Hy Vee Survey – Win $500 Gift Card from Hy-Vee Customer Survey

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Hy Vee Survey – Win $500 Gift Card from Hy-Vee Customer Survey
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If you live in the Midwestern area of the United States, you will be familiar with Hy Vee. Have you known that this store chain has a quiz named Hy Vee survey? If you often go shopping at Hy Vee, you should involve in Hy-Vee survey. Established in 1930, Hy Vee owns 235 stores in some States in the US. For instance, you will find this store in Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, South Dakota, and Missouri. This grocery business grows so fast that it can have many chains. The key to Hy Vee success is the commitment to make the customers’ live healthier and easier. Besides, Hy Vee store is also well-known for the excellent service and the fair price.

Maintaining the great service is not easy. Hence, Hy Vee needs the feedback from every customer that comes to the store. This way, Hy Vee can gather and assess the information about the shopping experience. Conducting Hy Vee survey is the best technique to see how satisfied the shoppers are. Hy Vee can find out what the customers think about their service. As a result, Hy Vee can analyze which area of business needs to improve. In the future, Hy Vee will be able to give the higher quality of service.

Hy Vee Survey

Hy Vee will do appreciate your review and feedback. So, do not hesitate to take part in Hy Vee survey after shopping. When you do this survey, you allow Hy Vee to know your opinion. You can be free to share what ideas in your mind. You can suggest something to Hy Vee. For instance, you want this store to improve the performance of the store associates. Your opinion is a crucial thing to help this store to be better. Joining this survey also allows you to get one ticket for Hy Vee sweepstake. If you are lucky, you will be able to be the winner to grab $500 gift card from Hy-Vee store. With this gift card, you can purchase anything you want at Hy Vee store.

What are the Rules of Hy Vee Survey and Sweepstakes?

Hy Vee welcomes every customer that enters their survey. This grocery store will be happy if most of its customers involved in this survey. Therefore, this company does not have the complicated rules of the survey. This way, the number of survey participants can be increased. As a result, Hy Vee can conclude the general feedback from the shoppers. Besides, Hy Vee also can evaluate and assess the business performance. As a survey participant, your duty is to find out the survey rules. So, you can know your eligibility for Hy-Vee survey. Moreover, you can avoid the disqualification for the sweepstake. Written below are HyVee Survey and sweepstakes rules.

  • The participants.

All Hy Vee shoppers can take part in this Customer Experience Survey. As long as they hold Hy-Vee receipt, they can enter Hy-Vee survey anytime. But, there are the certain rules about the sweepstake entrant. Hy Vee only allows the entrants that are more than eighteen years old. Besides, the Hy-Vee sweepstake entrants are also the legal residents of these following states; IL, KS, MO, MA, MN, WI, and NE.

  • Hy Vee Survey and sweepstake requirements.

HY-Vee survey requires a valid receipt from Hy-Vee store. Then, your receipt has to contain 16-digit survey code. It means you have to purchase something from Hy Vee to get this receipt. But, there is no purchase needed to enter Hy-Vee sweepstake. The amount of money you spend at Hy Vee will not affect your winning chance.

  • Sweepstakes’ Rules.

Hy-Vee sweepstakes are not for Hy-Vee employees. Besides, if you have the family member that works at Hy Vee, you also cannot be the sweepstake entrant. This sweepstake will void if your state forbid the online drawing contest. Besides, every customer only can enter this sweepstake once a month. Furthermore, the code on your receipt is valid for one-time entry.

  • Hy Vee sweepstakes reward.

Every month, there will be one Hy-Vee sweepstakes winner. This winner will receive $500 Hy-Vee gift card as a prize. Then, after selecting the sweepstake’s entrants randomly, Hy Vee will contact the winner. Perhaps, this company will reach the winner by phone or email. That is why you have to submit the valid contact details. If there is no response from the winner, Hy Vee will choose the substitute winner.

How to Take Part in Hy Vee Survey?

What do you usually do after shopping at Hy Vee? Have you ever checked its receipt? When you look at Hy Vee receipt, you will find an invitation to take a survey. But, most of the shoppers ignore this survey invitation. They think that participating in a survey only wastes their time. This perspective is wrong. Taking part in a customer survey is beneficial not only for you but also Hy Vee store. The feedback you provide through this HyVee survey can help this store to improve its business. Besides, you also can get the benefits by completing the survey. First, you can express your shopping feedback. Additionally, you can enter Hy Vee sweepstakes as well. The prize of Hy Vee sweepstake is great. Every month, Hy Vee will provide $500 for the sweepstake winner.

After knowing the benefits of Hy-Vee survey, you will not want to miss this survey. Just by spending three minutes of your time, you will get one chance to receive $500 gift card. The process of Hy Vee survey is simple. You just need to go through these following steps.

  • Visit the official Hy Vee Survey portal.

Hy Vee Customer Satisfaction Survey website is at the URL www.hy-veesurvey.com. Prepare your Hy Vee receipt handy before you access hy-veesurvey.com. It is so since you need to enter some Hy-Vee receipt details to start the survey. Then, make sure that you read the official rules to participate in Hy-Vee Survey and sweepstake. See the bottom part of Hy-Vee survey page to find out the abbreviated rules. If you can meet its survey and sweepstake requirements, you can continue to the next step.

  • Enter Hy Vee Survey code.

Hy-Vee Customer Experience survey page provides a receipt sample. By reviewing this sample of receipt, you will know where to find the survey code. Usually, Hy-Vee survey code is printed in the middle of the receipt. Then, this code has 16 digits. Remember, you only can use this code once. You cannot use the same code to enter this survey twice. After entering the correct code, click on Red Submit button.

  • Respond Hy Vee questionnaire.

Once you are successful in entering this Hy-Vee survey, you can start answering every questionnaire. Most of the questions have provided the answer options. So, you just need to select one of them which is suitable with your experience. Give the honest rating to express your shopping feedback. The survey will ask about your shopping activity and the store associates’ performance. Hy Vee survey allows you to leave some comments and suggestions as well.

  • Enter the Hy-Vee sweepstakes.

After you submit your responses for this survey, you can immediately enter the contest. Hy Vee does not provide the validation code as the reward. This company only gives one chance to every survey taker to enter their sweepstake. Make sure that you are eligible for Hy Vee sweepstakes.

  • Provide your basic information.

To join this sweepstake, you must submit your personal data. You do not need to worry about your privacy. It is because Hy Vee will keep your data confidential. Hy Vee Company will not share the survey takers’ details to the third party. To register Hy-Vee Sweepstakes, you must provide your name, address, email address, as well as your phone number. Make sure these data are correct and valid. Hy Vee will contact you if you become the winner of this sweepstake.

What are the Questions at Hy-Vee Survey?

The format of Hy Vee questionnaire is a little bit different from other grocery surveys. But, in general, the type of questions are still the same. The concept of Hy-Vee survey is more interactive than other customer surveys. Other quizzes may use the scale to show the level of customers’ satisfaction. However, in this survey, you can express your satisfaction by selecting the emoticon provided. It is the fun way complete the customer survey.

As usual, Hy-Vee survey consists of some sections. You have to complete part by part of the survey thoroughly. Make sure that you do not skip any questions. Every question is easy to understand. So, you will not experience any difficulties when you respond these questions. Besides, all questions are asking your recent shopping experience. Therefore, you need to recall your memory when you went shopping at Hy Vee store. When you can complete all the questions below, you will get one chance to enter Hy Vee Sweepstakes. Then, you can try your luck to win $500 from this store. Cannot wait to review Hy Vee Survey questions? Here are some questionnaires you will face at Hy-Vee Customer Satisfaction Survey.

  • Date of visit.

At the beginning of the survey process, you need to state the date when you came to Hy Vee store. Hy Vee will match the date you enter to the date recorded on your receipt. So, make sure that you enter the date of visit based on the time printed on your Hy Vee Receipt.

  • Your status.

This question clarifies whether you work at Hy Vee supermarket. Besides, this question also asks whether you are the immediate family of Hy Vee employee. For your information, both Hy Vee survey and sweepstake are not accessible by Hy Vee staffs and their family members.

  • Overall satisfaction.

In this step, you should rate your shopping experience when you visited Hy Vee supermarket. This is the unique part of Hy-Vee survey. You have to select one of five emoticons that represent your feeling. There will be the red angry face, orange face, yellow, the green smiling face, and green laughing face. If you felt disappointed with Hy Vee, you can select the red image. But, if you felt happy with your shopping activity at Hy Vee, select the green face.

  • Personalized attention.

Tell this store whether you received the warm attention from Hy Vee store attendant. This question has five options you can select. Choose one of these answers; Completely, in Most cases, rarely, never. Besides, you also can state that there was no interaction between you and Hy Vee store associates.

  • The performance of Hy Vee associates.

In the next session, you must rate how helpful the store associates were. When they help you to find the products you were looking for, you can rate that the service was excellent. In contrast, when the store crews ignored you, you can give the poor rating. Besides, also rate the friendliness of Hy Vee store crew. Did they smile at you when you came to the store? Did they greet you? Rate the overall employees’ friendliness. Then, give your opinion about the staffs’ appearance and cleanliness. After that, provide the honest review about Hy Vee customer service compared to the competitor’s stores. Which one do you think gives the better customer service?

  • Recommendation.

The next, state whether your shopping experience at Hy Vee met your expectation. For instance, you can get the products you want to buy. Or, you can purchase some products at the low price. After that, tell your likelihood to suggest Hy Vee supermarket to your friends or family members.

  • Suggestion and comment.

Hy Vee Survey has the special section which the survey takers can share their suggestions or comment. You are free to write every idea in your mind. Your suggestion will be useful to help Hy Vee to improve its service. Give your specific opinion on how Hy Vee can serve the customers better.

Those are the samples of Hy Vee questionnaires. After you finish answering all the Hy Vee questions, you can state whether you would like Hy Vee contact you. If you are willing to be contacted, you have to submit your contact information. Then, you can enter Hy Vee monthly drawing. To join this contest, you just need to provide your personal details. Then, you can have the opportunity to win $500 Hy Vee Gift Card.

How to Reach Hy Vee Customer Service?

In case you want to ask them certain questions about Hy Vee, you can contact the customer service of this store. Hy Vee Customer Support will be glad to receive the customer feedback. They will also answer whatever your questions. Luckily, you have several options to get in touch with Hy Vee Customer Care. By using one of the methods below, you can send your feedback, inquiry, or questions about Hy Vee.

  • By phone.

Calling Hy Vee Customer Service is the fastest method to get the response. You can directly ask any questions to the Hy Vee Customer Relations. This company has several lines of the phone number. Make sure that you call the correct line so that you can get the satisfying response. If you want to ask about the general questions, you can call 1 800 772 4098. But, if your question is about Fuel Saver, you should dial 1 80 232 2580. Then, Hy Vee also has the special Help Desk to answer your question about Hy Vee Gift Card. In case you want to know your gift card balance, you can call 1 800 232 2580. The good news is that you can call Hy Vee Customer Care whenever you want. Hy Vee staffs are available every day except holidays.

  • By email.

You can use the email service on Hy Vee website. Access www.hy-vee.com to find Contact menu. Then, you can fill out this Hy Vee feedback form. Do not forget to complete your contact details. So, Hy Vee Customer Care representatives can contact you to response your feedback.

  • Live Chat.

Hy Vee official website also has the Live Chat feature. Just Click on Live Chat button to start chatting with Hy Vee Corporate staffs. This method is also effective when you need the quick response from Hy Vee.

  • Mail-in.

You also can reach Hy Vee Customer care by writing them a letter. Send your letter to Hy Vee Inc. 5820 Westown Parkway. West Des Moines, Iowa, 50266 8223. This is the address of Hy Vee Corporate Office. But, you may need to wait some days until you get the response from Hy Vee.

  • Social Media.

Hy Vee Supermarket has some Social Media Accounts. You can find Hy Vee Channels at Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. Following this store channel enables you to get the newest info about Hy Vee. Besides, you also can know the special offers given by this store.

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