Visit MyKFCexperience and Enjoy the Free Items at KFC After Survey

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Visit MyKFCexperience and Enjoy the Free Items at KFC After Survey
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It is undeniable that Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the biggest chicken fast food stores. Serving the original recipe fried chicken, KFC becomes the most adorable fast food outlet. It is not difficult to find this restaurant around you. It is because it spreads in 123 countries. Besides, KFC operates over 20.000 outlets around the world. No doubt, this restaurant becomes the favorite place to dine in. You may wonder why KFC can be very popular among other fast food stores. It is so since it serves the wide range of menus for the low price. Even though KFC is well known for its fried chicken, it does not mean that you only can order chicken. For instance, you can order soup, burger, fries, and other side dishes. The variety of menus proves that it tries to serve what the customers want. Then, this restaurant  conducts MyKFCexperience to identify the customers’ interest.

Every business needs to collect the feedback from their customers. So, they can know what the customers’ opinion about their business. That is why it asks the customers to involve in MyKFCexperience survey. This survey is the simplest way to gauge either positive nor negative feedback from the guests. Paper survey is not efficient. The company will need many staffs to evaluate the result of the conventional survey. In contrast, when this survey use the online survey, the data from the customers will be managed in one system. Then, it only needs to review the survey result. No doubt, this survey is in the form of the online survey. This way, it can gather then conclude the response of the survey. Then, KFC will use the survey result as the base to take the further decision. So, the customer feedback can affect KFC in taking the business decision.


By visiting MyKFCexperience, the customers are free to voice what in their mind is. They can tell everything about KFC. But, their feedback should focus on their last visit to KFC restaurant store. The topics which the customer’s response in the survey is about the store condition, menus, the store crews, etc. When you want to involve in the survey, you should keep your receipt after purchasing the products. Remember, the receipts are valid within seven days. After this period, you can no longer use your receipt to enter the survey.

Taking about this survey is not wasting your time. It is because you can grab the coupon after you complete the survey. Then, this coupon is redeemable with KFC Go Cup. But, the survey reward may be different in other locations. Besides, some countries offer the sweepstakes after completing the survey. If you win the sweepstakes, you can receive $1000. Knowing the prize, are you more curious with the survey? You just need to continue reviewing our articles to find out more about the survey.

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What Do You Need to Enter My KFC experience Survey?

my KFC experience is the effective strategy to get customers feedback. But, not all guests intend to take this survey. For some customers, participating in this survey is only wasting their precious time. So, this restaurant has an idea to provide a reward for the guest who took the survey. As the example, the offers the free drink, chips, or KFC Go Cup as the survey reward. With this promotion, many customers are attracted to take part in My KFC Experience survey.

After knowing what you will get as the survey reward, do you want to take KFC guest satisfaction survey? If you do, you should visit the store soon. Then, you have to keep the receipt from thecashier.  receipt is the primary requirement to enter MyKFCexperience com Portal. In fact, what other requirements do you need to take the Customer Survey? Here are the items you will need.

  1. Computer, Laptop, or mobile phone.

My KFC experience Survey is only accessible when you are online. So, your computing device must connect with the reliable internet. Accessing this survey portal by using a mobile phone is also fine. But, you may find that using the smartphone is slower than using a computer. Therefore, we do not suggest you take KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey by using a mobile phone. But, if you do not have any computer, you can try to open the survey using your smartphone. However, you have to connect your phone with stable internet. So, you can avoid getting troubles during the survey completion.

  1. the receipts.

The next requirement to open the survey page is the receipt. You will need several details printed on your receipt. The main content of receipt you will need is the survey code. Besides, the code is also known as the survey invitation. Unfortunately, some stores in the certain location do not print the survey code on their receipt. If you receive this type of receipt, you are still able to enter the survey portal. It is because the receipt still consists of other details. For example, you can use the store number along with the ticket number.

  1. Writing utensil.

The last requirement you need to prepare is the writing utensil. For instance, you will need a pen or a pencil. You may wonder what they are for. You do not need a pen to complete the survey. But, you will use it to write down the validation code. When the survey displays the validation code, you have to write it down on the receipt. Usually, at the bottom of the receipt, you will find a space where you have to write the code.

What are the Tips and Trick to Complete KFC Survey?

Taking about the survey does not take much effort. the survey instructions can be understood easily. Even though you participate in the survey for the first time, you will be able to complete this survey without any difficulty. However, if you fail to enter this survey, it may be due to some reasons. For example, you do not input the survey codes correctly. Besides, you may not use the stable internet access. So, some troubles may occur when you try to complete My KFC Experience Survey.

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If you do not want this kind of problem happens, you should follow the tips presented below. These tips will assist you in taking the survey.

  • Take the survey soon after your visit.

After making any transaction at KFC, the cashier will print out the receipt for you. No matter the type of order you make, you will get the receipt. Besides, whatever payment method you use, the cashier still give you the receipt. This receipt is the proof of your transaction payment. This receipt is only valid within a few days. So, you have to participate in the survey as soon as possible. KFC wants the customers to respond the survey according to the experience that they have just done. So, if the customers enter the survey soon, they still remember what they just experienced at the store. As a result, they can give the honest and true response.

  • Enter the receipt details correctly.

The customers often make the mistake in entering the receipt information. For instance, they misspell the the survey code. Besides, they do not type the store number or the ticket number correctly. This will cause the problem in entering the survey page. To prevent this issue, you should double check the details which you have entered to the survey portal. Besides, you may need to review the receipt image on the survey portal. So, you will know the location of the receipt details you have to input. KFC may print out the different form of receipts. So, you should be careful in identifying the type of receipt you get from the cashier. Then, you can know which one is the ticket number, survey code, and the outlet number.

  • Respond the survey with the truth.

All of the answer you give in this survey should be the honest response. So, you need to try to recall what you have just experienced in KFC outlet. KFC may present the questionnaire in the form of Likert Scale. Then, you have to give the rate wisely. Furthermore, the survey also provides a section where you can write your comment about the service. Here, you need to write your opinion as for specific as possible. So, KFC can understand their weakness. Then, they can increase the performance in serving the customers.

  • Note down the validation code correctly.

As the survey reward, KFC will give the validation code for all of the survey takers. Then, KFC will show this code at the end of the survey. You will know what items you can redeem with this coupon. For instance, it is redeemable with free drink or fries. You can even get KFC Go Cup if you are lucky. The reward may change time by time.

The Guideline to Take KFC Customer Feedback Survey

Taking KFC Customer Feedback survey will not waste your time. You can do all the process in five minutes. But, you have to prepare all of the survey requirements in advance. This can fasten the survey process. In fact, the survey portal has the clear procedure of the survey. But, in this article, we present the survey guideline for your convenience.

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The initial thing the customers should do to access the survey is visiting the survey page.  This survey site has the simple layout and instruction. So, all visitors will be able to go through the survey easily. The survey takers also can select either Spanish or English as the website language. On the survey home page, you will see the receipt samples. This image will make you easy to find out the details needed on your own receipt.

To enter the survey questions, you can do one of two methods below. The first method is for the users whose receipt consists of the survey code. Besides, the second one is for those who do not find any survey codes in their receipt.

  • Write Kentucky Fried Chicken survey code.

When your receipt has the survey code, you can immediately enter it into the provided space. The code contains 17 characters in length. It consists of letters and the numeric code. After entering this code, you can then press the Start button. The next, you can begin answering KFC survey questions.

  • Input other details on the receipt.

For those who do not have the survey code on their receipt, they can do this method. First of all, you have to provide the store number. Then, you need to select the date along with the time when you came to the store. You can find out this information on the receipt from KFC. The last, you also need a ticket numbers. When you have inputted all of the receipt information correctly, you can start this survey by pressing the Start button.

When you open the survey questions, there will be some questions which ask about your satisfaction. You can state that you satisfied or dissatisfied with the menu and service given. The topic in this survey section is about the food, service, store crew, and store condition. Then, there will be a question which you can respond with your opinion and comment. Finally, when you have answered all sections, you can submit the survey.

Do not forget to take the survey reward. When the survey portal displays the validation code, you should note it down on your receipt. Then, when you come to the stores, you can show the code to the cashier. The next, the cashier will give you the free items based on the survey reward. For example, you can redeem the validation code for free drink or fries. Besides, in the certain period, you can enjoy KFC Go Cup with the purchase of drinks.

KFC Customer Service is ready to help you whenever you are in trouble. For example, you cannot access MyKFCexperience survey. Besides, you may have other questions about the service or product. In this case, you have to call the Customer Support soon. The customers can dial 1 800 225 5532 to get the assistance from the staffs.

11 thoughts on “Visit MyKFCexperience and Enjoy the Free Items at KFC After Survey

  1. love to eat KFC but please take care of everyone health need, less oil, Salt and sugar will be much healthy. I feel they cook too salty, cover over the real chicken taste and should use Air flyer, less oil will be good with oil that only cook use one time, not repeated cooking oil because can cast cancer easily. Thanks

  2. I love the employees at the Rutherfordton nc KFC, they are awesome. All employees shpuld have their attitudes.

  3. I halve been to the KFC in anthony, texas several times and have the same problem every time. We go there for chicken,but some how they never have any chicken! They have all the boneless chicken items, however no traditional, crispy or grilled, and they say the wait will be at least 45 minutes! I am just saying we go there for chicken and I would think KFC is supposed to have chicken, what is up with that?????

  4. I go to the KFC in Hazleton and have never experienced any problems. The chicken and side items are always delicious. I certainly recommend this store to anyone who would like to enjoy a good meal.

  5. This is concerning the problem I had with store #j466005 about double charging my debit card here’s the validation code if it helps 102928 I’ve called the store and talked to a more polite sympathic manager who couldn’t be more kind and we negotiated on solving the problem and I could be no more happier I wish the other manager took the time to listen and try to do something Instead of letting those below her try to handle the situation I will take the manager Roger Winguard my bank statement to show the double transaction and I would like to really thank you for jumping on top of my situation now I can go back to being a happy KFC customer again. THANK YOU

  6. Store #J625124 2 112 1551. Ticket #1551. Date 8/3/2017.Cashier Alfonzo.
    Great Experience! Alonso Could not have been any nicer & helpful. Took time to help me get what i wanted. Very patient.Great Guy!

  7. I love KFC but it seems are store here in Lewistown Mt has some problems with there night crew. I’ve been there on three occasion s either had food missing, was not acknowledge for at least 10 min. It was around 7:30 and everyone was out smoking. The assistant manager there also seems to have an attitude ride to customers and I’ve heard her talking about other employees loudly and badly not professional. On the hand there day crew always has a smile greets me quickly my favorite is Torie and the General Manager has always been very polite and has gone above and beyond to make my order right if missing something she also has offered extra if wait time seems to long usually a cookie or extra side. Assistant manager needs to learn from the General manager how to run a shift. If u want KFC I suggest you go in there before 3 pm to receive the best service Tonight around 7:30 I went for a shake looked like everyone was outside smoking and I was told store was closed. The door says 10 not like I was after food. My experience better service in day than evening. Seriously do not understand how that Ashley girl even made management she is awful.

  8. My family has had the same experience. Bad service at night, restaurant dirty, no one acknowledged us for at least 15 min then waited another 20 min for food while the assistant manager talks loudly about other employees and throwing things around always in a huff. I haven’t seen the General Manager lately she always had a smile and made sure we were happy before we left. I hope she is still there otherwise what happened to her and why and how did the Ashley girl get management anyway how she even in customer service she sucks and needs some lessons from the General Manager she provided excellent customer service.

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