CrackerBarrel Survey – Get the Attractive Prize from Crackerbarrel Survey

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CrackerBarrel Survey – Get the Attractive Prize from Crackerbarrel Survey
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CrackerBarrel survey is a survey that is conducted by Cracker Barrel in order to discover how satisfied their customers are with what they offer. The winners of this survey will have an opportunity to win attractive prizes, such as gift cards or rocking chairs. For your information, Cracker Barrel is a chain restaurant with a Southern theme. This restaurant was first opened by Dan W. Evins on September 19, 1969, under the name Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. He started it on Highway 109 in Lebanon, Tennessee.

Several years later, due to its pleasant service and cooking, Dan and his colleagues expanded this business to thirteen more locations. The menus served here are mostly made based on Southern recipes, such as biscuits and fried chickens. It has two menus; one is for breakfast, and the other one is for lunch and dinner. Fresh breakfast menus are served daily.

CrackerBarrel Survey
Cracker Barrel Survey

Besides, this restaurant is also popular with its country style and its partnership with country singers or bands. They let customers enjoy the Southern atmosphere through the country musician performances. The decoration of every Cracker Barrel store also really represents Southern-style houses which make costumers will feel like home. The classic Southern ambiance of Cracker Barrel is unforgettable.

Apart from the pleasant cooking and the typical Southern style atmosphere, customers can enjoy shopping gifts in these places. Yup! Cracker Barrel Old Country Store is a company of combined stores of restaurants and gift stores. There are simple toy vehicles, woodcrafts, puzzle and many more. Currently, Cracker Barrel has famously spread and owned 649 stores in 45 states of the US.

However, as we know, not every customer is going to have good experiences. Cracker Barrel really understands this thing and that is why it has created an only survey portal to measure how satisfied customers are with its menus and services. By holding this survey, Cracker Barrel eventually can find out if customers are happy with the menus served in its stores, if customers get friendly services, or if customers have awful experiences during their visit to Cracker Barrel stores.

The benefit of joining this survey is that customers can help this company to make improvement and betterment in every aspect of its business. Furthermore, in order to appreciate its customers who have completed its satisfaction survey, Cracker Barrel is ready to give up worthy rewards. If you are meant to find this fortune, you can win this prize by joining survey and entering the sweepstakes.

What are the requirements of Cracker barrel survey?

In case you are still wondering how to join Cracker Barrel survey, this article will show you the ways to do it. However, before completing this survey, it is important for you to know what to prepare. These requirements will be helpful for you, especially if you do this survey online. Well, this survey can be completed using two methods. The first method is by filling the survey questions online and the second method is via mail. Prepare the following requirements when you are sure that you want to join Crackerbarrel survey online:

  1. Devices with Internet Access.

As you have decided to do this survey online, you may start it by preparing a device for accessing the survey page. You can use a laptop or a personal computer before you access the website page. You are also able to reach the page using your smartphone or your tablet. We do not recommend it, though. Laptops and personal computers will display the survey page better so that you can complete it more easily.  Remember to connect your device to the internet.

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As we already informed previously, Cracker Barrel survey is an online survey. The internet is a must thing to provide before doing this well. Make sure your internet speed is adequate for accessing this page so you will not find any problems during finishing this task. This survey does not let the respondents access its survey for a long time. After 30 minutes of accessing, this survey page will timeout and you will not be able to access it again with the same code.

  1. Crackerbarrel receipt.

Receipt for joining this Survey is an important invitation because this small piece of paper contains a code for entering the survey. You ought to remember that this receipt will only be valid for a week. It means after seven days of purchasing at Crackerbarrel stores, your receipt will be expired. You cannot use it to join this survey anymore. You will find that the code consists of a series of 12 digits and it is printed on your receipt. However, this receipt is not an absolute requirement to win the rewards. No matter how much the total payment you made at Crackerbarrel stores, it is not going to affect your possibilities to win the survey prizes.

Next, it is very possible that not all customers will like online ways to join the survey. Some people may like doing this via mail. So, if you are more interested in the mailing, you only need a postcard to write down your personal information and then send it to Crackerbarrel Sweepstakes PO Box 16500. The address is in Rochester, New York 14616.

Well, you’ve got all requirements. Now, What are Cracker barrel survey Rules?

There are some rules of joining this survey which the customers need to know. Here is what you need to know about them:

  1. Survey Period

If you purchase at Crackerbarrel stores, you will only have a week to join this survey using your receipt via online. After seven days, your receipt will be invalid. The survey via mails should be received by the sweepstakes committees around two or three days before the date of the survey period drawing. The survey period has been arranged and can be accessed on Respondents should submit the survey via online or via mailing during this survey period. All of the surveys that have been submitted will have the same opportunities to be included in survey period drawing. The sweepstakes drawing will only be done every month.

  1. Survey Respondents

Crackerbarrel only allows those who are the legal residents of all states in the US to join the sweepstakes. It is also including the people of District of Columbia. The minimum age to join cracker barrel survey is 18 years old. If you are not 18 years old yet, you have to wait for several times to enter the survey. Besides, Crackerbarrel staffs are not allowed to join the sweepstakes. Not only the employees but also anyone related to the cracker barrel staffs and their family members is not allowed to enter the sweepstakes as well.

  1. Survey Methods

The survey methods here are divided into two parts. Firstly, it is an online survey. The online survey can only be completed on the page of Crackerbarrel Guest Survey, which can be found on If survey respondents prefer online survey, it means they will need a valid Crackerbarrel receipt to get the survey code. This survey code will be the key for them to enter the survey questions page. Secondly, that is mailing survey. In this method, respondents can send the survey via first-class mail and they will need a postcard to do this. After that, they can write their personal information and send it to the correspondence address of Crackerbarrel Old Country Store.

  1. Prize Winner
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There will be only one winner that is going to receive the grand prize every month. The committee chooses the winner randomly during the sweepstakes period.  Every respondent who joins this Survey has the same chance to win the grand prize. An agency of independent sweepstakes will do the drawing and the winner cannot complain the result. The grand prize winners will get informed via phone or mail. After that, the committee will verify the winner and they can receive the prize 4 up to 6 weeks later. Remember, the winners will also be responsible for all of the payment and taxes related to the grand prizes.

What are Crackerbarrel Grand prizes?

There will be only one grand prize as the sweepstakes reward. The prize measurement of this reward is Approximate Retail Value (ARV). Every winner can choose one of the attractive prizes as follow: First, they can have a cracker barrel rocking chair which is worth ARV $150. Second, they can get a cracker barrel gift card that is worth ARV $100. They cannot receive both prizes, though.

Moreover, the difference prize value between that rocking chair and that gift card will not be paid off. It means if the winners prefer gift cards from cracker barrel, they will not get the $50 as the substitution of the value of rocking chairs. Make sure to use that gift card before the expiration dates. Furthermore, you cannot redeem the gift cards. The winner cannot exchange the prize unless there are certain conditions that allow it to get substitutions.

How are Cracker barrel survey guidelines?

Each respondent probably has various purposes in joining this survey. It can be because they feel they can help this company to improve their cooking or their services. Another reason is that they also can get a chance to win the reward. They can have a rocking chair if they are lucky enough. Or they want a gift card worth $100 which they can use to receive another beautiful prize. Every respondent must want that. And who doesn’t? Anyway, no matter what the reasons are, you should follow the following instructions to complete the survey.

  1. Via Online
  2. Visit

Firstly, you should go to It is the official website of Crackerbarrel Old Country Store. Once you visit it, you will see an interesting homepage where you can find a menu bar and many links that will be advantageous for you to get the info about anything related to Crackerbarrel Old Country Store.

  1. Click on Guest Survey

On the Crackerbarrel homepage, just scroll down the page. You can see many links down there that will lead you to the pages you need. Find the Guest Survey link and click on it. The link is going to direct you to a simple page of the survey which is

  1. Select your preferred language

Before starting the survey, you must to select which language is familiar the most to you. The default of this page is English. But if you prefer Spanish, you can click a button with instruction in Spanish and it will change the language setting into Spanish. You will use the chosen language until you finish the survey. But if you prefer English, click a button with an instruction ‘Click Here to Continue in English’.

  1. Fill in the code

After you have clicked your preferred language button, you will see a new page where you can see an example of a cracker barrel receipt. There are four boxes here in which you can fill in your 12 digits printed on your receipt. Make sure that your receipt is still valid to join the survey. Then, you can enter the code. Click Next button afterward. It will reach you the survey question page. However, if you enter the wrong code or an expired code, you will not be able to enter the survey page. You have to fill in the valid code again.

  1. Answer the questions
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If the questionnaires page has appeared, you can start answering each question as best as you can. Remember that every survey page will take 30 minutes to show up before it gets the timeout. So, we recommend you to use your time wisely and do not take too long time on a question. Answer all of the questions frankly based on your recent visit the Cracker Barrel store.

  1. Submit your contact

After answering all of the survey questionnaires, you can enter your contact details. In case you win the grand prize, the committee will inform you through the contact that you have submitted. Please consider reading the Cracker barrel Privacy Policy first on

  1. Enter survey sweepstakes

Then, you can sign up for Crackerbarrel sweepstakes. Here, you can get a chance to win a Crackerbarrel Gift Card or a Crackerbarrel Rocking Chair.

  1. Via mail

In case you cannot find any internet access in your location or your internet connection does not work so well, you can still join the survey via mail. Mailing your survey is not as difficult as it seems. Instead, it is so much easy. All you have to do is get a postcard and write down your personal details, such a complete name, home address, your age, and your phone number as well. Send it via first-class mail to Crackerbarrel Sweepstakes PO Box 16500. It is located in Rochester, New York 14616.

Got problems in completing the survey? Here is where you can get help.

We recommend you to read the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page first before you decide to contact them personally. That page will display which problems faced by customers. Generally, you can solve the problems related to the survey after reading the FAQs page. However, if you think your problem is not available on the FAQs page, you can visit, in case you need some more helps from the Guest Relations or you want specific information related to Cracker Barrel Old Country. They will happily help you with your problems. You can reach them by:

  1. Mailing Address

Simply write down your feedback, suggestions, or complaints to Cracker Barrel and mail it to:

PO Box 787

Lebanon, TN 37087

United States

  1. Phone

You only need to dial 800-333-9566 to talk to them easily. You can contact them on Monday until Friday at 8 am up to 5 pm CST.

  1. Website

The website is the main place to get the information. So, do not hesitate to visit for some beneficial information from Cracker Barrel Old Country.

  1. Social Networks

Social Media is so booming currently. Cracker barrel views this as a way to be closer to their customers. If you do not want to miss their updates or you want to get notified about their fresh menus, new services, or survey information, you can follow the following their social media accounts.  Cracker Barrel Old Country real accounts have a blue tick behind the profile name.

Facebook: Crackerbarrel Old Country Store ~

Twitter: @CrackerBarrel ~

Pinterest: Crackerbarrel Old Country Store ~

Snapchat: crackerbarrel ~

Instagram: crackerbarrel ~

YouTube: Crackerbarrel Old Country Store


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