InformTarget – Win $1500 Gift Card from Target Survey

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InformTarget – Win $1500 Gift Card from Target Survey
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Target is one of the largest retailers in the United States. Established in 1902, Target can become the second-biggest discount retailer after Walmart. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Target can run more than 1900 chains in the US. This store provides the wide range of products. For instance, you can find Women’s and men’s apparel, electronics, furniture, health & beauty, etc. In order to give the customers the convenient shopping experience, Target also provides online shopping. So, the customers can order the product they want by online. Besides, Target also tries to create the innovation to satisfy the shoppers. That is why this store launches InformTarget program.

InformTarget is a customer survey from Target. The aim of this survey is to let the company know what the customers felt after visiting Target. By taking this survey, the shopper can express their overall happiness about shopping at Target. Besides, they also can tell their experience when they visited Target. This way, Target will listen to your feedback. Then, Target can know which areas that they should improve based on the customers’ complaint. For example, they can provide the better service, product range, location, and price. Target has a motto Expect More and Pay Less. With this slogan, Target wants to meet the shoppers’ expectation. Furthermore, Target does not want to disappoint their customers. That is why Target really expects the customers to involve in Inform Target survey.


When you take part in InformTarget survey, it means that you contribute to making this retail store even better. Besides, you can let Target gain the important information related to your recent visit. Then, Target will use the survey data to improve their customer service as well as products. The next, you will experience the better and memorable shopping experience there. After shopping at Target, you should not miss this simple survey. You can take Inform Target Customer Satisfaction survey whenever you are. Just prepare a Target receipt to enter the survey. Soon after you complete Target survey, you will get a chance to win the sweepstakes. Be ready to receive $1500 Target gift card as the reward.

What are InfomTarget Survey Requirements?

As like other retail surveys, InformTarget requires some items to prepare. These items will help you to enter As we know, Target survey is only accessible online. So, the use of the internet is very crucial in the survey process. Besides, to proceed this survey, Target receipt is also necessary to prepare. The survey portal will ask you to enter Target receipt details to validate you as the real Target customers. So, Target can ensure that the survey takers are really the people who have just shopped at their store. So, what other requirements that you have to prepare before taking Target survey? The explanation below will help you to know what you need for Target survey completion.

  • The recent receipt from Target.

You have to take InformTarget survey within three days after visiting Target. It is so since your receipt can be invalid after three days. It means you cannot use this expired receipt to enter Inform Target survey portal. So, the sooner taking Target survey is better. Besides, make sure that the Target receipt you hold contains the user ID and password. You will use this Target user ID along with the password to access the survey. In fact, you also will need other receipt information such as the date and time.

  • Computer along with internet accessibility.
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InformTarget is accessible when you are online. So, the internet plays the vital role in this survey process. Besides, if the computer is not available, you can use Tablet or your Smartphone. One thing you have to keep in mind is Inform Target survey will time out when your computer is inactive for 20 minutes. It means the survey session will expire. So, you cannot continue to complete Target survey. That is why do not try to leave your computer before you finish the survey.

  • Contact information.

After completing InformTarget survey, you will get the chance to enter Target sweepstakes. In order to participate in this program, you should provide your contact details. For instance, it requires your phone number along with an email address. So, you should prepare these items too.

As the Target survey takers, you require understanding not only the survey requirements but also the rules. Below, we try to describe the rules of InformTarget survey and sweepstakes. In fact, Inform Target customer survey is open for everyone. But, not all people are eligible to enter Target sweepstakes. So, you have to check the rules below to know who are eligible to win $1500 Target gift cards.

  • Target Sweepstakes participants.

You have to be 18 years old or more if you want to be the participant of Target Sweepstakes. Besides, is only for the United States residents or Columbia District. If you live in Canada, you can try to access Additionally, this sweepstake is not for the Target employees. If you are the family of Target employees, you also cannot involve in this Target contest.

  • Target sweepstakes entry methods.

Two entry methods are available for Target customers. First, you can take the online sweepstakes. Every time you complete InformTarget Customer Satisfaction survey, you deserve to get one chance for Target sweepstakes entry. You need a Target receipt to follow this online sweepstake. Besides, the mail entry is also available for you. The second method does not require any purchase to enter. Besides, Target does not limit the number of mail you send. So, if you often send the sweepstake mail entry, your chance to win the grand prize $1500 gift card will be bigger.

  • Prize.

Target provides two kinds of prize for the winner. First, Target offers 300 gift cards valued $25  for the instant winner. Besides, Target also offers one grand prize valued $1500 gift card for the monthly winner. The reward of the sweepstakes is not transferable. Besides, Target sweepstakes winner must be responsible for the prize tax. Then, the winner can use this gift card to shop at any Target retail store across the US.

  • Winner notification.
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Target will notify the winner of Online Instant Win game immediately after the survey completion. If you win this instant game, you deserve to grab $25 gift card from Target. Besides, for the winner of $1500 monthly sweepstakes, Target will inform them by phone, mail, or email. Every month during the survey period, Target will select a winner of the monthly sweepstakes randomly. The winner can be from the online entry or mail entry. So, there will be only one winner of $1500 gift card in each month. Then, Target will contact the winner within two days.

How to Enter InformTarget Survey?

Remember, to be able to enter InformTarget survey portal; you only have 72 hours after your transaction at Target. When you take the survey after this time limitation, you can no longer use your Target receipt. It is because the receipt you get from Target has been expired. Besides, make sure you have the enough spare time to participate in Target customer survey. This survey duration is less than ten minutes. So, you should not leave your computer before you finish all survey steps. It is so since Inform Target site will time out when you leave it inactive for twenty minutes. You can no longer continue your survey.

Since InformTarget is a short survey. It will not take much time to complete. Besides, it also has brief and simple steps. Here are we present the detailed guideline to proceed Inform Target Customer Survey.

  • Visit InformTarget official survey portal.

The previous Target survey portal is But, when you access this URL, the site will direct you to the current target survey site. The new survey platform is At the top of Target survey portal, there will be a drop-down menu to change the language. InformTarget survey portal uses English by default. But, if you wish, you can change it into Spanish. Before you start InformTarget survey, it will be better if you read Target Privacy Policy at the bottom of the survey page.

  • Input target User ID and password.

Unlike other customers survey which requires survey code to enter, InformTarget needs your user ID and password. You do not need to create this user ID and password by yourself. It is because these two items are available in your target receipt. Usually, Target user ID and password are there on the top of your receipt. But, sometimes Target prints it on the back of the receipt. When you find these details, you can write the survey user ID in the first field. Then, enter the password in the second field.

  • Select the visit time.

The next, you have to select the day and time when you went out from Target. The time also refers to the moment when you made the transaction at Target. So, to know the exact time, you have to look at your Target receipt. Then, you can click Next to proceed the Target survey questions.

  • Answer Target Survey questions.

Then, question by question will appear. So, you have to complete it by providing the honest response based on your Target shopping experience. Never miss even one question. To reach the following question, you can press the Next button. Besides, InformTarget may also ask you to comment about your shopping experience. In this occasion, you can write your feedback about Target sales associate, the price of the product, and other issues. Moreover, you can tell the general satisfaction you felt after shopping at Target store.

  • Register Target monthly sweepstakes.
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After completing Target questionnaire, you can sign up for InformTarget monthly sweepstakes. Then, you have to fill out the Target sweepstakes form with your information. Fill it out your name, mail address, including the zip code, city and the state where you live. Besides, do not forget to enter the contact info such as phone number or email. So, Target will be easy to contact you if you win these monthly sweepstakes. Upon the completion of Target survey, you will know immediately whether you win $25. But, you have to wait until the end of the survey period in each month to know if you win Target grand prize.  Target will inform the sweepstakes winner by mail, phone, or email. Moreover, Target also announces the list of the winner at their website.

How to Contact Target Customer Service?

Although the Inform Target survey is very simple, some people are difficult to complete it. For instance, they cannot find the survey page. Besides, others may get difficult to log into the survey page. To overcome these survey completion issues, here we give you some tips about InformTarget troubleshooting.

  • When you cannot find, you can try to use the search engine. Just type InformTarget into the search bar. Then, the result may not list But, you can access the survey page through This URL is the newest website of InformTarget.
  • When you fail in entering the user ID and password, you may misspell it. So, you have to enter these details thoroughly to avoid the survey login trouble.
  • In order to make sure that the survey page works well, you have to enable Cookies and JavaScript in the browser you use. When you enter the survey site, the browser will ask you to enable or disable the JavaScript and Cookies. So, before visiting, you should go to the browser setting to activate them.

Those are some tips to solve the problem in entering and completing Inform Target survey. If you still meet other problems in completing Target survey, you have to contact Target Customer Service. These are the three ways of contacting target Customer Care.

  • By phone.

To get the fast answer and solution for your problem, you can call Target Customer Service Number. For the urgent issues about Target survey or the general matter, you can call +1 800 440 0680.

  • By email.

You can also reach Target Customer Service Representative by email. Then, you have to send your message to

  • Website.

The last, you can use Contact Us feature at Target website. Simply visit Then, select Contact Us to get in touch with Target representative staff.

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