All Details about TelltheBell Survey, Taco Bell Coupons, and Taco Bell App

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Taco Bell is the largest Mexican fast-food outlet in the US. Unlike other fast-food chains, Taco Bell provides Tex-Mex cuisine. This restaurant has a guest feedback called TelltheBell survey. Managed by Yum! Brands, Taco Bell can expand very fast. No doubt, we will not get any difficulties to find the chain of Taco Bell throughout the United States. If you are the fans of Mexican cuisine, you should try the dish served by Taco Bell. Then, you will fall in love with the delicious Taco Bell burritos, Tacos, as well as other Tex-Mex dishes.

In this article, you will find all the related information about Taco Bell. As the example, you can get the details about TelltheBell. Besides, we also explain the shortcut to get Taco Bell coupons, and Taco Bell offers. You will get no regret if you read this article until the end. It is because you will notice all about Taco Bell App. This way, you will find out the feature and the benefits of using Taco Bell App.

TelltheBell Survey
TelltheBell Survey

What are The Benefits of TelltheBell Survey?

Have you tried to take TelltheBell? If you have not, you can do this survey at Make sure that you own a valid receipt from this Tex-Mex restaurant. Taco Bell expects that all of its guests are willing to take part in this survey. But, most of the customers do not realize the importance and the benefit of this survey. Therefore, they ignore the invitation to involve in TelltheBell.

When the guests know the benefits of Taco Bell survey, they will be enthusiastic to do this survey. So, here we will describe all benefits of TelltheBell survey for the guests and Taco Bell itself.

  • Getting the Taco Bell survey prize.

The main benefits of taking part in TelltheBell survey is the opportunity to receive $500. Taco Bell will select four winners in every Taco Bell entry period. You will be very lucky if you can be one of these four winners.

  • Expressing your feedback.

Whenever you go to Taco Bell, you will have a unique dining experience. Then, if you want to convey what you have experienced, you can tell it through Taco Bell survey. So, this survey is beneficial as the tool to convey your feedback, complaints, or praise.

  • Improving the customer service.

For Taco Bell restaurant, Tell the Bell survey is a means to collect the customer’s feedback. Then, from the result of Taco Bell survey, this restaurant can know which aspect needs to improve. So, in the future, Taco Bell can increase the quality of the service, food, and other restaurant areas. As a result, the customers will get highly satisfied when they visit Taco Bell.

What are the Features of Taco Bell App?

Have you downloaded Taco Bell App? After taking Taco Bell survey, the site sometimes asks you to download this application.  If you like visiting Taco Bell, this App will help you a lot. When you have Taco Bell application on your smartphone, you can make your transaction at Taco Bell runs easier. Besides, this application also offers several benefits for the users. So, if you have iPhone or Android smartphone, you have to install this application soon. Just get this application on Play Store or App Store. Besides, you also can download it from Taco Bell website.

After installing Taco Bell application, you can try to use it immediately. For instance, you can explore Taco Bell menu items. In fact, this application has some interesting features you must try. Here are some features of Taco Bell Mobile App.

  • Exploring the menu of Taco Bell by its category.

When you have installed Taco Bell application, you do not need to visit its website anymore. You can find all details about Taco Bell in this application. Most of the users use this application to explore what menu items served by Taco Bell. So, when they visit Taco Bell, they do not get confused with what menu they will order. If you do not have Taco Bell app, you should go to whenever you need to view the menu. Unfortunately, the menu system at Taco Bell website is often down.

Therefore, browsing Taco Bell menu at this application is more efficient and simple. It is because Taco Bell App presents the menu by category. This way, you can find your favorite menu easily. For instance, the categories are Tacos, Burritos, or cantina Power. Then, when you click on Tacos, there will appear some choices. For example, there are Crunchy Taco Supreme, Crunchy Taco, Soft Taco, or Soft Taco Supreme.

  • Customizing and Ordering the favorite menu items.

This application also makes your online ordering runs easier. Perhaps, you hate queuing up at Taco Bell to order manually. But, when you use Taco Bell Mobile App, you can order the menu what you like at home. Then, you can pick up what you order at the nearest chain of Taco Bell. Another unique feature of this application is that you can customize Taco Bell menu. When you order Burritos or Tacos, you can add the ingredient to the menu. For instance, you can add extra cheese or remove the lettuce. So, you can create your own Taco Bell menu items.

  • Selecting the pickup methods.

If you order online Taco Bell menu, you have to pick it up by yourself. But, by using this application, you can choose the method of picking up your order. Taco Bell provides two options for picking up the order. First, you can take your order in store. Besides, you also can pick it up at Taco Bell drive-thru. We suggest you take the order at the drive-thru. It is because the process is simpler and faster. You do not need to park your car to take your meal.

  • Viewing the nutritional details.

Before you have Taco Bell App, you only can view Taco Bell nutrition information at the website. But, this mobile application helps you to find out what nutrition contained in every Taco Bell menu. Just select the dish from the list. Then Taco Bell App will display the complete info about its nutrition.

  • Locating the closest Taco Bell.

Is it difficult to locate Taco Bell restaurant near you? When you go to other cities, you may want to find out the nearest Taco Bell outlet. So, this application will lead you to get the direction into the closest chain. So, it is not necessary to use Taco Bell store locator at

  • Paying with Taco Bell gift cards, debit card, or credit card.

Nowadays, making the transaction by using cash is rare to do. Most people like to use the credit card or debit card. Besides, when they dine in the certain restaurant, they often use a gift card. Using digital card is more efficient. They can save much time in the check out process. It is because they just need to swipe their card to make a payment. Furthermore, it does not need to wait for the change.

Then, you can experience this easy transaction process when you have Taco Bell App. This App enables you to have the digital Taco Bell gift card. So, whenever you purchase something at Taco Bell, you can use your phone to pay it. Besides, you can add the credit or debit card. Also, you can check the current balance of your Taco Bell card. This digital payment method is also useful when you order online.

  • Reordering the past order.

Everyone must have the favorite food at Taco Bell. Usually, they will repeat ordering the menu which they think as the tastiest one. Sometimes, you may customize the food you order at Taco Bell. Then, if you want to repeat ordering this dish, you have to select the ingredient manually. But, if use Taco Bell App, you can save the menu which you have customized. So, you can reorder your favorite food. This application really can save your time.

  • Getting Happy Hour offer.

The last benefit of having Taco Bell mobile App is that you can get Happy Hour offer. Usually, Taco Bell offers Medium Soda or Regular Freeze for the customers. Besides, Taco Bell also sells this product at the higher price if you purchase it outside the Happy Hour.

How to Get Taco Bell Special Offers?

In order to get the special offer from Taco Bell, you do not have to take TelltheBell survey. When you do TelltheBell survey, you only get a chance to win $500 reward. But, you cannot receive other offers from this Mexican restaurant. So, you have to sign up at Taco Bell website to get the updates about Taco Bell offers. Besides, you cannot use your Taco Bell App if you do not create Taco Bell account. Therefore, after downloading Taco Bell App, you should create Taco Bell account soon.

In fact, there are two methods of registering Taco Bell account. First, you can sign up by using the Facebook account. Second, you can sign up by using your email account. Check out the details to sign up Taco Bell online account.

  1. By using your Facebook account.

It is the easier way to register Taco Bell account. First, you must access Then, scroll down the webpage until you find Special Offer menu. Then, click on Sign Me Up. After that, you will find the new page to create your account. Just press the menu entitled Sign Up for Facebook. The next Taco Bell will syncronize your Facebook with Taco Bell account. So, whenever you want to log into Taco Bell online account, you can enter by using your Facebook account.

  1. By using your email account.

The second method to register a new Taco Bell account is by submitting your email address. As usual, open in your browser. The next, you can select Sign Me Up link under Special Offer option. This link is at the bottom of Taco Bell website. After that, this site will open a new page which contains the form to sign up. Fill out the Taco Bell registration form completely. Enter your first name and the last name. Then, input your email account and confirm it at the following box.

Also, set up a password which you use to log into your account later. Taco Bell password must contain one uppercase, one lowercase, and number. Make sure that the length is between 7-20 characters. The last, select the email notification offer. This way, Taco Bell will send you the latest offers they have. The last, press Sign Up button to create a new Taco Bell account.

You have just created Taco Bell online account. Then, you can try to log into your account for the first time. Visit the homepage of Taco Bell. The next, at the top right corner of Taco Bell website, you will find a link to Log in. After that, enter your email address as well as Taco Bell password. Now, you can use this account to view the new offers from Taco Bell. Besides, you can use quick ordering feature as well.

What are the Benefits of Having Taco Bell Account?

Usually, people are lazy to do something if they do not know its benefit. For instance, people will not take part in Taco Bell survey if they do not get the reward. But, when they know that Taco Bell survey can give them $500, they will take this survey enthusiastically. Besides, Taco Bell customers will not create an online account if they do not notice the benefits. Therefore, in this section, we explain the advantages of having Taco Bell online account.

  • Viewing Taco Bell deals and the special offers.

You can sign into your online account to check the special deals and offers from Taco Bell. Besides, if you subscribe the notification from Taco Bell, you will get the email containing Taco Bell promotion and offers. Usually, Taco Bell gives the exclusive offers for the customers who have this account. So, if you do not want to miss any offer from this Mexican restaurant, you have to create this account soon.

  • Quick Ordering.

Instead of ordering online by using Taco Bell App, you can order through its website. Just log into your Taco Bell account. Then, choose the menu what you like. After that, you should choose the pickup location. The last, finish the payment process. Besides, you also can try Taco Bell delivery if you cannot pick up your order. So, Taco Bell delivery service staff will send the food to your home.

  • Skip the line.

Queuing up at Taco Bell line is the most annoying activity. When you are hungry, you still have to stand up to queue before ordering your food. But, if you have Taco Bell online account, you can skip this line. Just order the meal from your home. Then, you can pick up the meal without queuing at Taco Bell. Besides, you can process the payment online as well. So, when you come to Taco Bell, you do not need to pay the meal you order.

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