ChickFilA Survey – Tips to Get Free Chick Fil A Sandwich Survey Reward

ChickFilA Survey – Tips to Get Free Chick Fil A Sandwich Survey Reward
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Most of the fast food restaurants have chicken on their menu. But, do you know the restaurant that specializes in the chicken menu? Chick Fil A is the answer. In Chick-Fil-A outlet, you can try the various chicken menu. All of the menus are so exclusive that it can satisfy its guests. Apart from its tasty food, there is another reason makes Chick Fil A can stand out among other restaurants. It is because Chick Fil A gives the more attention to their customers. For instance, they listen to what the customers suggest and complain. So, this restaurant has ChickFilA survey to accommodate the guests’ opinion.

Chick-Fil-A survey is available at The aim of this survey is giving a chance for the customers to say about their thought. The guests can tell Chick Fil A regarding their services as well as the menu. Indirectly, when the guests involved in Chick Fil A survey, they can help this restaurant even better. It is because Chick-Fil-A will use the guests’ opinion as their business consideration. As the example, Chick-Fil-A will use the complaints to serve the customers better. No doubt, Chick-Fil-A Customer Experience survey gives benefits not only for the restaurant itself but also the guests. Chick Fil A can improve their service. Besides, the customers can enjoy the result of the improvement.

ChickFilA Survey

After visiting Chick Fil A, you should allocate a few of time to enter CFA survey. The survey will last for less than four minutes. If you can answer the questions quickly, you will be able to finish it in three minutes. As the reward, Chick-Fil-A gives you a coupon. Then, Chick-Fil-A coupon code is redeemable with a free sandwich. You just need to tell the Chick-Fil-A staff that you have the coupon. Then, present the code along with ChickFilA receipt to claim your survey prize. Looking for the more detailed information about MyCFAvisit survey? Continue reading this article to find out the CFA survey terms and condition. Then, you also can get the tips for taking MyCFAvisit.

What are ChickFilA Survey Terms and Condition?

Each person has the reason to take part in the MyCFAVisit customer survey. Some of them want to complain about the service they got. Besides, other customers may want to share their satisfaction. Moreover, some others take part in My CFA visit survey because they want the free sandwich. Every survey taker deserves to receive the free Chick Fil A sandwich survey reward. No matter their intention to involve in this survey, Chick Fil A always appreciates them.

Before you access, you need to know what the survey rules are. Besides, you need to find out what the terms and condition of this survey are. Knowing the rules as well as the terms and condition gives you no worry about taking the survey. It is because you have noticed what is necessary to prepare. Besides, you also know your eligibility and the other aspects of the survey. Below, we present Chick-Fil-A survey Terms and Condition.

  • Chick-Fil-A survey requirements.
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Before you get started with ChickFilA Customer Survey, you should check the requirements for the survey. Having a valid Chick Fil A receipt is a must. It is so since your Chick-Fil-A has the serial number to unlock the survey page. Every receipt will contain 22 digit code. Besides, your receipt also informs you about the offer you can get after taking the survey. Another survey requirement is the mobile device to access CFA survey portal. You can prefer using a PC or a smartphone. Whatever the device you use, you have to connect it to the reliable internet. It is because Chick-Fil-A survey is online hosted. Also, you need a pen to write Chick-Fil-A coupon code.

  • Chick Fil A survey participants.

This survey is only for Chick-Fil-A customers. That is why the survey site requires the entrant to enter the serial number on their receipt. This code can identify whether they are the real customer of Chick-Fil-A. It is because every customer will get the receipt containing the code as the proof of transaction. Besides, this survey is only for the legal residents of the United States. Then, they must be more than eighteen years of age. Also, Chick Fil A survey is not available for its staffs. If you have the family relationship with Chick Fil A staffs, you are also not eligible for it.

  • Survey reward.

The survey prize can vary based on the survey period as well as the promotion. But, the most common reward for CFA survey is a free sandwich. How to get this reward? First, you should go to Chick Fil A near you. Then, show the Chick-Fil-A validation code that you have written on your receipt to the Chick Fil A staff. Their team member will give this free sandwich after checking the validity of your code.

What are the Tips for Chick-Fil-A Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Have you reviewed the requirements and the rules above? Do you meet all of Chick-Fil-A requirements? If you pass all of the survey requirements, it means you are ready to start CFA survey. In this article, we will not guide you to do every single step in My CFA Visit survey. But, we have provided you the tips to access Chick-Fil-A survey successfully.

  • Access Chick Fil A survey portal correctly.

To begin this survey, you have to load the correct Chick-Fil-A survey portal. So, enter to your browser’s address bar. The previous Chick Fil A survey portal is But, now the correct survey page is at The correct portal has Chick-Fil-A logo at the top of the page. Besides, the web address shows the green lock icon. This icon means that the connection to this web is safe or SSL encrypted.

  • Read Chick Fil A privacy policy.
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During the survey process, Chick-Fil-A may ask for your personal info. So, by checking the privacy policy, you will know how this company uses your data. The privacy policy is located at the right bottom of the page.

  • Enter the serial number correctly.

Chick-Fil-A has a long survey serial number. Usually, the serial numbers consist of twenty digits in length. So, you must enter every single number thoroughly. On the survey page, this serial number will be divided into five sets. Check whether the numbers you enter match those on your receipt.

  • Contact Chick-Fil-A customer service for help.

When you need some help for completing Chick Fil A survey, do not doubt to call the customer service. Contact them by dialing 1 866 232 1040. Then, the Chick-Fil-A staff also will answer whatever your questions about this restaurant.

  • Visit the web to leave the feedback without the receipt.

In case you lose your receipt, you still can share your Chick-Fil-A feedback. Then, you just need to go to After that, go to the menu named Contact Us. The next, fill out the details on the form provided.

What are the Questions at ChickFilA Survey?

MyCFAvisit is not a complicated survey. It only consists of a few questions. No doubt, every survey taker will be able to pass all of the stages in less than three minutes. In fact, Chick fil A survey has some types of questions. For instance, there are multiple choices and yes no questions. Besides, most of the questions are in the form of Likert Scale. It means Chick Fil A provides some topics and five scales of rating. Then, you must rate it based on your true feeling. Below, we try to inform you about the questions you will find in Chick Fil A survey. Review these questions well. So, you can answer it later without any difficulties.

  • Type of your visit.

Chick Fil A outlet has three visit types. The customers can choose one of this types based on their need. For instance, they can dine in the Chick Fil A if they want to enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurant. But, if they are in a hurry, they can take out the food they order and enjoy it at home. Besides, they also can order through Chick Fil A drive thru. So, you can select the answer of this question based on the order type you did.

  • Overall satisfaction with Chick Fil A.

You must still remember the details of the experience you had when you were in Chick Fil A. So, how was your feeling after dining in Chick Fil A. Are you happy and satisfied? You can rate the overall feeling by selecting one of the scales.

  • Rate the specific issue about Chick Fil A.

Now, you are in the main CFA survey step. In this stage, you have to use one of five point scales in order to rate the satisfaction with some topics. The topics you have to respond are as the following. First, rate whether the employee is attentive. Then, you can rate the food taste and temperature as well as its portion. After that rate the personalized service level you get. Go on to rate the neatness of Chick Fil A employee and the cleanliness of Chick Fil A restaurant. The last, you should rate the service speed and the overall value for the experience you had.

  • Yes and no question.
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Tell Chick Fil A if you had any problem in their restaurant. Then, you also need to respond whether the staff prepares your order as you requested.

  • Comment section.

This section lets you tell why you are satisfied or dissatisfied with Chick Fil A. Be as specific as possible in explaining your reason. But, remember that Chick Fil A only limits you to share your thought in 750 characters.

  • Return and recommend.

Then, you can state your likeliness to come to Chick Fil A again in the next 30 days. After that, tell Chick Fil A whether you would like to recommend this restaurant to your relatives or friend.

  • Agree or disagree.

The next, you can respond the question by clicking agree, disagree, or you do not have the idea. The statements are as the following. First, Chick Fil A supports the local community. Then, the next statement is Chick Fil A builds the positive relationship with its guests.

  • About your visit.

Then, tell Chick Fil A whether this was your first visit to their restaurant. The next, give your response about how many times you go to this Chick Fil A in the last 30 days. After that, also respond how many times you visit other Chick Fil A restaurants in the last 30 days. Also, you need to tell how many times you come to other fast food restaurants.

  • The reason for visiting Chick Fil A.

To answer this question, you just need to select one of the provided reasons. For instance, you go to Chick Fil A because it newly opens, so you want to try it. The second reason is that someone recommends Chick Fil A for you. Then, you may go there because it seems like a good place to dine in. Besides, maybe your reason is that you see the advertisement. The last reason, you may visit Chick Fil A since it has the special offer.

Those are the questions you may find at ChickFilA survey. But, you need to realize that Chick Fil A may change the questions based on their need. So, finding the different questions is possible. After answering all of Chick Fil A questions, you need to enter five digits of your zip code. Chick Fil A may require your zip code to identify your location and the restaurant you visited. The last, you will get Chick Fil A validation code at the end of the survey.

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  1. I used to but the chic burrito, chic with onions and peppers, this was awesome. I was informed by our Morganton store that they no longer sold this burrito, that there is a new one with no peppers/onions but it has potatoes instead. Well I thought I would give it a try, I have to tell you that it was awful. I cant believe you switched out a burrito that had was awesome for this one. It has no favor. (even with the jalapeno sauce.) I surly hope you bring the other burrito back.

    • even there are many questions to respond, you will finish this survey in less than four minutes. Then, you can enjoy your free sandwich.

  2. hello i agree with others comment ! we eat there three times a week and its not cheap i dont understand why you make the survey so coplcated for a sandwich ! thank you have a nice day

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