Dennys listens – Dennys Survey Guideline for Free Pancake

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One favorite dessert is pancake. You can find pancake shops for you easily. There and can order pancakes with various flavors. Today, in these places, you can develop pancake flavors to keep up with trends. Including pancakes with green tea ice cream topping or cappuccino ice cream topping. Both of them is the favorite pancake at this time. One of restaurant that sells pancakes is Denny’s Restaurant. But they not only sell pancakes. There you can enjoy complete dishes such as appetizers to dessert. If you have visited there, surely you understand the environment and the way they are serving. Then have you ever provided your opinion for restaurant services? Denny’s restaurant provides platform surveys for you. They call it Dennys listens.

Dennys listens is the way the restaurant knows the shortcomings of their service. They ask you to give an assessment or suggestion about satisfying service. Here you only need to give a little time to do the survey. You only need to answer questions about your experience at the restaurant. Next, you will get a validation code to redeem your prize. Then they provide attractive rewards for you. If you are lucky, you can get Free Short Stack of Pancake. The way to complete Dennys survey is quite easy. Follow our instructions to facilitate your survey.

dennys survey portal
dennys survey portal

Let’s find out about Denny’s Restaurant Profile.

Denny’s Restaurant is from the United States. Here they offer a variety of delicious food for visitors. You can order breakfast, lunch or dinner. Previously, this restaurant was a donut shop and popular coffee shop at the time. So this restaurant was named Danny’s Donuts and Danny’s Coffee Shop. Then the founder of this restaurant was named Harold Butler and Richard Jezak. So they started this business in 1953. Amazingly they provide services 24 hours a day. The first location of their store is in Lakewood, CA. Year after year they expand their business to have 1000 restaurants throughout the country.

Well, guys, you can read the complete history of the restaurant through their website. There you can check Denny’s menu. So they have more than 10 food categories. If you visit there, save proof of your payment. Because these things can benefit you. Furthermore, you need to enter the survey code on your receipt when entering the survey. Then you can find information about Dennys Hours. Or you can delivery orders through the service of Denny’s Delivery. But there is an easier way to order food online. You need to have Denny’s on Demand first. There you can order any menu from Denny’s Restaurant. After discussing the history of the restaurant, you can now find out the requirements for taking a survey.

Requirements to follow Dennys listens.

Well guys, then we will explain the requirements before conducting a survey. Dennys listens Survey has rules that are easy and simple. If you have done a survey, you will more easily understand the rules of the survey. You should comply with survey rules. Because they can cancel your coupon if there are the violation of rules. The following are some rules for carrying out the Denny Listens Survey.

  1. Eligibility for conducting surveys.

Well guys, first you need to ensure your eligibility. Here they did not mention the eligibility rules when conducting a survey. But you should follow our advice. Usually, the online survey platform has rules about the limits of age and citizenship. Here you should be 18 years or older when taking a survey. Then you are a legitimate resident of the United States. If you have fulfilled this rule, you can continue your survey.

  1. Limits when conducting surveys.

Next, you need to pay attention to the rules in conducting the survey. So you can only do a survey once every 30 days. So even if you have a lot of proof of payment, you can use it once a month.

  1. Gifts that you can get after doing Dennys listens.

After you take the survey, a validation code will appear immediately. Then you need to record the code on your receipt. Finally, you need to redeem coupons and get your reward. Here they offer Free Short Stack of Pancake. Before you use your coupon, you need to buy several products first.

  1. The validity of coupons.

Then we will explain some rules when redeeming your coupons.

  • So your coupon has an expiration date. Within a period of 30 days, you must redeem your coupon.
  • Then you may not exchange rewards in cash.
  • You may not duplicate the coupon.
  • you can only use one coupon for one time redeem the reward.
  • Last, you cannot exchange reward products with other menus.

Preparations to do Dennys listens.

Well guys, if you meet the requirements, then do your survey preparation. Here you will conduct an online survey. So you need some tools that facilitate your survey. If you have experience conducting surveys, we are sure you already know the survey needs. Here are some basic needs that you must fulfill.

  • First, prepare an online device to conduct a survey. You can choose to use your computer or smartphone. Pay attention to your needs and comfort during the survey.
  • Second, prepare a stable internet network. We want you to conduct surveys comfortably and smoothly. If your internet connection is stable, your survey will not get interference. Of course, you don’t want your survey to stop before completing it.
  • Third, you need to make a transaction at Denny’s Restaurant. Remember, your receipt has an expiration date. So you need to enter the survey code in your receipt. Then you can only conduct surveys in just 3 days. So after making a transaction, you should immediately take a survey.
  • Fourth, you need stationery. So you need a pencil or ballpoint pen to write validation code. You will see this code after completing the survey. Next, write down the validation code on your receipt.
dennyslistens survey steps
What are the Steps for Completing Dennys Listens Survey.

Next, we will explain how to complete the Survey list. Pay attention to each step we mentioned. So you need to answer a few questions about your experience of enjoying food in a restaurant. Here they provide several types of survey questions. First, questions with multiple choice answers. Second, you can answer questions by writing your opinion. Third, you can give an assessment with several scales. The following are the steps to completing the survey.

  1. Visit the Dennys Survey official portal.

Well guys, here you need to open a search engine on your device. Then you need to enter the address of the survey portal. Or you can use keywords to search for survey portals. The following are the addresses and keywords that you can use to conduct surveys. Dennyslistens or

  1. Select the language of the survey that you mastered.

Second, you need to choose the language of the survey. The survey portal has 3 language choices to facilitate your survey. They are English, Spanish and French. Click on one of the languages you want.

  1. Enter the 4 digit survey code on your receipt.

On the next page, you will see a column of survey code. The code consists of 4 digit numbers. See the code in your receipt. Unfortunately, they do not provide sample images of receipts. If you have written the survey code, click on the next button.

  1. Answer the survey questions according to your experience.

Next, you need to answer survey questions. Here are some survey questions on Dennys listens that can facilitate your survey.

  • What is your satisfaction with the last experience in the restaurant? Here you need to choose one of the 5 satisfaction scales. You can choose from Highly satisfied to highly dissatisfied.
  • They ask about the possibility of you returning to the restaurant next month.
  • They ask about the possibility of you recommending a restaurant next month.
  • Next you need to enter your opinion about restaurant services. They limit your text to 1200 characters.
  • What is your overall satisfaction with food in a restaurant?
  • Next you can describe your answer about food satisfaction.
  • You need to give an assessment of the temperature, price, quality and taste of the food in the restaurant.
  • They ask about your overall satisfaction with the atmosphere in the restaurant.
  • Here you can give an assessment of cleanliness, and friendliness of the officer to consumers.
  • Have you had a problem while visiting last time?
  1. Fill in your identity form. Here you need to write down your gender, age, household income etc.
  2. Write a validation code to get your prize.
  3. Bring your coupon to the restaurant. Then redeem it for free pancakes from Denny’s Restaurant. Remember, you need to redeem coupons within 30 days after conducting the survey. If you miss this period, your coupon will expire.
How to find out about Denny’s Hours.

In the following review, we will explain how to find out the operating hours of a restaurant. When you make an order at a restaurant, you need to know their working hours. Thus your order can be served. Well, guys, you can see operating hours in various ways. First, you can see the information through Denny’s App. Suppose you make an order through Denny’s on Demand. There they provide information about outlet operating hours. Second, you can see the information through the website. So you have to visit the website. Next, visit the contact us menu. There you can see Denny’s Hours. If you make an order online, you should contact the nearest restaurant. The following is how to find out the hours of restaurant operation through the website.

  1. Visit the Denny’s Restaurant’s official website.

well guys, then you can find out about the operating hours of the nearest restaurant. First, enter the website address on your search engine. The following is the website of Denny’s Restaurant.

  1. Enter the zip code, name of your city or country.

Next, click on the locations menu. Enter the zip code or city name or country name. Next click on the go button. The system will automatically display the search results of the nearest location.

  1. There you can see the hours of operation of the restaurant. So they are open 7 days a week. Then the restaurant’s operating hours are 24 hours a day.
  2. Click on the delivery button to create a Denny’s Delivery service. Thus you will be connected to the Denny’s On Demand platform.
How to reach Denny’s Restaurant Customer Service.

Well guys, have you done a customer satisfaction survey? Here we will provide a review on how to contact Denny’s Restaurant. Previously we had searched for the location of the nearest restaurant Then you can contact them through each local restaurant’s telephone number. When you are connected with Denny’s On Demand, they deliver you to make orders at the nearest location. Of all our explanations, maybe there is still something you don’t understand. Or you want to find out more about restaurants. Therefore you need the customer service contact list. Here are some ways to contact Denny’s Restaurant.

  1. Open the company’s official website. There you can visit the “contact us” menu. Then you can complete the feedback form.
  • First, you need to enter your identity.
  • Second, enter information regarding your visit.
  • Third, choose the topic you want to review.
  • Fourth, enter your opinion in the available column.
  • Fifth, click on the send message button.
  1. Use the Denny Mailing Address to send the letter.

Denny’s, Inc.

203 East Main Street

Spartanburg, SC 29319

  1. Denny’s Call Center.

If you want to connect directly with employees, you can contact their customer service number phone. The following is the customer service telephone number that you can contact. They serve you from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm.


  1. Denny of Social Media.
  • Twitter: @DennysDiner.
  • Instagram: @dennysdiner.
  • Facebook: @dennys.
  • Youtube: Denny’s.
  • Linkedin: Denny’s.
  • Snapchat: dennysdiner.
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