to register or activate your Darden account, you need to check out the guideline below.

  • Visit Krowd official website.

If you want to activate or sign into Krowd, you should visit This website is the portal for all restaurants owned by Darden Company. So, all employees of Longhorn Steakhouse, Olive Garden, Cheddar’s, Bahama Breeze, or yard House can activate their account on this portal.

  • Watch the login help video.

If you visit Krowd for the first time, you may not know how to sign up or activate your account. So, Krowd provides a link contained the tutorial video about the account activation and logged in. But, if you know the step by step of the activation process, you can skip this video.

  • Select Find/Activate Account.

This link is for Darden Hourly team members. Since you do not have any account, you should activate it first.

  • Submit the required information.

In order to set a new account, you must submit several details. First, you should write the initial of your first and last name. For instance, if your name is Joe Alexander, you should write JA. Then, write down your birthday. This field only requires the date and year when you were born. After that, you should indicate the restaurant number where you are working. The last, you should provide your post ID. After entering these details, press the Next button to do the following step.

  • Save the Username.

On the next page, Krowd will display your username. Make sure that you save this username. Besides, you can change your username later. But, you should not share your Krowd username to anyone else.

  • Accept the terms and condition.

Under the username, there are the terms and condition of using Krowd website. Make sure that you understand this regulation well. Then, press the Next button.

  • Answer the security questions.

The next, there are three security questions you must answer. These answers can help you to retrieve you Krowd password. Make sure that you give the honest answer. This way you will not forget the answers later. In addition, you should include any special characters in your answer.

  • Create Krowd password.

The last step of activating Krowd account is making a password. The length of the password should be 7-16 characters. You should make a unique password. But, it should be easy to remember. So, you will not forget it.

Now, you have the new Krowd account. Then, you should try to log into your Krowd account for the first time. The initial activity you should do is viewing and editing your profile. The next, you can explore and try any feature in Krowd website. For instance, you can open iShift to view your schedule.

How is Krowd Login Guideline?

Krowd is the online portal which serves as the human resources website. So, if Darden employees want to view their employment details, they just need to access Krowd. If you have activated your Krowd account, you can try the guideline below to enter your account. If you can log into Krowd login page successfully, you can do some activities. For instance, you can check iShift feature to view the daily schedule. Besides, you can have access to the online pay stub as well. Also, you can explore Darden benefits.

Have you tried to reach your Krowd account? The instructions below will guide you to access your Krowd online.

  • Access Darden Employee Website.

To access Krowd account, you have to visit This website is accessible to the hourly team members of some restaurants. As the example, it can be accessed by the workers of Olive Garden, Bahama Breeze, Longhorn Steakhouse, etc. The homepage of Krowd has the login field on the center of the page. Besides, it also has the link to activate the account and reset the password. At the bottom of the page, you can find out the logo of the restaurants owned by Darden Company.

  • Enter Krowd username.

When you activate your account, you will get a username from Krowd. If you do not know what your username is, you can click on question mark beside the username field. Krowd username for the restaurant team members refers to your Network ID. It consists of your initial name, date of birth, restaurant number, as well as POS ID. Besides, the username for the restaurant manager is different. It consists of the initial of the first, middle, and the last name along with the date and month of birth. Just click on Forgot Username if you do not remember it.

  • Enter Krowd password.

Do you still remember the password you made during account activation process? Your password must be 7-15 characters in length. Besides, it should contain one number and one uppercase letter. If you cannot recall what your Krowd password is, just press Forgot password link. Then, you have to answer several security questions to get your password. If you are a Darden restaurant manager, you can reset your password by selecting Reset Password link.

  • Press Log in button.

The last, press Krowd login button. If your login details are correct, you will be able to open your account. But, if you enter the wrong Krowd Login details five times, Krowd employee website will lock your account. So, make sure you enter your username and password correctly. Once you can sign into Krowd successfully, you can begin to set up your profile. Remember, all information you submit to Krowd is your responsibility. So, you should be careful and responsible for any material you submit to Krowd.

What Can You Access at Krowd Employee Website?

As the new Darden team members, you may not realize how important Krowd is. This employment portal has some advantages. It can support your work. Besides, you can access any employment information easily. So, you can review all information without going to Darden HR office. This website is also easy to access. You can use the computer, tablet or smartphone. Krowd mobile is accessible by iPhone and Android. If you feel more comfortable accessing Krowd online portal by using a mobile phone, you should download Krowd App. The features of Krowd App is similar to the web version.

Krowd has several features. If you can log into your Krowd account, you can access the information below.

  • Krowd iShift.

Most of Darden employees often use this feature. Krowd iShift allows the users to view the job schedule. Accessing work schedule is very useful for the hourly team members. It is because they work using shift system. So, they may have the different job schedule every day. The iShift system helps them to monitor their daily schedule. Besides, they also can change their shift. Besides, you also can use iShift to apply for work leaves. So, you can request the day off online. You do not need to wait for a line at Darden HR office to ask for the work leave.

  • Online pay Stub.

There is no paper pay stub at Darden Company. If you work in Darden restaurant, you will receive Darden Direct Deposit as the payment. So, every month, you can check the detail of your salary at Krowd. As the hourly employee, you can check the total hours you have worked. Besides, you also can view the salary and the deduction as well.

  • Darden employee Benefits.

Another detail you can access at Krowd is the employee benefits. For your information, every employee who works at Darden Restaurant will receive the benefits. As the example, they will get Finance benefits, health insurance, and retirement plan. So, when you access Krowd, you can view any benefits you are eligible for.

  • Join the communities.

By using Krowd, you can join Darden community. So, Krowd also serves as the platform where the employees can communicate one another. So, you can get in touch with your coworker. For instance, you can discuss your job. Darden also often posts the company updates at Krowd. Therefore, the employees can access the company announcement easily. Moreover, the employees also can communicate with HR team. Whenever they have a problem related to the job, they can consult it to the employer.

What are the Benefits of Using Krowd App?

Imagine, how easy your work life is when you have Krowd App on your phone. It is undeniable that everyone cannot live without a mobile phone. They will bring this device whenever you go. As mentioned in the previous section, Krowd website is accessible by a smartphone. So, whenever you go, you can check any info about your job. You do not need to sit down in front of your computer if you want to check iShift. No doubt, having Krowd mobile app is beneficial and practical.

If you want to use this application, just download it from Play Store. If you use Android, you should make sure that your phone version uses Lollipop, marshmallow, Kit Kat, or Nougat. It is so since the earlier Android version does not support Krowd App. Then, you have to register or activate your account. This way, you can have access to use all the features in this application. It is because, during the activation process, you will get the Krowd User ID. This user ID is important to enter your account. Krowd mobile app has some features. You should try every feature on this application. Then, you will realize that this application is very helpful. Here are some activities you can do by using Krowd App.

  • View the news about Darden company.

You will always keep up to date since you can access the news about Darden. For instance, you can explore the news about events held by Darden Restaurant Company. Besides, you may be able to search Darden careers as well.

  • Access the online paycheck.

You will receive your wages through Darden Direct Deposit. That is why you will not get any paper pay statement. So, if you want to know the details of your salary, you can check it through Krowd App.

  • Access Krowd iShift.

This feature is the most beneficial for the hourly employees. They can post and swap the shift. Besides, they can apply for the time off as well. By using iShift, the employees can check the schedule for the certain period. As a result, they can count the work hours.

  • Get the notification.

Using Krowd App enables you to receive the real-time notification. In contrast, when you do not have Krowd App, you will know the notification only if you log into Krowd.

  • Send any message.

Krowd Mobile app allows you to communicate with others. So, you can send the messages to your co-workers. You even can send the messages to the Darden HR team to consult about your problem.

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