AlaskasWorld – Login Guideline for AlaskasWorld Paperless Employee Travel

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AlaskasWorld is a secured online portal for the employees of Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air. Both airlines are under the same management that is Alaska Air Group. These airlines have many flight routes. No doubt, both companies have a large number of employees. Managing many airlines staffs is not an easy task. That is why the company creates Alaskaworld employment portal. This online platform connects the staff to the company. Besides,  it offers the media to communicate with the employees.

Alaskas World has features. One of them is Alaskas world’s PET. PET stands for Paperless Employee Travel. This menu is only accessible by Alaska Airlines as well as Horizon Air staffs. By accessing this Paperless Employee Travel, the staffs can find out some information about their job. For instance, they can view their benefits, perform job duties, and search another job. Since the information they can view is the privacy issue, this website is for the authorized users only.


If you are working in Alaska Airline or Horizon Air, you will be able to log into Alaskas world’s Portal. You only need Web User ID and the password to sign in. Then, you can use all of the employee features on this portal. Besides, you also can track the flight lists. Furthermore, this website allows you to manage your profile as well as handle your account. If you have worked in Alaska Airlines for a long time, you will be familiar with all features in this online platform. But, if you are the newly hired employee, it may be hard for you to access this employment site. So, keep reading this explanation to get the deeper understanding about this website. We will guide you to log into Alaska PET and manage your account.

How to Access Alaskas World Login Page?

To access Alaska’s Portal, you need to do some preparation. First, make sure have prepared the requirements to log in. What are the items you need to sign in this Alaska World employment portal? The main thing you should have is the Web User ID. Every staff of Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air will have this ID number. You can ask Alaska HR officer if you do not have this number. Then, you also need PET password. The HR officer may ask the new staff to set up Paperless Employee Travel password. You can change this password whenever you want.

When these AlaskasWorld login details are ready, it means that you can start the login process. This process is easy to do. You only need to complete a few steps to reach your Alaska PET account. Presented below is the guideline to access your account in Alaska World.

  • Visit the official site of Alaskasword.

To access Alaska employment portal, you have to visit You have two options to reach this website. First, you can enter this page in your browser’s address bar. This web address will directly bring you to the home page of Alaska’s World. Then, you will land on Besides, you can access it through the search engine. Type the keyword Alaskasworld on Google. Then, you will find the official portal of Alaska World.

  • Select PET.
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When you land on the official page, you will see a simple web page with the picture of the airplane as the background. In this page, you will have four options. First, you can access your PET account. Second, you can explore the website. Then, you also can look for the jobs in Alaska. The last option is M&E Vendor Site. Since you want to access your Alaska Paperless Employee Travel account, you have to choose the first option, PET.

  • Select the Airline you work for.

Once you click on PET, the website will open the new page containing the login form. Paperless Employee Travel is for two websites. This login field is for the portal and Hence, before you log in, you should state the airline where you are working. The login procedure of Alaska’s employee and Horizon employee will be slightly different. Then, continue to the next step below.

  • Enter Arctic number or Employee ID.

If you are the staff of Alaska Airline, you can log in by entering your Arctic number. This Arctic number is available on the back of Alaska ID card. Then, this number consists of five digits in length. Usually, it has some extra zero in the front of the number. But, if you are working in Horizon Air, you need to supply your employee ID. See your Horizon ID card to find this ID number.

  • Enter your PET password.

The next, input Alaska’s PET password or Horizon PET password. If you do not have this password yet, you can set it up by pressing the link to create the password. Besides, This employee site also provides the feature to reset the password if you forget what your password is. Furthermore, you can also change your current password.

  • Tick the box entitled Remember my User ID in this Computer.

If you are using a personal computer or your own mobile phone to access Alaska’s World, you can save the user ID. This way, you do not need to enter the Alaska’s Arctic number or employee ID whenever you want to log in. But, you still need to supply your password. Do not do this step if you use a public computer. It is because other people may access your account.

  • Press Login button.

After making sure you have provided the correct ID number and password, you can click on Login button. Then, you can begin exploring PET features.

Now, your login process is successful. Then, you begin to manage your Alaska’s Employee Login account. For instance, you can edit your PET profile. Besides, you can check the employment benefits. Furthermore, you can handle your job through this account. The last, Alaska’s World also allows you to communicate with other employees.

How to Create Alaska and Horizon PET Password at Alaska’s Employee Portal?

PET password is the most vital requirement to access Alaska Paperless Employee Travel. Without PET password, you cannot reach your account. If you are the new employee of Alaska or Horizon Air, you may not have this password. That is why you need to create a password to help you log into your PET account. These are the steps to set up Alaska’s password for the first time user.

  • Load The Page.
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To make a password, you have to visit Alaska’s World employment portal. The initial step to create your password is similar to the login steps above.

  • Click on PET.

Since you do not have PET password, you have to click on PET option to start creating your password. You only need to complete a few more step to have PET password. Then, you will land on the Alaska’s World login field. You have not set up a password. So, you cannot sign into Alaska’s PET account.

  • Click on the link labeled Don’t Have a Password?

This link will help you to create a password. Remember, Alaska’s Login Page only allows the authorized employees of Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air to request this password. If you are the travel-eligible dependents, you have to contact the Alaska’s employee for the assistance.

  • Click on Continue button.

If you are the current staff of Alaska Airline, you can select Continue button. Then, you will be able to reach the PET password request page. The next, you have to log into the Alaska site by using Employee Website Authentication.

  • Sign into AlaskaWorld.

In order to create PET password, you should sign into Alaska website first. Enter your Alaska username and password. This password is different from PET password. When you can log into this site successfully, the website can verify that you are the real staff of Alaska Airline.

  • Enter SSN and date of birth.

The next step asks you to input Social Security Number. After that, you can enter your date of birth. This website will match this information against your employee number.

  • Set up a password.

Now, you can create a secure password for your PET account. Make sure that you memorize this password well. Then, confirm the password you have made by re-typing it on the next field. Once you have PET password, you can use it to enter your Alaskas World PET employee account. Besides, you also can share this password with the travel eligible dependents. Sharing your password means that you allow them to access your account.

When you lose your PET password, you do not have to be panic. It is because Alaska’s World can help you to get your password back. The process of recovering your password is similar to the process of creating the password above. First, you have to access AlaskaWorld website. After selecting PET, you should click on the link labeled Can’t remember your PET Password?. Then, you need to log in by using Alaska’s username and password. The next, the site may require you to enter your Arctic# or employee ID. It depends on the airlines which you work for. After that, you will be able to get your PET password back.

Besides, Alaska’s World also gives you the chance to change your password. As the user of Alaska PET website, you need to change your password regularly. So, you can keep your password secured. To change the current password, you should select the link Change your PET password. This link is available under PET login field. The next, to verify your data, the site asks you to log into Alaska’s World. Then, you have to enter the current password and the new password you want to set up. If you find any difficulties in setting up the password, you can call the Help Desk. The phone number is 1 877 238 1077.

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What Information Can You Find at Alaska’s World?

You need to consider your browser’s compatibility to access Alaska’s Login Page. Besides, there are some browser’s setting requirements you have to fulfill. First, you have to enable JavaScript in your browser’s setting to use this website. Furthermore, your browser should accept cookies. The next, if you use your company Intranet, you have to use Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer. It will be better if you use the version of Netscape 4.0 or Internet Explorer 5.0.

When you reach Alaska’s World, you will notice four menus on its homepage. Here are the explanations of these four options.

  • PET.

The first menu on Alaska’s Portal is PET. PET is the abbreviation of Paperless Employee Travel. This menu is accessible for the staffs of Horizon Air and Alaska Airlines. The Employee Travel dependents also can access PET if they have the employment authorization. You can explore the features and menus on PET if you can log into Alaska PET. Besides, you need Arctic#, employee number, and password to reach your account.


This menu is accessible by Alaska’s employee and the authorized vendor. If you want to explore this menu, you should supply the Alaska’s web user ID as well as Web password. You need to access this Alaska’s World login page when you want to create or change PET password.

  • Jobs in Alaska.

By accessing this menu, you can explore Alaska Airlines Career Center. This way, you can look for the better career opportunity. Besides, you can explore the available vacancies at Alaska Airline. The next, you can apply for the career opportunity provided by this company.

  • M&E Vendor Site.

This menu is only for M&E vendors. The vendor can enter this menu by providing the username and password.

If you need the further information about this employee portal, you should contact the Media relations and the helps desk. Listed below is Alaska’s World Contact Information.

  • AlaskaWorld Help Desk.

When you get some troubles in accessing Alaska’s Login Page, call the Help Desk immediately. Alaska’s World Help Like number is 1 877 238 1077. Then, the Alaska representative staff will help you to solve your login issue.

  • Media relations.

The phone number of Alaska’s Media Relations is 206 304 0008. Besides, you also can contact the media relations by email. The address is

  • Corporate Headquarters.

The address of Alaska Airline Corporate Headquarters is as the following. You can send your letter to PO box 68900, Seattle, WA 98168. Besides, you also can send your inquiry to 19300 International Blvd, Seattle WA 98188.

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