Guest Obsessed – Tips to Complete Checkers and Rally’s Survey

Guest Obsessed – Tips to Complete Checkers and Rally’s Survey
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Before merger, Checkers and Rally’s have the different management. But, after merging in 1999, these restaurant looks the same. Their slogan is also similar, that is Crazy Good Food. Headquartered in Florida, Checkers and Rally’s becomes one of the greatest drive-thru restaurants in the United States. Both restaurants provide the double lane to serve their customers. They serve not only the driving people but also the walking person. Hence, they have two lines to order. They are Drive-thru and Walk-up lines. Checkers and Rally’s struggle to be the better restaurant. So, they conduct Guest Obsessed Survey.

Guest Obsessed Customer Survey helps them to be aware of the customers’ need. This survey also helps Checkers and Rally’s to understand what their customers felt. Besides, GuestObsessed survey observes the customers’ opinion about the certain areas of their restaurant. For instance, the survey asks the participants to rate some topics. In fact, the survey does not only ask whether the customers want to revisit Checkers and Rally’s. But, this survey contains many questions asking for the feedback. This way, Checkers and Rally’s can collect the data to enhance the customers’ satisfaction. Furthermore, the company can increase the customers’ loyalty as well. Then, the most important goal of this survey is that Checkers and Rally’s can survive in the business competition.

Guest Obsessed

As the customers of Checkers and Rally’s, you should not ignore the importance of this survey. Taking part in Checkers and Rally’s survey is the easiest way to tell your feedback. Checkers and Rally’s restaurant is not the only party that can get the benefit from this survey. You as the customers also can feel how beneficial this survey is. Checkers and Rally’s will improve their performance in serving the customers. Then, you can enjoy the better service from this restaurant. Besides, you can also enjoy the gift by taking the survey. The survey reward may not the same in every survey period. So, you should look at the survey invitation on Checkers and Rally’s receipt. This way, you can know what offer that Checkers and Rally’s give to the survey takers.

How are the Tips to Complete Guest Obsessed Survey?

Taking part in Checker’s Customer Survey is not hard at all. You will be successful to complete this online survey in your first trial. When you reach the survey site, you will be able to follow the survey instructions easily. Hence, you may not need any guideline from us. But, here we suggest some tips for the survey takers. Hopefully, the tips below can lessen their effort to accomplish Checkers and Rally’s survey.

  • Take part in Checker’s Rally’s survey within 30 days of the date on your receipt.
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Your receipt showed the date when you went to Checkers or Rally’s Drive-thru restaurant. Then, make sure that you do this online survey in 30 days after the date of purchasing. It is because your receipt from Checkers and Rally’s can expire. It means you cannot enter the Checkers and Rally’s survey site using this receipt.

  • Prepare Checker’s Rally’s survey requirements.

Before accessing the Raly’s Customer survey, you should do some preparation. First, make sure that all requirements are ready. To participate in Checkers and Rally’s feedback survey, you need a receipt, writing tool, and PC. Then, you need to connect your personal computer to the secure internet access. When these three items are well prepared, you will be able to do this survey without any trouble. You may be curious why you need the writing tool to do the online survey. Indeed, you need a pen or pencil not to do the survey. But, you need this pen to note down the Checker’s Rally’s validation code.

  • Type the survey web address correctly.

Checkers and Rally’s restaurant only have one survey portal. So, the customers of this restaurant can take part the survey in the same survey site. Checkers and Rally’s survey website is available at Make sure that you type this address correctly to land on the correct survey portal.

  • Give the objective rating.

During the survey, you have to respond a series of the questionnaire. This questionnaire is about Checkers and Rally’s service, environment, and product. Your response must be as objective as possible. Besides, your answer must be based on the experience you had in their restaurant.

  • Contact Checkers and Rally’s Customer Support for help.

When you are in trouble during the survey completion, you should call the customer service of Checkers and Rally’s restaurant. Dial 1 800 800 8072 to get help. The professional staff of Checkers and Rally’s will be glad to assist you.

How to Submit Checkers and Rally’s Feedback without Receipt?

In order to take part in the Survey, we need a receipt from Checkers or Rally’s. But, what if you lose your receipt? Can’t you share your feedback? In case you had a terrible experience at one of the Checkers or Rally’s restaurant. You must want to share it with this restaurant management. This way, they can know the bad service given by their employees. Then, they can evaluate their service in order to give the better experience for their customers.

Luckily, Checkers and Rally’s has the website where you can share the feedback online. So, you do not have to visit Checker’s Rally’s survey portal. Also, you do not need a receipt to fill out Checkers and Rally’s feedback form. But, you will not get On Go Survey Codes when you submit the feedback through this method. Explained below, you can find out the steps to share your feedback through Checkers and Rally’s website.

  • Go to Checkers or Rally’s official site.

When you have just visiting Rally’s, you should access But, if you have just purchased the meal at Checkers, you should load Although the websites are different, the feedback forms at both websites are the same.

  • Press Contact.
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Scroll down Checkers or Rally’s website to find Contact menu. Then, select Contact to open the new page consisting the list of Checkers and Rally’s contact. On the new page, there will appear some contact lists you can reach. For instance, there are media contact, franchising, headquarters, general inquiry, and restaurant feedback.

  • Click on the Restaurant Feedback option.

Your purpose of visiting this restaurant website is to give the feedback. So, you should choose Restaurant Feedback to share your experience when you visited Checkers or Rally’s. Besides, you also can call 1 800 800 8072 to tell your experience.

  • Enter zip code and radius.

Checkers and Rally’s want to know the exact restaurant location you have visited. So, they ask you to input the zip code as well as the radius. There are four radius options you can select. They are 10 miles, 15, miles, 25 miles, and 50 miles. This way, the restaurant locator can help you to search the location. After entering the radius, press Submit Query button.

  • Select the restaurant location.

Then, the website displays the lists of the location of Checkers and Rally’s within the radius you have entered. The farther radius you input, the more locations that the site will display. Then, choose one of the restaurants you visited.

  • Complete the information about your visit.

There will be a feedback form under the list of restaurant. Your first task is to complete the form about your visit. Select the type of visit you did at Checkers and Rally’s. You can choose the options Walk Up or Drive Thru. Then, enter the date of visit and time of visit. If you cannot remember the visit time, you can click on the options Date and Time is Unknown. The last, you can write the name of Checkers and Rally’s employee. In case you get the worst service from him.

  • Tell Your experience.

Then, Checkers and Rally’s give you the chance to tell the details of your experience. There is a blank field where you can write down the restaurant feedback. In this section, you have to explain the chronological events you had. Also, explain what action you expect from Checkers and Rally’s.

  • Complete the personal information form.

After sharing the feedback, you can go on to the next form. Here, you can fill out the form with your personal details. First, write your name, the primary phone number, and the alternate phone number. Also, input your email account. After that, tell Checkers and Rally’s about the best time to call you. As the response of your feedback, Checkers and Rally’s customer service will contact you. The next, write your address in 80 characters. Besides, you also can fill out the address in line 2. Complete this form by adding the city, state, and zip code. The last, answer the question in the Anti Spam box. After ensuring that you have filled out the entire form, you can press the red button entitled Submit Your Feedback.

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How to Enjoy Free Fries from Checkers and Rally’s

We must be interested when we hear the free food promotion. We can feel the exciting sensation when we can get the food from the restaurant for free. The free item is just a simple food such as fries, cookies, or sandwich. But we can save a little budget because of it. On the explanation above, we have explained how to get the free sandwich from Checkers and Rally’s. Now, we will share how to get the free french fries from Checkers and Rally’s restaurant. In order to get this snack, you do not have complete survey form. It is because you just need to sign up the promotional program from this restaurant. Here are the steps of registering to Checkers and Rally’s program.

  • Visit the official website of Checkers or Rally’s.

Checkers and Rally’s have the different web address. The official site of Checkers is Besides, you can go to to visit the website of Rally’s restaurant. Although the URL is different, these both websites have the identical display. On the top bar, you will see the menu, deals, and location options. Then, the home page also displays the images of Checkers and Rally’s menu.

  • Press Sign Up Now button.

Scroll down Checkers or Rally’s web page until you find the picture of Fries. Near this image, you will see the red button entitled Sign Up Now. Then, by signing up this program, you will get the info about the Checkers and Rally’s exclusive deals.

  • Fill out the form.

Once you click on the red button, there will appear a pop-up form. To register, you should fill out this blank form completely. First, enter the first name and the last name. Then, fill out the email and phone number field. But, the phone number is optional. It means you can leave it blank. The next, write your zip code, so Checkers and Rally’s will know your location. The last, hit the black Submit button.

By registering this promotional program, you will be the first person to know about Checkers and Rally’s promotion and coupon. This restaurant will inform you any exclusive deals they have. When you fill out the phone number field, you may get the message by text. But, Message and data rate may apply. We suggest you only to fill in the email address. So, Checkers and Rally’s will send the coupon info to your email. The coupon you get from this promotion is only valid in the restaurant which participates in this program. Besides, Checkers and Rally’s only limits one coupon for one person. So, what are you waiting for now? Grab your phone to sign up this program. Then, enjoy the tasty fries for free.

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